Big Brother 19 Day 66 - Jason nominates Matt and Raven for eviction

August 25, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: An announcement was made that the Tree of Temptation has sprung to life once again. Alex said “we told you that tree was lame”. The houseguests discussed that the tree isn’t worth it. Matt said you can turn it off now since nobody cares. Paul said if they put $10,000 on there, he would do it every week. In the APSR, Paul spoke to the cameras. He said Jason won HoH and is very adamant about putting Matt and Raven on the block. Paul explained that he threw the competition in order to make Alex and Jason look like the most powerful duo in the house. He said those two will appear unstoppable in the eyes of others, meaning that they will keep him around to help take them down. As for Alex and Jason, Paul said he needed them to see that they can beat him. If he keeps beating them, Paul said they will want to take him out. Matt and Raven joined Paul. Raven asked if Paul has any idea who Jason is nominating. Paul said he has no idea. He said it’s between the three of them and maybe Josh. Raven said Jason will have a whole house against him next week, when he can’t compete, if he doesn’t keep his word. Paul agreed. Alex, Paul, Matt and Raven then discussed the vote. They agreed that Kevin was one of the votes. Matt said he thinks Kevin was a vote to evict Ramses over Cody as well. Paul said he didn’t believe it back then but now it is making sense. Upstairs, Kevin told Jason he figured people gave Mark sympathy votes after his speech. Jason said he was going to vote that way anyway, because he gets tired of it being on sided. Kevin said Jason should have told him he was voting that way, then he could have too and they could have forced a tie. Jason explained that people were too scared of Mark for it to have worked. Paul and Raven discussed that it would make no sense for Alex and Jason to attack one of them when only Alex can compete next week. Raven said she is pretty sure that Alex wants Kevin gone. Paul agreed. Raven said the two votes to evict Matt were from Jason and Kevin. She explained that Mark said thanks to “you guys”. Matt said if he were in Jason’s shoes, he would say that Kevin can stay. Paul said he is not picking up on anything weird. Matt said he isn’t either. Matt told Paul he just wants to make sure Raven doesn’t go up. Paul asked if they are going to use the veto on Raven if she is up there. Matt said 100%. Matt said he is not going to win the game unless he makes it to Final 2 with Josh, whereas Raven can win. Paul said Raven needs it with all of the things that she has been through. Paul followed that up by saying he thinks Raven can win next to anybody. Matt agreed. Paul said they can’t have people thinking that, otherwise they will want her out.

11:00-12:00 PM: Christmas told Josh that unfortunately Matt will have to go first before Raven. She said Matt is the cooler of the two. Christmas thinks Raven is going to gravitate towards Kevin and Paul once Matt is gone. She commented on how at least Raven wont be so loud. Josh said he needs to start working an angle with Jason and Kevin. In particular, Josh said he needs to start playing nice with Kevin. Christmas agreed.

12:00-1:00 PM: Raven said production has got to be frustrated since nobody is talking about the tree in a positive light. Matt said because it’s dumb. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Jason that Matt and Raven said they feel super good. Kevin joined them. He asked why the screen doesn’t say that nominations are today. Paul said the tree is still red and he is sure that they are banking on one of them taking an apple. Paul said he doesn’t think it is going to happen. In the bathroom, Matt told Josh and Raven that Kevin is not going to give Jason two minutes alone with anybody. Josh said he was just about to say the same thing. Josh said everyone sees right through it and is getting frustrated with him.

1:00-2:00 PM: Matt told Raven he is more inclined to let Kevin annoy Jason to death than to go talk to him. Matt said they should let Paul work, since that is their best bet. Raven said she doesn’t want it to seem like they are paranoid. Matt said he really isn’t paranoid. Elsewhere, Christmas and Josh agreed that Jason needs to tell Matt and Raven they are going up. They think that will keep the calm and thinking that the plan is to get Kevin out. Josh mentioned that Alex is a huge threat. Christmas agreed. Josh said it’s not only competitions, but she is very good at lying as well. He added that Alex is all game. Matt and Raven joined them. Raven said she is thinking that she doesn’t want to bother Jason. Raven explained that if he is going to put her up, he is going to do it anyway. Josh said he is going to take that approach as well. Christmas suggested that talking to Jason for a second might be a good idea. Josh then headed up to the HoH room. He let Alex, Jason and Kevin know that he told Matt and Raven he would go upstairs to see if he is going up. Jason asked if Matt and Raven are going to talk to him. Josh said yeah. Back downstairs, Raven asked Matt if they are going to go upstairs. Matt said it’s up to her. Raven said she doesn’t know. Matt thinks Jason would let them know if he is going to put them up. Raven said he might be waiting for them to come up there. Matt said they can wait to see what Josh has to say. Matt said he doesn’t think Jason will know what he is going to do until he puts the keys in the box. In the bedroom, Alex told Jason and Paul she prayed to God and he let her know that she was the vote. Jason laughed. Feeds then cut before any further reaction was shown. Raven asked Matt if he wants to go upstairs. Matt said it’s up to her. When Raven said she doesn’t know, Matt suggested that they ask Paul. Raven spoke to Alex next, asking her if they need to go talk to Jason. Alex said no. She told Matt and Raven that they are fine since they want Kevin out this week. Raven asked if Alex knows who is going on the block. Alex claimed that Jason doesn’t want her to know and hasn’t told her.

