Big Brother 19 Day 61 - Mark campaigns to Christmas and Josh

August 20, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Christmas and Josh spoke in the backyard. Christmas explained that they will have the votes to get Mark out even if the other side tries to get Matt out. Christmas said she would be the tiebreaker in that scenario. Christmas let Josh know that Mark asked if there is anything he could do to stay. Christmas said she is not entertaining it, though Mark said he would help her and Josh. Josh said Mark doesn’t know that they are with Paul, which is good. Christmas said she told Paul about her conversation with Mark. Christmas told Josh that Paul said no. Christmas added that she worked too hard for this so she cannot have Mark stay. Josh said if Jason hadn’t won the veto, they could have seen how things played out. Christmas agreed. Christmas mentioned that Kevin is a third number for Alex and Jason even though he is driving those two crazy. Christmas said they have to get Jason out. She thinks Alex is ready to join them.

12:00-1:00 PM: In the bathroom, Paul told Raven they need to win this next HoH. Raven said she has been close so many times. Paul said they cannot lose from this point forward. Raven agreed. Paul said it’s up to Josh, Matt and the two of them to win. Paul then spoke to Matt. He suggested getting Jason out followed by Kevin. Paul also threw Alex’s name in the mix. Matt thinks that they have to take a shot at Alex if they have it, if Jason is already out of the game. Matt asked if Paul is confident that they can stay safe if Alex or Jason win HoH. Paul said he will do his best to make sure that Kevin goes up. Matt said they have the votes in every scenario moving forward. Matt talked about how there are some people stacked in front of Raven. In addition to himself, he thinks that Christmas and Paul would be willing to give up their games for Raven. After Matt left, Paul spoke to the camera about his strategy. Paul said Mark is going home this week 100%. Paul said he is ping ponging between the three couples, making himself the third person with each of them. Paul thinks they see him as someone they can use to beat the other couples as well as a shield for them. Paul revealed that his ideal Final 3 is with Christmas and Josh. Paul said that would give him a clear path to win the game. Paul said the only pair that he is really worried about is Alex and Jason, seeing as they are the strongest of the pairs. Once Jason is gone, Paul thinks that Kevin will get closer to him or Christmas. As for Alex, he doesn’t think that Alex will take a shot at him. Paul thinks he can outcompete everyone if he is able to get down to the Final 4 or 5. Paul said he has to make sure that he gets to the Final 3 with two people that he can for sure beat. He added that he can’t make the same mistake as last year. He also talked about better managing the jury through his goodbye messages. He said that is something that he didn't do last year. If Alex, Jason and Matt are out of the game, Paul thinks that Christmas, Josh and Raven would take him to the end if given the chance. Paul then brought up that it may be best to get to the Final 3 with Josh and Raven as opposed to Christmas and Raven. He thinks they would both take him to the Final 2. However, Paul noted that both Christmas and Josh have created a lot of enemies. Paul thinks that Cody, Elena and Mark would never vote for either of them. Paul talked about wanting to accomplish his goal of going the whole season without being on the block, which is something he can use in his speech. Paul said he has been working to make targets in front of him since the moment he entered the house. Paul said he has controlled every HoH since he was even able to flip the house to keep Christmas and Josh when Cody and Jessica were in power. Paul talked about getting to the Final 5 with Christmas, Josh, Raven and either Alex or Kevin. If it’s with Kevin, Paul doesn’t think that he would lose any competitions at that point. Christmas came by to speak to Paul. She said Kevin and Jason are tight, and Kevin is the third number for Alex and Jason. Paul told Christmas there is no way that he, Josh or Raven will vote Matt out over Mark. Paul assured her that there is nothing to worry about there. Paul said he will promise Kevin a Final 2 in order to get him to calm down. He told Christmas to do the same. Christmas said she will tell him she will help him along. Paul let Christmas know that he will not question her or Josh for the rest of the game.

