Big Brother 19 Day 63

August 22, 2017

8:00-9:00 AM: While everyone else was asleep, Christmas spoke to the live feeders. She said she gets her boot today. She mentioned that the reality of making the Final 3 is very real. She said “good job, foot”. Christmas hopes that the plan that she and Paul came up with can be executed. Christmas said somebody joked that anyone who stabs at her gets evicted. She said that is true. Christmas said she hopes Mark goes home this week, followed by Jason next week. She said Jason would be the last of the ones who took a major stab against her. Christmas pointed out that Alex voted against her early on, though she did not say that she wasn’t going to do that. Christmas said Paul told her he knows he will get second place next to her since people will not want a vet to win. Christmas said getting second place is not failing for Paul, seeing as he came into the game thinking that that would not even be an option. She said Paul was still able to play hard. Christmas was then called to the diary room to head to the hospital.

10:00-11:00 AM: Raven told Paul that Kevin is so obsessed with Jason. Paul said they have got to get rid of Kevin. He said they have to take the shot at Alex and Jason first. Paul told Raven that they will get to the end once they do that. The houseguests were put on indoor lockdown. They will not have access to the backyard for the next couple of days, given that production will be building for the upcoming HoH competition.

11:00-12:00 PM: Alex told Jason to really secure their Final 4 with Kevin. Alex said Kevin wanted to take the two of them out at six, but Paul spoke to him last night and said they need to honour the Final 4 that they made. As for Matt and Raven, Alex said they think they are coming to the Final 5 with Jason, Paul and herself. Alex told Jason they need to nominate Matt and Raven if they win this HoH, tell them that they are trying to backdoor Kevin, but then save Kevin when he goes on the block. Alex said they can pretend they don’t know what happened. Jason said he cannot wait to put Matt and Raven on the block. Jason added that he doesn’t even care about their jury vote. Jason told Alex she will win over him. He said there is no comparison between the two of them. Alex explained that it’s not based on merit. She mentioned that Paul lost because Natalie wanted a girl to win. Jason told Alex that your character will look bad if you suck up to people right before they leave. He said people already like Alex, but they are scared of her. Alex said she can’t wait until Cody sees them make it to the end. Jason told Alex to do whatever she thinks makes sense. He admitted he is doing whatever she says, seeing as it’s a team and somebody has got to be the boss. Alex told Jason they will be golden if they can make it to the Final 6. After that, she said they will take out Christmas and Josh. Alex pointed out that they need to be nice to Matt and Raven so that they don’t see what’s coming. Jason said they aren’t stupid and have to see it coming. Alex disagreed. She said they don’t expect what is about to happen. Jason told Alex they would be morons not to have thought about it. Alex thinks that Matt and Raven will target Kevin if they win HoH. Christmas returned from the hospital. She now has her boot. She said it feels so much better and it is much lighter than her cast was.

12:00-1:00 PM: Matt let Raven know that Alex is upset about Mark campaigning against her. Matt then told Raven that Alex has absolutely noticed that Kevin follows Jason around. Matt said Alex thinks that Kevin doesn’t understand why Jason would want to follow what a female, Alex, wants him to do. Matt said he also asked Jason if Kevin follows him around. He told Raven that Jason said it’s really weird. Matt said he wants Paul to talk to both Alex and Jason to bring up that they are always together with Kevin.

1:00-2:00 PM: Matt let Christmas know they want to put the idea in Jason’s head that the whole house thinks he is close with Kevin. He mentioned commenting that Kevin follows Jason around. Christmas said that’s good. Matt also brought up saying the same thing to Alex. Matt clarified that it will have to be subtle. Matt thinks it will cause Jason to get paranoid about Kevin. Matt said Kevin is obsessed with Jason. He talked about Kevin following Jason everywhere he went this morning. Christmas said Kevin has been doing that for a week now. Matt told Christmas that Alex said “f*ck that guy” when Mark walked away earlier. Matt said it’s because Christmas told Alex that Mark was trying to get her on the block. Christmas thought it was a good thing to say since she expects Mark to campaign to Alex to get Matt out. Matt said that would be the smart move.

2:00-3:00 PM: Matt told Raven he can’t imagine that Alex would take a shot at her. Raven said she doesn’t think anyone will take a shot at her next week. Matt then mentioned that Paul is being a bit naive if he thinks that people don’t perceive him to be a huge threat. Matt said he doesn’t want Paul to get blindsided if someone tries to take a shot at him. Christmas and Paul joined them. Matt filled Paul in on his plan to have people put the idea in Jason’s head that Kevin is following him around. Matt hopes that Alex would eventually go to Jason to say Kevin has to go since the whole house is looking at Jason weird due to his association with Kevin. Paul said it’s a good idea.

