Big Brother 19 Day 64

August 23, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: Matt asked Paul about the campaigning that Mark was doing last night. Paul said Mark campaigned to Alex and Jason, but they told him that they don’t trust him. Paul said their pitch was that the three of them and Paul could steamroll through the house. Paul brought up that Mark called him a floater. While Paul was initially upset about it, he said that’s exactly what he wants people to think. Paul explained that if he shows loyalty anywhere, it will make him a bigger target and make whoever he is protecting a massive target as well. Matt said they obviously want to win tomorrow, but Alex or Jason winning and taking Kevin out is also good. Paul said it’s perfect but they don’t want to risk it. Matt agreed. Raven brought up her bracelet that was temporarily lost yesterday. She believes that Kevin hid it. Paul said what irks him about Kevin is how dissatisfied he has been with how the last three weeks have went. Matt told Paul that if he or Raven get brought up, he should make it clear that they are targeting Kevin. Paul then spoke to Christmas. She wanted to know about Mark’s campaign last night. Christmas wondered who Mark told that she cannot be trusted. Paul said he thinks it was Alex and Jason. Christmas asked if she could bring it up. Paul told her to drop it because it would look sketchy if Alex and Jason find out that he told her what Mark said. Paul said he thinks they were just being paranoid about Matt and Raven. Paul thinks that those two are clueless. Paul told Christmas he hopes that they can tie in Alex after Jason goes, then she can fire back and Matt the following week. After that, Paul said they can put Alex and Raven on the block next to each other.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kevin told Jason he would be happy if either of them or Alex made it to the end. They talked about how they will need each other since you cannot do it alone. Kevin said he is always a vote even if he doesn’t win. Jason agreed. Kevin said he will always vote the way he says. Kevin said his next three votes will be going towards evicting Mark, Matt and Raven. Paul came by and said he can’t with Matt and Raven anymore. Jason said he can’t either, and that’s what they were just talking about. Alex told Jason and Paul that Kevin asked her whether or not they are voting to keep Matt. She said he followed it up by saying he will do whatever she says. Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul then started discussing that Matt and Raven are always up in the HoH room. Jason said it worked for them, since that is why they are still in the house. He suggested that all of the talking goes down up there, so they got involved by being up there. He told Alex that she bought into it. Alex denied it. She said they are still there because they are the easier opponents.

3:00-4:00 PM: The group continued to talk about Matt and Raven. Alex said Raven is looking for a relationship even though she is pretending that she isn’t. Kevin commented on how they are always acting like fools. Jason and Kevin think they are doing it just to aggravate people. Jason said they are probably laughing and saying they can do no wrong. Jason pointed out that everyone is afraid to make fun of Raven because they don’t want to be the insensitive one to call her out on everything she says. Jason said if Raven’s disease is a facade, he is going to punch her. He added that it will be the first time in history he punches a girl. Kevin brought up that Raven said she has “Arthur-itis”. Kevin said Arthur is the name of a human, and anyone who has arthritis would not make that mistake. Paul doesn’t think that Raven should be bringing her disease into the game. Jason said it’s working for her but it’s not moral. When Alex suggested that it’s not working, Jason asked why Raven is still there then. Alex said it’s because she can’t win anything, not because they feel bad for her. Up in the HoH room, Matt and Raven discussed that Alex and Jason don’t seem to be worried about them. Matt said he thinks they are so confident in their ability to compete that they are not thinking about the path of least resistance. Raven thinks Kevin wont want to win HoH since he is confident that Alex and Jason will keep him safe. Matt said Jason going home next week would be ideal, though Kevin wouldn’t be a terrible consolation prize.

4:00-5:00 PM: Josh told Christmas that Mark is pissing him off. Christmas said Mark is trying to get them to blow each other’s games up. Christmas told Josh to chill since Mark is going to be leaving tomorrow. Josh didn’t like that Alex and Jason wouldn’t tell him that Mark said not to trust him. Josh said he wants to gun for HoH to take the shot at Alex and Jason, but he doesn’t know if it’s smart so early. Christmas mentioned that Paul doesn’t trust where Matt and Raven are right now. Josh said he doesn’t either. Christmas said Alex will be forced to come to them if Jason is evicted. Josh said they can do damage control on her. They discussed that it’s weird how Kevin and Matt have been talking. Josh said Kevin, Matt and Raven will band together if Alex and Jason are gone. They agreed that Matt will have to go after Jason leaves.