1:00-2:00 PM: Christmas let Matt and Raven know that Mark approached her last night to ask if there is anything he can do. She said he told her that he is very loyal, which he is not. Christmas told Matt and Raven to shut it down if Mark approaches them. She thinks Mark will try to reconnect with Jason once the veto ceremony takes place. Christmas said she will be the tiebreaker in Matt’s favour if the votes are split. Raven said they are good since they have her vote, Josh’s vote and Paul’s vote. Christmas agreed. Christmas brought up that Kevin is getting really irritated. Raven said Alex is pissed off with him. She said they need to keep that going. Christmas said they need to find real subtle ways to irritate Kevin so that he blows up. The three discussed that this was a successful week. Christmas said it’s nice to be in this position and make some moves that are beneficial to the house.

2:00-3:00 PM: While alone in the kitchen, Christmas looked over the memory wall. Christmas thinks she would stay over Josh if she ends up on the block next to him, due to her injury. Christmas said they have four against two in the HoH competition. Christmas thinks Jason will nominate Matt and Raven. If Alex wins after Matt leaves, Christmas thinks that Josh and Raven will be nominated. If one of them win the veto, Christmas expects to go on the block. Christmas pointed out that it would then be up to Paul to decide who stays. Christmas thinks that Alex would keep her if it came down to a tie. Christmas mentioned that the burden of her broken foot has been a blessing in the game. She added that being a lump on a log is likely going to take her to the Final 3. She talked about going to the end with Josh and Paul. Christmas told Josh that ideally Matt or Raven win HoH and get Alex or Jason out. Christmas said Kevin is going to climb just because they have to get heavier hitters out first. Christmas said it will hopefully be Jason or Alex next, then Matt, then whichever of Jason and Alex remains, then Kevin. Christmas said Kevin is likely going to be top four or five. Josh said he would rather be top four with Raven than Kevin.

3:00-4:00 PM: Alex and Christmas discussed that there was nothing positive about the Tree of Temptation. Alex said the only way she would go for one of the apples is if Matt and Raven get paranoid and go for one. Alex explained that they could then block them from going for it. Paul joined them. Alex talked about going after Matt, Kevin and Raven next. Paul said done. He told Alex that he would have said the same thing. Paul mentioned that Mark is unlikely to just roll over and die. Alex said Mark will be after her and Jason if he stays. Alex brought up that Matt and Raven said Kevin has been talking to them. Alex said Kevin might have to go sooner. Paul said he has been observing Kevin and knows that he is up to no good. Alex filled Paul in on the plan to go for the tree only if Matt and Raven do. Paul said he isn’t going for it ever. Alex said it’s just to stop them from going for it. Alex said the only good one left is the votes. Paul said he thinks the double veto is scarier.

4:00-5:00 PM: Alex told Christmas it’s not fair that Raven stays when she is not pulling her weight. Christmas pointed out that Raven got aggressively personal the one time that she did stand for something. Meanwhile, Matt told Raven he thinks he would nominate Jason and Kevin. He said he would play it off as though they are both pawns in a play to backdoor Christmas or Josh. Matt’s actual target would be Jason. Matt said the only way that plan gets messed up is if Alex wins the veto and saves Jason. He said Kevin would then have to go. Raven suggested nominating Alex and Jason together since Alex will be upset when Jason goes anyway. She said whichever one of them doesn’t win the veto can then be the target. Back up in the HoH room, Alex mentioned to Christmas that Kevin could be the one casting the rogue votes. Christmas said she doesn’t know if Kevin voted for her to stay. She followed that up by saying she thinks Ramses voted for her to stay. Alex said it’s messed up that Kevin made it seem as though he included Christmas and Josh in the deal with Cody when in actuality he didn’t.

5:00-6:00 PM: Out in the hammock, Paul told Jason that Donkey Kong (Mark) will go this week, then it will be 5 on 2 in the next HoH competition. Paul asked who they should take out next week, Kevin or Raven, if Matt manages to find a way to save himself. Jason said they should take Raven out. Elsewhere, Christmas and Josh discussed their ideal eviction order. Josh asked if they are going after Mark, Jason and Matt. Christmas said it may have to be Mark, Jason and Alex depending on how things go. Christmas said they want Matt or Raven to win HoH in order to take a shot at Alex or Jason. She mentioned that nominating both of them would be best, then whichever one doesn’t win the veto can go. Both agreed that either Alex or Jason has to go next week.

