Big Brother 19 Day 62 - Mark is the replacement nominee

August 21, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Big Brother woke the houseguests up early so that they could watch the solar eclipse in the backyard. They were given special glasses. While some watched, others took the opportunity to nap with their glasses on.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jason told Kevin that what he is about to say is going to sound insensitive with regards to Raven. Kevin said he agrees with what Jason is about to say. Jason then said Raven uses her illnesses to keep her in the game. Jason explained that nobody wants to be that big of an ass to take her out. Jason pointed out that they don’t know if what Raven is saying or true, though they have to assume that it is. Kevin agreed. They discussed that Raven has not had even one problem while in the house. As for Matt, Kevin said he doesn’t understand how Matt can act so young. Kevin said he should act like a man. Numerous houseguests were irritated by how loud Matt and Raven were being while they were outside watch the eclipse. In the kitchen, Christmas let Matt and Raven know that Mark was campaigning to get Alex on the block. Christmas said Mark argued that she needs someone to compete for her and she can get a big threat out this week. Christmas said Mark is the big threat that she is getting out. Matt said Mark doesn’t understand everything that is going on behind the scenes. They talked about how Matt will have the votes even if Alex, Jason and Kevin try something. Matt told Christmas that Josh made a good point about how Alex and Jason wont necessarily put Kevin up just because he is annoying. Matt suggested that they may need to make Kevin appear more threatening, though it will be hard to do since he has literally done nothing. Christmas told Matt that Kevin is gunning for him. Matt thinks it’s because they have talked no game. Christmas said she is pretty certain that Alex and Jason will either nominate Matt and Raven together or try to backdoor Matt. Raven said she wishes that Mark wasn’t such a big threat, because they could get rid of Alex instead. Matt said Mark is the least trustworthy person in the house other than Kevin. Christmas said her game would be blown up if she nominated Alex. Matt and Raven agreed. Christmas mentioned that Alex and Jason may nominate Kevin next to Alex and Jason. Raven thinks they will nominate Kevin next to Matt. Matt mentioned that all they need to do is get Kevin on the block, since they will have the numbers.

12:00-1:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Jason used the Power of Veto on himself. Christmas nominated Mark as the replacement nominee. Christmas checked on Mark. She let him know that this was not easy on her. Mark said it’s okay. He said she handled this week very well. Mark wished Christmas good luck this season. He told her he appreciates that she heard him out. Christmas said he doesn’t have to smile. Mark said he knew this was coming as soon as Cody left. Mark said his only shot was that he or Elena win HoH and cut a deal. Christmas thanked Mark for taking everything so well. Mark said he knows it’s a game and it’s a good game move. Christmas told Mark he gets to hang out in jury with Elena at least, unless he flips the house. Mark said he highly doubts that will happen. Josh then checked in on Mark. He encouraged Mark to enjoy his last few days. Mark said he will. Josh told Mark he has handled this well and it was tough on them to make this decision. Outside, Christmas and Josh filled everyone in on Mark’s campaign pitch. They revealed that he wanted to get Alex on the block because she is a strong competitor. Jason said Mark said the same thing to him about Paul.

1:00-2:00 PM: Out in the yard, Kevin told Jason he is going to nominate Matt and Raven if he wins HoH this week. Kevin said even if Matt or Raven win the veto, the other one will be going home. Jason said Matt and Raven are going up as long as they don’t win HoH. Kevin said they should get down to four and then whoever wins wins. Jason agreed. Elsewhere, Alex suggested that Mark got her name from Kevin. Paul agreed. Josh said Kevin wants Alex out because he thinks he will have control over Jason then. Paul brought up that Kevin told him to take a shot at Alex and Jason once they get down to six. Josh added that Kevin was plotting with Cody to get Paul out as well. Josh said Kevin has played his own game the whole season, looking out for no one but himself. Inside, Kevin told Jason he has not backstabbed anyone and he never has. Kevin said he can’t wait to see who backstabbed this season. Kevin said nobody has so far. Jason said it comes so subtly. Kevin pointed out that not winning any competitions actually does you some good, since people aren’t worried about you. Kevin said everyone is worried about Alex and Paul. Jason said they are powerful. Jason said he doesn’t want to think about it because the paranoia will then get to you. After Kevin walked away, Jason spoke to himself about Kevin saying he hasn’t backstabbed anybody. Jason wondered if he is just saying that even though he has, or if he hasn’t backstabbed anyone. Jason wondered if Alex and Paul are trying to save Josh. Jason then spoke to Alex. He let her know that Kevin said he hasn’t backstabbed anybody. Alex said Christmas just told her that Kevin said he sleeps next to the two of them but he isn’t with them. Paul came by. Jason talked to him about Kevin not wanting to win competitions. While Jason said he encouraged him to do something, Paul said they don’t want Kevin to win. Paul said he is worried that Kevin would take a shot at Alex. Paul told Alex and Jason that Kevin was bragging about having won the $25,000. Paul then spoke to Josh. He told Josh that they will have to out Kevin for winning the $25,000 soon. Josh questioned why that is necessary. Paul asked if he has ever said anything that didn’t turn out the way he said it would. Josh said no. Paul then told Josh he is going to start being a little mean to him because they cannot have people knowing that he is protecting Josh.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kevin asked Paul if he thinks Matt and Raven will be put up next week. Paul said it depends who wins HoH. Kevin asked Paul to keep him updated on what he needs to be doing and not doing. Paul said Kevin doesn’t have to be doing anything right now. Kevin said he knows that. Paul then said there will come a point where they all have to play. Kevin said he will be playing everything from this point forward. In the APSR, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said he is in the best position he has been in since he got there. Josh said he is locked in with Christmas and Paul. He hopes that they will be in the Final 3 together. Josh thinks a lot of people are underestimating him. Josh revealed that he wants Alex or Jason to go next week, though he isn’t sure which one he wants to go first. Meanwhile, Paul told Christmas that Kevin has literally done nothing for him in this game. Paul said he has had more of a negative impact than a positive impact, if anything. Paul told Christmas he was thinking about what she suggested in terms of Alex needing to go before Jason. He said it would make sense to do that if Alex or Jason win the next HoH and take Matt or Raven out. Aside from that, Paul wants Jason to go first.

