Big Brother 19 Day 65 - Mark is evicted; Jason wins HoH

August 24, 2017

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction episode, Mark was evicted by a vote of 4-2. Alex and Jason voted to evict Matt. The HoH competition then got underway at 6:52. It was a battle of endurance. At the time the episode ended, everyone remained in the competition.

7:00-8:00 PM: The HoH competition continued to play out on the live feeds. It went as follows:

7:11 PM: Kevin was eliminated from the competition.

7:14 PM: Matt was eliminated from the competition.

7:24 PM: Josh was eliminated from the competition.

7:40 PM: Christmas asked if the houseguests want to negotiate so they can go eat some wieners. Raven said they know who her target is. She added that she really wants a letter from her mom, and this might the last chance she gets to hear from her before October.

7:47 PM: Paul was eliminated from the competition.

7:47 PM: Raven was eliminated from the competition.

7:47-7:53 PM: Once Alex and Jason were the last two remaining, Alex told Jason she wants safety and his jury vote in order to drop. Jason didn’t agree. He said he is feeling pretty good. Matt questioned what is happening right now. Alex said she is cold. Jason told her to fall. Alex asked Jason to give her something. Matt asked if they are serious. Alex said she wants her third HoH. Jason joked that Alex is trying to backdoor her. Matt pointed out that there were two votes against him. Alex said it wasn’t her. Kevin immediately talked about how it wasn’t him. Josh said Kevin doesn’t have to keep mentioning it. Matt said they are all pretty confused at this point, seeing as Alex and Jason are still up there. Alex asked for safety and a jury vote. This time, Jason agreed. Alex also asked that he pick her to play in the veto competition if he gets houseguest’s choice. Jason replied with “sweet”.

7:54 PM: Alex was eliminated from the competition. Jason won HoH.

8:00-9:00 PM: Kevin asked Alex if she knows who voted to evict Matt. Alex said she doesn’t know. Kevin then spoke to Christmas. He swore that he voted to evict Mark. Kevin said he doesn’t know who is playing games. Christmas said it doesn’t make sense. Christmas asked if Kevin has any idea who the votes were. Kevin said it wasn’t him and wasn’t Raven. Kevin then asked Jason who voted to evict Matt. Jason said it was Kevin. Kevin said no. He asked Jason if he was one of the votes. Jason admitted that one of them was him. He said he thinks the other one was Alex. Kevin said he would have voted that way if they had asked him, forcing it to a 3-3 tie. Jason said no. Kevin asked if everything was planned. Jason said yeah. Elsewhere, Josh told Alex that Kevin started spazzing out, promising that he did not vote to evict Matt. Alex said she doesn’t believe Kevin. Alex said there is still a second person as well. Alex told Christmas she thinks Kevin was one of the votes and they are finally going to nail him. Raven came by and asked if Alex knew who she was talking about targeting during the competition, referring to Kevin. Alex said that’s who she was talking about as well. Raven said that Kevin is the only one who has not been on the block. Alex said it’s time. Paul told Alex, Christmas and Jason he guarantees that Raven was one of the votes. He explained that she did that to be able to point fingers at Kevin. Alex said it was 100% Kevin and Raven. Jason gave Alex a weird look. Alex them whispered something to Jason. In the kitchen, Kevin told Jason that Matt was making a point to say Alex and Jason were the two votes against him. Jason said it wasn’t Alex. Jason added that the plan was just that he was going to do it. He said the other vote must have been Raven. Kevin told Paul he knows that Alex and Jason voted to evict Matt. Kevin said everyone thinks it was him. Paul said he thinks that’s the point. Kevin questioned who actually thinks that, since Alex, Jason and Paul all know that it wasn’t him. Paul told Kevin not to worry about it. Paul then asked Jason if the second vote was Alex. Jason said no. Paul let Jason know that Kevin just told him it was Alex. Jason said he just told Kevin it wasn’t Alex. Jason and Paul agreed that Raven was the other vote. Christmas asked Matt if he has any idea who the votes were. Matt said one of them has to be Kevin. He said the second one would have to be Alex or Jason.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh told Christmas he thinks that Alex and Jason were the two votes. Josh explained that Jason would not look him in the eye, then Alex saw them talking and blew up by saying “we didn’t do the votes”. Christmas said it’s better that Alex and Jason think they think the votes were Kevin and Raven. Christmas said she thinks Kevin will be backdoored as the scapegoat. She thinks Matt and Raven will go up and then nominations will be left the same if possible. Alex spoke to Jason about the vote. She said no one but Paul can know how they voted. Jason said he has to do some damage control then. He admitted to already messing up by telling Kevin. Jason said he was trying to get Kevin to admit to being the other vote. Alex said to tell everyone he was lying and he was only trying to get it out of Jason. Kevin spoke to Paul, saying Jason told him it was Alex’s idea. Kevin said Jason probably didn’t know that Alex wanted to do it to make him look bad. Kevin insisted that he was not one of the votes. Kevin told Paul he has done everything he has told him. Paul said he knows that. In the bathroom, Kevin told Jason to get Josh off his back. Kevin said he is innocent but Josh is trying to make it seem like he is a liar. Jason said maybe Josh voted the other way and was trying to blame Kevin for it. Jason advised Kevin to stay calm no matter what.