6:00-7:00 PM: Mark spoke to Christmas and Josh to see if they would be open to keeping him. Mark said he understands if there is nothing he can do, but he would regret it if he doesn’t try. Christmas said she would like to sit on it since the veto ceremony is not until tomorrow. Josh brought up that Jason and Mark had a Final 2 deal. Mark said he is now alone. Mark clarified that there is nothing there with Jason anymore. Mark said the only person he has turned his back on is Cody, which he did in order to go to bat for Christmas. Mark told Christmas and Josh that he will go to bat for them for the remainder of his time in the house. Josh asked Mark about his relationship with Kevin. Mark said Kevin talks and throws little things out here and there to try to warn him. Mark assured Christmas and Josh that he will not break his word to them. Josh said Mark turned on Cody. He explained that it makes him hesitant to believe that Mark wouldn’t do the same to him when they have had their issues. Mark again said that he did that for Christmas. Josh said he can only go with Mark’s actions over the past 60 days. Mark said there are big moves to be made, so he doesn’t want them to make the move against him just because it is easy. Mark said he will remain the bigger target ahead of Christmas and Josh if he stays. Mark mentioned that there is a big move to be made that will help their chances of winning $500,000. Mark added that certain players are playing exceptionally well. When Josh pressed Mark to name names, Mark said to look at Alex and Jason since they win and are loved by everybody. Mark called Alex the biggest competitor in the house. Mark suggested that they could send her home and then he would have their back moving forward. Mark said Alex and Jason have Kevin and they will also have Paul as long as they are in power. The conversation then wrapped up. Afterwards, Christmas and Josh agreed that Mark can work it. Josh said that’s why Mark has to go. Josh believes he can beat Mark in a competition but he doesn’t think that he can trust him. Christmas said the one thing she took away from the conversation with Mark is that Alex is the strongest competitor. Christmas suggested going after Alex before Jason. Josh said they will have control of Jason if Alex leaves, since Jason will gravitate towards Paul. Christmas and Josh agreed that the ideal eviction order is Mark, Alex, Jason, Matt and Kevin, leaving the two of them and Paul in the Final 4 with Raven. Christmas told Josh to run that by Paul, to stress the importance of switching up the order to target Alex first. While those conversations were going on upstairs, Kevin told Paul that once they get down to six, Alex will put the two of them up together. Kevin suggested they should tell Christmas and Josh the best bet is to put Alex and Jason up together. Kevin said Jason shook his hand and said they are good until Final 4, then he is with Alex after that. Kevin said if they get a chance to get Alex out at six, they should do it. Paul said it depends who is left in the house. Later, Paul let Alex and Jason know that Kevin said they should go after Alex and then Jason once they get to the Final 6.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul asked Josh if he can call Kevin out one of these days. Josh said that is not going to happen with he and Kevin. Paul asked why since Kevin is never going to win a competition. Josh said it’s a respect thing. Paul said Kevin didn’t respect Josh. Josh said he respects Kevin and he does not care. Josh told Paul it will not happen. Paul said Kevin has Josh fooled then. Josh said he doesn’t. Paul asked why he doesn’t call him out then. Josh said he doesn’t see the point of it. Paul explained the point of it is to see Kevin squirm. Alex told Josh to call Kevin an old man and make fun of his weight. Josh told Paul to call him out. Paul said he will do it when the time is right. Josh said it’s not time.