3:00-4:00 PM: Mark played chess with Jason. He told Jason that all he wanted to do was work with them. Mark said he can’t help what Cody was saying. Mark said they can nominate Christmas, Josh and Raven if he stays and they win HoH. Mark asked if he should talk to Alex first or Paul first. Jason suggested talking to all three of them at once. Mark then played chess with Paul. Mark said he knows Jason and Kevin would vote for him. Paul said there were conversations Mark had about getting him out. Mark explained that he just wanted to see if he could trust Jason. Paul said he would be putting a massive target on his back if he keeps Mark. Mark said they would only be competing against Josh and Raven for HoH. Paul said he really doesn’t think that Mark can get the votes. In the storage room, Jason told Kevin he would be a fan of sending Matt home. Kevin said he will do whatever Alex says. Jason said they can ask Paul and Alex. Kevin told Jason not to say that he came up with the idea. Kevin said he is with Jason and he will do whatever they want. Jason said it’s not what Christmas wants, so they cannot say anything to Christmas. Kevin said it would rock the boat. Kevin said Matt freaks him out. Kevin said Matt is more likely to put the two of them up. As for Mark, Kevin said he will put Christmas and Josh up. Jason agreed. Jason pulled Alex aside to let her know that Mark said Matt and Raven are coming after them and will put them up. Jason said Mark is telling him that he will nominate Christmas and Josh if he stays. Alex said Jason is so stupid. She mentioned that Mark already tried to get her and Paul nominated. She said he will put the two of them up the first chance he gets, then he will backdoor Jason. Alex said Mark came to Jason as a last resort, meaning he is the first one that Mark will turn on. Jason told Alex about his conversation with Kevin. He thinks Kevin ran upstairs to tell Christmas that he wants to keep Mark. Alex suggested that Jason say he said those things to Kevin in order to see what he would say.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul told Mark he has to watch his back. He said he doesn’t know that the relationships Mark had wont be mended and then the plans to get him out will continue. Mark said that’s fair. Paul said he is not going to be that person who promises something and gets his hopes up only to screw him over. After his chess game wrapped up, Paul told Alex, Jason, Christmas and Kevin about his talk with Mark. He said Mark thinks he has Jason’s vote and Kevin’s vote, plus he is going to talk to Alex next. Paul let Jason know that Mark is saying he wasn’t the only one entertaining the idea of getting him out. Paul followed that up by saying he obviously knows that Jason didn’t say anything like that. Paul questioned Kevin about why Mark thinks he has his vote. Kevin said he hasn’t talked to Mark about it. He said when Mark does talk to him, he admits that he made a mistakes and knows that he is leaving because of it.

5:00-6:00 PM: Matt and Raven were chasing each other around the house. Raven was yelling Matt’s name. Jason told Kevin he thinks that those two are mocking them because they are still in the house. Kevin asked if everyone agrees that they are the next two to go. Jason said yeah. Kevin said if they were his children, he would ask if they realize that there are other people there, then tell them to grow up and go play in the backyard. Kevin said they need to get rid of all of the showmances. Jason said that has been his goal from the start. Elsewhere, Mark spoke to Alex about her vote. Alex said she overheard a conversation and people were saying that Mark threw her name out there. Mark said he told Christmas scenarios for Alex, Kevin and Raven. Alex said it sucks that was a conversation she walked in on. Mark said he told Christmas that if she were to keep him off of the block, she would have his loyalty. Mark told Alex that he has had Jason’s back since Day 1. Mark said the benefit of keeping him is he has nobody. Mark suggested that Matt and Raven are likely to go after Alex, Jason and Kevin. If he stays, Mark said they could go after the other three. Alex said the only person she cares about is Jason. Mark said he would have Paul, Kevin, Alex and Jason’s backs if he gets their votes. Mark told Alex that she or Jason will get his vote if they make it to the end. Mark said he understands that he hasn’t been aligned with the best people, but he is there to play and compete. On the other hand, he said he hates that Matt is just there to get to jury. Alex said she will seriously think about it, though she is leaning towards not keeping Mark. She explained that everyone is still so mad at Cody.