3:00-4:00 PM: While Christmas is disappointed that she cannot contribute physically as much as she would like to, Josh offered her words of encouragement. Josh told Christmas she is one of the strongest competitors even with her broken foot. Josh said Christmas is so hard on herself. He said her foot is broken, not her heart and her drive. Christmas said that winning this HoH brought her spirit back. Christmas let Josh know that Matt said he will offer to be a pawn next to Kevin if Alex or Jason win HoH. Christmas said Kevin would not be voted out. Both agreed that they have to split up Alex and Jason. Christmas said she talked to Paul about it. She said Jason has to be the first to go. Josh said he doesn’t mind getting the blood on his hands if Matt and Raven are not winning the HoH competition. They agreed that Alex and Jason will have to be nominated next to each other. Josh said he will be happy for whoever wins in the Final 3 if they get to the end with Paul. Josh then discussed that Kevin is the only one who is onto his game even though he claims to have never seen the show before. They think that’s a lie. Christmas said Kevin would have questioned how jury works if he had not seen the show.

4:00-5:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Christmas told Josh that she was one of the rogue votes to evict Ramses over Cody. Josh said he knew it and could see it in her face. Josh told Christmas it was such a smart move since it caused so much paranoia. Christmas explained that she didn’t want Mark to be able to get away with what he had done, which is why she voted the other way. Christmas said Paul is the only other person who knows about her voting Ramses out. Matt joined them. He asked if they have been making it clear to Alex and Jason that they don’t like Kevin. Christmas and Josh said yes. Matt then said those two would be going against the house and drawing a line in the sand if they were to go after anyone else. Josh said he doesn’t want them to win HoH. He told Matt he is concerned that Alex and Jason would take a shot at one of them instead. Matt then spoke to Paul. He told Paul to throw HoH to him if it comes down to the two of them and Raven. Matt said he will nominate Alex and Jason. Paul told Josh he is scared if someone tries to use him as a pawn, because they might decide to vote him out. Josh said he doesn’t mind being a pawn. Paul said people cannot find out that he is protecting Christmas and Josh. Matt then spoke to Paul and Raven about throwing HoH to him. Paul said people cannot find out that he is protecting them. Afterwards, Paul spoke to the camera. He said his ideal Final 3 is with either Christmas and Josh or Matt and Raven. Paul said Alex, Jason and Matt all have to go in the next three weeks. Paul expects that he can win the competitions once those three are gone. He wants to keep Alex until 5 or 6 so that she remains the bigger target than him. Josh joined Paul. Paul asked him if he trusts Matt to nominate Alex and Jason. Josh said he doesn’t mind taking that shot. Paul said he would feel more comfortable if Josh were to win.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh spoke to the live feeders while alone in the APSR. He said he hasn’t played the cleanest game or the best game, but he hopes that people will respect his game a bit. Josh said he wants to win, have the title, and be able to say that he won $500,000. Josh talked about needing to take a shot at Jason and Alex next week if he wins HoH. Josh admitted that his gameplay is all over the place, though he explained that there is a method to his madness. Josh said he has been calling people out, putting targets on their backs, and then they have been leaving.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul spoke to Matt and Raven to ask if the plan is to throw HoH to Matt if they can. Matt said yeah. Matt is concerned that Alex and Jason will not be worried about Christmas, Josh or Kevin if they win HoH. Paul said it will probably be he and Matt going up. Paul said the good thing is that they would go ahead of Raven. Raven said everyone wants Kevin gone, so do Alex and Jason really want to have a whole house against them by making a different move. Matt said they have to be in win or go home mode at this point. Matt told Paul that somebody is going to have to beat him to win the game. Paul said if someone pulls him to the end, they are beating him. Matt said he hopes that Paul is right since he doesn’t want Paul to leave. Matt said he thinks Paul and Raven are the two best players in the game. He added that people in jury will not understand how much they have done in the background.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Christmas that Matt said something weird to him about how if he were Alex and Jason, he would be thinking that they have to beat Paul in order to win the game. Christmas said if Alex is thinking strategically, what Matt said is not entirely wrong. She explained that Matt and Raven are easier to beat. Paul questioned if they are jumping on the wrong side by going with Matt and Raven. Christmas said she genuinely believes that Matt’s purpose is to get Raven as far as possible. Christmas said Alex and Jason are more powerful than those two are. Christmas thinks that Matt wont want to draw the line first, but Paul said Alex and Jason will if he doesn’t. Paul said he would be thinking that shooting at him and missing is bad, since they would then have him and another pair after them. Christmas argued the other side of it that she would team up with the other pair if she were in one of them. Paul wondered why Matt and Raven would be freaking out about him if they think they are on good terms with him. Christmas said it might be because of Kevin poking around. Paul later mentioned that they may be being paranoid. Christmas said she hopes they are. Paul said he doesn’t think Matt and Raven have the balls to do anything crazy. Christmas agreed.