11:00-12:00 AM: The houseguests hung out by the hot tub more much of the evening. Once they began to disperse, Paul spoke to Matt and Raven. He said he will keeping feeding it to Alex and Jason that they need to target Kevin. Matt expects that they will be down to do that if they win HoH. Matt thinks Alex and Jason are still on board with going to the Final 5 with them. Paul said they are, as are Christmas and Josh. Paul said it comes down to who they want to be there with. Matt said Christmas and Josh. Raven suggested nominating Alex and Jason next to each other next week. Paul said they can do that and then say to Alex and Jason that it’s being done to backdoor Kevin. If one of them wins the veto, Paul said they can nominate Kevin and vote out the other one. Paul talked about his plan to promise Kevin a Final 2 deal in order to calm him down. Paul thinks that will make Kevin complacent and it will eventually give them an easy week. Paul mentioned that Kevin seems to have set himself up on all angles except with Matt and Raven. Paul suggested that Jason should go before Alex. He said Alex would then become a lone wolf and have to tie in with someone. All three agreed that Alex and Jason are the strongest duo in the house.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark once again spoke to Christmas about potentially getting Alex out this week. Mark said the votes would be there this week. He told her it would be a 3-3 tie, but they will not have the votes to make that move moving forward unless Paul goes against Alex and Jason. Mark asked who Christmas thinks Matt and Raven would go after. Christmas said they don’t talk game with her. She asked if Mark is in good with them. Mark said he is and he believes that they would see the benefit in taking Alex out. Mark said Alex and Jason are winning every other competition. He also said they have Kevin who will eventually decided to show how smart he is in the mental competitions. Mark said that if Alex leaves, Jason will be lost and not have a clue what to do. Mark called himself a nothing in this game since he has no numbers or allies. If he leaves, Mark thinks it would give Alex and Jason the upper hand since it would be a strong competitor out the door. Mark argued that is of no benefit to Christmas. Mark wanted Christmas to talk to Paul since Paul could confirm that he said he would not go after Christmas and Josh. Mark told Christmas she has the opportunity to take out the biggest competitor and make the second biggest competitor lost. If he stays, Mark told Christmas he will be voted out over her and he will even ask to be if she does this for him. Christmas said Mark has a good argument. Mark pleaded with her not to make this move just for the house or because it will buy her a week or two in the game.

2:00-3:00 AM: Christmas let Paul know that Mark is pitching they should take Alex out this week because she is the biggest competition threat. Christmas said Mark thinks that Alex and Jason are with Kevin. Paul said he doesn’t know what they know. Christmas told Paul that Mark is pledging his loyalty to her and Josh. Christmas said Mark did have a point about Alex. Christmas said she thinks Alex needs to go before Jason. She suggested that Jason will likely gravitate towards Paul. Paul argued there is more of a chance that Alex gravitates towards one of them. Christmas said she is a good competitor and it makes it more likely that Alex makes it to the Final 4. Paul questioned who said she is making it to four. Paul said he thought the order they had wasn’t a bad idea. He told Christmas that Jason and Kevin will band together. Christmas said Kevin is not a good competitor. Paul said you don’t know that. Paul suggested going after Mark, Jason and then Matt. At that point, Paul said they can go after Alex. Christmas said alright but told Paul she thinks it might be a little harder than they think. Christmas again said she thinks Alex should go before Jason. Paul said if that’s what she thinks, do it but Jason and Kevin will work together. Christmas said she hears him. As for keeping Mark, Paul said Christmas would be messing up everything good she has going. Christmas said she just needed to bounce it off of somebody. They talked about how it would be ideal if Matt or Raven win to take a shot at Alex and Jason next week. After that, they think whoever remains of Alex and Jason could then take a shot back before they need to win HoH again.

3:00-4:00 AM: Paul told Christmas that she and Josh are the closest people to him. He said he needs them as much as they claim to need him. Paul said he cannot play this game alone. Christmas advised Paul to stay close with Alex. She said she thinks Alex is the only one with the nerve to take Paul out. Paul asked if Alex mentioned anything. Christmas said not at all. Paul said at least he will shield Christmas and Josh if Alex takes a shot at him. Paul talked about making a Final 2 deal with Kevin to keep him calm. He said they can backdoor Kevin once they get to the Final 5.

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