10:00-11:00 PM: Raven told Christmas she doesn’t think that they could have beat Jason in that competition. Christmas agreed. She pointed out that Jason rides a bull for a living. Raven mentioned that Jason cannot compete next week, and hopefully they can get Kevin out this week. Matt told Raven that Kevin approached him to ask who he thinks voted for him. Raven said it was Kevin and Jason. Matt said it has to be Jason since Alex hates Mark. Raven then said unless it was Alex because people think she hates Mark. Matt said it’s annoying since he went up as a pawn during Jason’s HoH. Raven suggested that Matt bring that up since it is someone else’s turn. Matt said the problem with that is it throws someone else on their team under the bus. Matt plans to let Jason dictate the conversation.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul asked Alex if she for sure didn’t vote Matt out. She replied with “mhmm”. Paul let Alex know that Kevin came up to him and said Jason told him about the votes. Alex said Jason was trying to bait Kevin into admitting that he voted Matt out, saying it’s okay since he did it too. Paul said Kevin claims that Jason told him that he and Alex were the votes. Alex said Jason did not mention her name. Paul asked if the plan is still to put Matt and Raven on the block. Alex said they have to do that and then convince Matt and Raven that they are going to backdoor Kevin. Paul asked if he should talk to those two. Alex said yeah. She suggested that Paul say Kevin is the target since they know he voted against Matt. Paul headed to the bedroom to tell Matt and Raven that Jason wants to backdoor Kevin. He said the pawns will likely be two of the three of them. They discussed that they just have to win the veto. Paul then spoke to Christmas who asked him if he voted Matt out. Paul said no. They agreed that Josh wouldn’t have chanced it either. Christmas said she doesn’t think that it was Raven for that reason. They talked about how it had to be two of Alex, Jason and Kevin then. Paul said he doesn’t think they need to worry about the vote. He said he is focused on staying safe when it comes to nominations. Christmas said she doesn’t think they have anything major to worry about right now.

1:00-2:00 AM: Once Jason had his HoH room, Matt and Raven headed to bed. The rest of the houseguests chatted upstairs, discussing the plan to nominate Matt and Raven.. Paul said Matt and Raven think they are super comfortable. Jason questioned how they could be. Paul said he doesn’t know. Paul followed that up by saying either Matt and Raven are masterminds or they are so involved with each other that they don’t know what’s going on. They discussed Raven saying that her target was not one of the people up on the wall when Alex, Jason and Paul were still in the competition. Kevin said Matt brought up the two votes against him, directing it towards Alex and Jason. Jason said he is sick of listening to Matt and Raven. He mentioned wanting it to be a calm week. While Kevin was in the bathroom, Paul told Jason to sell Matt and Raven on there being another plan, referring to pretending that they are going to backdoor Kevin. Jason brought up that Matt might be upset since he said about a week ago that he could see a Final 5 with Alex, Paul, Raven and himself. Alex asked if Jason promised anything. Jason said no. Paul said nobody approached him about that. Once everyone but Jason and Paul cleared the HoH room, Paul told Jason to tell Matt and Raven what they want to hear. He said to say that he is backdooring Kevin. Paul said that if he or Alex win the veto, they can take whoever they don’t want to go off of the block, then put Kevin up as a pawn. Jason said he doesn’t really care which one goes. Paul said they can vote whichever one stays on the block out, and Jason can act shocked.

2:00-3:00 AM: Jason said the reason he thinks they need to send Matt home is that Raven will go nuts. Paul agreed. Paul thinks Matt will use the veto on Raven if he wins it. Paul asked Jason if he told Kevin that Alex voted Matt out. Jason said he doesn’t think it was Kevin. They agreed that it was Raven. Jason said Kevin insisted that it wasn’t him. Jason said he told Kevin it was him and he thinks it was Alex too. Paul asked if it was Alex. Jason said Alex told him it wasn’t her. Paul said she said the same to him. They then discussed Matt and Raven. Jason said those two are ignorant if they don’t see that they are next when they have systematically been picking off the showmances. In the bathroom, Christmas said she wants to know who the vote was. Josh said Alex and Jason were the votes. Josh thinks they did it to blame Kevin and himself. Christmas later said the Alex and Jason combination is too obvious. She suggested that Jason went rogue and Kevin was the other vote. Looking ahead to next week, Josh said they need to get Jason out. Josh said Jason is the only one he doesn’t feel in a good position with. Christmas said she feels that Josh is doubting Paul a bit. Josh said he is not doubting him but he has seen Paul get closer to Alex and Jason. Christmas said it’s not in Paul’s best interest to keep those two around. Josh said he trusts Paul completely. When Alex got out of the diary room, she spoke to Jason. She told him she may have been the vote by accident. She said she doesn’t remember. Jason said it doesn’t matter if she was. The two then went over what Jason should say in his speech when he nominates Matt and Raven. Alex said Matt needs to go this week, because he will be salty that they kept him over Raven when all he wanted to do was protect Raven.

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