7:00-8:00 PM: Matt and Raven spoke to Christmas about what negotiation tactics they can use during the HoH competition to get Alex or Jason to drop. Raven said she will tell Alex they have the same target, in reference to Kevin. She will then say she really wants a letter from her mom since she had surgery. As for Matt, he said he doesn’t want to give his word on something and then go back on it. They weren’t sure how to get around that. Christmas suggested possibly using a double negative in his wording to have that loophole available. Raven said Matt could say he really wants the HoH because he hasn’t had one and he wants to get her letter instead of his own. Christmas thinks that Kevin will most likely go for an apple. Meanwhile, Paul told Josh that if he protects him until the Final 5, he will be able to get Josh and Christmas to the end. Paul said he did it himself last year, so imagine what he can do with a team. Paul said he will try to tell Christmas and Josh everything he knows before he leaves, if he gets clipped. Josh said people are likely going to clip him before Paul. Paul said he can’t win the Final 5 HoH, because he has to win the Final 4 HoH. Paul mentioned that if Alex or Jason get Matt out this week, they should then take Alex out next because she is stronger. However, he said Jason needs to go before Alex if Matt or Raven win this week.

8:00-9:00 PM: Christmas told Josh he should throw HoH to Raven if at all possible. Josh said he doesn’t feel comfortable with Raven winning. Paul agreed. Josh said Raven might use him as a pawn. Josh made it clear that he is willing to take the shot at Alex and Jason himself. Josh said he doesn’t feel good about anyone other than Paul or himself winning HoH. Paul said he will be showing his cards if he wins and has to draw the line. Josh said he will do it. After Josh left, Christmas and Paul discussed that they feel great with Alex. Christmas said she even feels good with Kevin. Paul agreed. Christmas told Paul he will go down in history as the greatest if he makes it to the Final 2 again. Paul asked how. He said he wont win. Christmas talked about how his tagline is friendship and he is authentic about it, plus he has a great social game and was just trying to stay in the game. The two then discussed that Raven lies about little things. Paul said she is a compulsive liar and she believes her own lies. Christmas pointed out that if she can so easily lie about small things, she is capable of lying about a lot more. Paul said he wouldn’t even mind if Alex and Jason won and took a shot at Matt and Raven. Christmas said she wouldn’t be mad about it either.

9:00-10:00 PM: Mark asked Kevin if he would vote to keep him if he can talk Alex and Jason into doing it. Kevin said if they agree to, he would. Kevin let Mark know that he didn’t ever want to get rid of him. He mentioned that Matt and Raven annoy him. Kevin told Mark he has to get Alex on board. Mark asked Kevin to put in a good word for him. Kevin said he will ask her. Mark thanked Kevin.

10:00-11:00 PM: In the bathroom, Mark asked Jason if Alex has said anything yet. Jason said she doesn’t seem to be on board. Mark asked if there is any chance that he could change her mind. Jason said he doesn’t know. Mark told Jason that Kevin is on board to get Matt out. Mark asked what Alex’s biggest hesitation is. Jason said there are a lot of people saying a lot of things. He added that they are both afraid Mark would turn around and put them up next to each other if he stays. Mark said he is all about competing and he cannot stand floaters. Mark told Jason he has never lied to them. Afterwards, Jason told Alex to tell Mark they are keeping him so that he will stop asking. Alex said no. She said you have to worry about jury votes. Mark the pulled Alex aside to talk to ask what her biggest hesitation in keeping him is. Alex said it’s what the house wants. Mark suggested that Matt, Raven, Christmas and Josh will be after Alex and Jason next. Alex said she doesn’t know if Matt and Raven will try to win. She told Mark that she and Jason are best off staying quiet for now. Mark said he respects their decision as long as it is not being made because they feel that they can’ trust him. Alex said Matt and Raven are annoying but are better for their game. Mark said he would be the bigger target if he stays. Alex said Cody used the same argument, but that only lasts for so long and then she and Jason become the biggest targets. Alex told Mark he can punch her and Jason in the stomach if one of them walks into the jury house next week. Mark wished Alex and Jason the best of luck. He said he hopes to see them both in the Final 2. Mark told them that if one of them is there, they will have his vote. Mark said Josh is being kept around just because he stirs the pot. He said Christmas jumps ship, as has Paul multiples times. As for Matt and Raven, Mark said they are floating. Mark said he doesn’t know where Paul stands, but he has been very close with Christmas. Mark let Jason know that because of his double eviction speech, Paul looks at both of them a certain way.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin told Paul that Mark asked him if there is any way for him to stay. Kevin said he told Mark no, but he is going to do whatever Alex, Jason and Paul say. Paul told Kevin there is no way he isn’t voting Mark out. Kevin told him to say no more, cause there is no way he will either. On her way to the diary room, Alex told Paul that Mark was saying he thinks Paul is a flip flopper. Paul asked if he can call Mark out. Alex said no. Paul went to Jason to ask in what context Mark called him that. Jason said it doesn’t matter since Mark is happy that he is going home.

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