2:00-3:00 PM: While Josh was in the shower, Raven asked Josh if he talked to Jason. Josh said he did. He told Raven that Jason said he doesn’t want to say what his plan is, but Kevin is his target. Raven asked if Josh trusts him. Josh said yeah. Raven then asked if Josh thinks that one of them will be nominated. Josh said he thinks it will be him. Josh let Paul know about his conversation with Raven. Paul said they need to keep making Matt and Raven feel comfortable. In the APSR, Paul spoke to the cameras. He said he is bored since everyone is boring and nobody is doing anything crazy. Paul mentioned that maybe he can be a little crazy now since Alex and Jason are clear targets. He pointed out that they keep winning and winning, plus they are talking about jury votes and the end of the game already. Paul said that he could be the crazy one in order to appear non-threatening.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paul told Jason to surprise Matt and Raven at nominations, then talk to them afterwards to say that his plan is to backdoor Kevin. Paul also suggested that Jason say they can use the veto on Raven, because that’s what Matt wants. Paul told Jason they can talk to Kevin on Monday about going up, then they will blindside Matt on Thursday night. Paul then spoke to Raven. He said he feels good and thinks that they are golden. Raven said she actually does too but she doesn’t want to get too comfortable. Matt came by. Paul told him that they are golden. Matt said he thinks so but they still need to go win the veto. Paul agreed. Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Jason if they are targeting Matt first or Raven first. Jason said he doesn’t care but he thinks that Raven will crumble without Matt. Paul said he thinks Matt will use the veto on Raven if he wins it. They agreed that it makes more sense strategically to get Matt out. Jason said they can drop all kinds of bombs on Raven if they think she is turning up, such as about her clown paint makeup or that Julie didn’t mention her at all last night.

4:00-5:00 PM: Big Brother announced that the Tree of Temptation is now out of play for the week. Nobody chose an apple. Paul said it’s about time. Alex said “f*ck the tree”.

6:00-7:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Jason nominated Matt and Raven for eviction. Paul and Raven discussed that they were not expecting that speech. Paul said it was not subtle at all. Raven said Jason told her not to worry because he will pull her off. Paul said he doesn’t think anything weird is going on. Raven said she thinks Kevin knows what’s going on. Raven told Paul she will be picked him to compete in the veto competition if she gets houseguest’s choice. Raven then went to Matt to tell him that Jason hugged her and said not to worry because they are going to pull them off. Paul told Josh that Matt and Raven are so stupid. He said they feel so good. Josh asked if they should gun for the veto if they are picked to play. Paul said yeah so they can take Raven down. Josh asked who they will put up. Paul said Kevin.

7:00-8:00 PM: Matt asked Raven if she thinks Alex and Jason will use the veto on one of them. Raven said if they don’t, one of them will leave this week and then either Alex or Jason will be joining them next week. Raven told Matt she is going to pick Paul if she gets houseguest’s choice. She said Matt should pick Alex. Matt said it could be a sign that they trust Alex and Jason. Raven said it sounds like a good idea but they should ask Paul. Matt said in the worst case scenario, they have the votes to keep Raven. Matt said she will have Christmas, Josh and Paul’s votes 100%. Matt added that the beauty of the situation is that they can control how those three vote. Matt said he feels good. Raven said she does too since she trusts Paul. She said Paul has been right the entire time. Matt told Raven he will use the veto on her if he wins it. She said no. Matt said of course he will, since he doesn’t throw his girl under the bus like Cody and Mark do.

8:00-9:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Jason, Matt, Raven, Josh, Kevin and Paul will be competing. Paul asked Matt if he wants him to gun for the veto and use it on Raven if he wins it. Matt was in the bathroom at the time so he didn’t answer. Raven told Paul he probably will want that since he already told her he would use the veto on her. In the storage room, Josh was worried that people did not seem happy about him being picked to compete. Christmas told Josh to gun for the veto and not use it. Josh said he wont use it. Christmas said Jason wont have the votes to get Josh out even if he tries it. Paul went upstairs to let Alex and Jason know Matt confirmed that he will use the veto on Raven if he wins it. Josh joined them. Paul suggested that they should all throw the veto to Kevin if they can. Paul said Kevin wouldn’t use it, meaning that Matt and Raven cannot be mad at them for voting one of them out. Alex said Matt will then tell them to vote him out. Paul headed downstairs. He asked Matt and Raven if they want him to gun for the veto. They said yes. Matt told Paul he wants him to use the veto on Raven.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh told Paul he is concerned that Jason was not happy about him getting picked to play. Paul assured Josh that he has nothing to worry about. Josh said he can’t look at Jason the same way anymore after he caught him doing stuff with Mark during his HoH reign. Josh said he trusts Alex more than he trusts Jason. They both agreed that Jason has to go first. Both said they will nominate Alex and Jason if they win HoH. Alex joined them. She said she thinks that Josh or Kevin need to win the veto. Paul said and not use it. Josh said he isn’t going to use it. Alex agreed. Paul headed upstairs to tell Jason to let Josh win if he can. Paul explained that Josh is not going to use the veto.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jason and Paul discussed the things that Kevin has been doing in the game, including saying he wants to clip Alex or Jason at six even though he shook on a Final 4 deal. Jason said he wants to use the veto on Raven in order to put Kevin up. Paul said it isn’t worth it if they don’t have to to ruffle any feathers. Jason told Paul he is like Alex in a sense that he wants to win the money but he does not want to lose to someone who is counterfeit. Jason said he wouldn’t feel like he lost if he were to lose to Alex or Paul. Paul said that’s why he took Nicole to the end over James. Paul told Jason it’s best if he is not attached to he and Alex. Paul said Christmas and Josh don’t think that the three of them have anything going on. Paul told Jason he has a better shot at influencing Christmas and Josh to keep at least one of Alex or Jason off the block if they don’t think that he is working with them. Alex came upstairs. Paul explained the same thing to her. Alex let Jason and Paul know that she was the other vote to evict Matt. She said it was done by accident. Jason said he knew it anyway. Alex said she didn’t.

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