5:00-6:00 PM: Josh told Christmas they need to continue to push Kevin to the whole house, making him a clear target for everyone. Christmas noted that Kevin has turned it down of late. Josh said he will annoy Kevin to a point where he will implode. Josh thinks Matt and Raven will be too scared to turn on them since they will flip the house on them if they try it. If people turn on Josh, Paul and herself, Christmas said she will take the bullet. Christmas said Josh and Paul can go to the Final 2. She isn’t as confident in her own abilities due to her foot. Josh was not having it and said they can all make it to the end. Josh said he will blow games up in order to get them further. Christmas asked Josh to promise not to do that unless she and Paul decide that it’s best for them. Josh said they need to get Jason and Matt out, then all that’s left is Alex. Josh added that they will need to make Kevin feel comfortable and as if it’s the four of them, then they will clip him before Raven. Josh mentioned that Matt hasn’t done anything. Christmas said that doesn’t mean he can’t or wont. Josh said he is screwed if he does. Christmas said if Matt does anything, Raven will go first since he is trying to protect Raven.

6:00-7:00 PM: When Kevin entered the HoH room, Paul brought up that he isn’t sure why Mark was so certain he had votes. Christmas asked if Mark campaigned to Kevin. Kevin said no. He told them he said he would do whatever Alex and Jason decide. Kevin said he doesn’t think that Mark is campaigning anymore. Kevin said no one is on Mark’s side, so it will be a 6-0 vote and he will leave tomorrow.

7:00-8:00 PM: Kevin told Jason it’s BS that Alex and Paul would question him about his vote. Jason said he doesn’t know why they are doing that. Kevin said it’s just petty. Kevin assured Jason that he didn’t say anything to Mark. Jason told Kevin not to worry. Jason said they are trying to crack him. When Kevin asked why, Jason said he doesn’t think they are. Jason suggested that Kevin not react to it. Kevin asked if Christmas said anything bad about him. Jason said nobody is going to say anything bad. Jason reiterated that it’s best to stay quiet right now, because they cannot be acting like they are worried. Kevin said he wasn’t worried until he walked in the room and got questioned about giving his vote to Mark. Kevin commented on how Josh has gotten close to Christmas and he thinks he is running the show now. Kevin said he gave his word to the four and he will not deviate from Alex, Jason or Paul.

8:00-9:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Alex told Christmas, Josh and Matt that Mark campaigned to her and Jason last night, asking if they would vote Matt out if Paul got on board. She said he claimed to already have Kevin’s vote. Christmas said but apparently Mark hasn’t campaigned to Kevin. She followed that up by saying that you don’t have to campaign to someone who is on your team. Alex told Matt that Kevin asked her last night if they are voting him out. Josh said Kevin did the same thing last week with Cody, and that is his way of subtly campaigning. Matt asked if Kevin has tried to make a Final 2 with Jason. Alex said he hasn’t. She added that she and Jason don’t even have a Final 2. Matt said he and Raven don’t either. After Alex left the room, Christmas and Matt discussed that Alex wants Kevin out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark told Jason he is going to miss his jokes. Alex said they will be together soon. Mark said he hopes not. Jason said hopefully not in jury house. Mark said they will be on the outside. Mark asked Alex and Jason to do him a favour by not sending Matt and Raven out next week, as he would like two weeks of peace. Jason joked that they will send Josh out then. Alex said they have to win HoH. She mentioned that if either she or Jason leave, the other will follow the next week. Mark said it’s not going to happen. If it does, he said he will give them a big “I told you so”. Before heading to bed, Alex told Mark they can talk more tomorrow, because she doesn’t want to get all sentimental tonight. Mark told Alex it would be beautiful if it was them, Kevin and Paul against Christmas, Josh and Raven. Alex said she can’t blame him for trying. Mark asked her to sleep on it.

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