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul asked Matt if he has an issue with taking the shot and drawing a line. Matt said not at all. Paul said he doesn’t either. Matt explained that he would prefer to take the shot rather than have Raven do it. Matt doesn’t want Raven to mess up her relationship with Alex. Paul said they could sell that Jason was getting paranoid, or make something up in order to justify the move. Paul headed upstairs to speak to Christmas. Paul said Matt thinks Alex and Raven have a good friendship, but they know that is not the case. Paul told Christmas that Matt said he is willing to be the shield. Christmas said that has been Matt’s mantra this entire game. She said Matt has only ever gotten genuinely upset when people went after Raven. She believes that Matt really is focused on getting Raven far. Paul said there is no way that Raven will beat him for HoH or the veto if they get down to the Final 4 with her and Josh. Christmas said she thinks Paul is in a really great position. Paul said you would think. He mentioned that he, Christmas and Josh all appear to be in a good spot. Christmas said she can deflect if it comes to a point where someone is trying to take a shot at Paul. She said the same for Josh. Paul said it’s not her place to deflect. Christmas said it’s not his place to carry her either. Paul said that’s true but that’s how he plays the game. Christmas talked about it making more sense for Josh and Paul to go further than her due to the competition aspect of the game. If Paul is becoming the #1 target, Christmas said she could figure something out to deflect that target onto herself. Paul said that’s easier said than done. Christmas agreed but suggested that she would be able to find a way. In the bedroom, Alex and Jason discussed that they have to get rid of Matt or Raven. Alex suggested that the eviction order should be Mark, Matt, Kevin and Raven. Jason said he is on board with that. Alex said they have to be careful with Matt and Raven since they will vote as a team in jury. Alex mentioned that Matt might vote fairly but Raven will vote for Paul no matter what. Alex said she thinks everyone will vote for Paul if he makes it to the end. She listed off Mark, Raven, Christmas, Matt and Elena as votes for Kevin. Alex said Paul has the jury stacked. Despite that, Alex told Jason she wants to get to the Final 3 with him and with Paul. She said they are the three that deserve it most. Meanwhile, Kevin told Paul that Jason is going to take Alex to the end now that he opened his mouth and said nobody is going to vote for Alex to win. Kevin listed off Cody, Elena, Mark and himself as people who will not vote for Alex. Kevin said he would vote for a pair of shoes over Alex.

12:00-1:00 AM: Alex told Jason they have to stick by Paul since they promised him. Alex said Paul also has not screwed them over as far as they know. Jason said he doesn’t think that Paul will. Alex agreed. She said he has to uphold his image to his fan base. As for Kevin, Alex explained that he broke his deal with them and he has gone against his word by trying to actively get them out. Alex said they are not going to let the old man cash in on $500,000. Back outside, Kevin told Paul that Alex is going to send him home if she has to choose between the two of them and Jason, because Alex thinks that Kevin would have the jury votes. Kevin told Paul that Alex’s second option after Jason would be Paul. Paul asked if he should talk to Alex to see where her head is at. Kevin said yeah. Paul then told Alex that Kevin is terrified of her even though he is secure in the four. Paul said he told Kevin that he will not take a shot at Alex at six. Paul suggested that they keep Kevin complacent rather than try to mess with him. Paul said he has been pumping Kevin to Matt and Raven so that they don’t do anything stupid. Alex said she has been doing the same thing. Paul talked about nominating Matt and Raven together next week if they win. Paul said they can play it off as though they want to backdoor Kevin. Paul asked Alex if she thinks that she can beat Jason in the Final 2. Alex said she thinks so as long as they have the jury roundtable. Paul pointed out what happened to him last year. Paul said he thinks Jason will win next to either of them. Paul told Alex the only people that would vote for him would be maybe Christmas and Josh. Alex said Elena likely would too. Alex later said she thinks Matt and Raven really like Paul. They discussed that it may be best to skip targeting Kevin, opting to get Matt and Raven out first. Paul talked about Raven’s disease not being a reason to keep her. Alex agreed. Paul said as a fan he would not want to see a season in which everyone threw away their game for Raven. Afterwards, Paul reported back to Christmas. He said everyone wants to take them to the Final 5, so he thinks they were just being paranoid earlier because it seemed too good to be true.

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