Big Brother 19 Day 67 - Jason wins the Power of Veto

August 26, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Alex told Jason and Paul to throw the competition to Josh or Kevin is possible. She said they don’t have to scare Kevin next week. Alex suggested that they can use Kevin as a pawn next week, then vote him out anyway. Paul said he is down for that. Paul mentioned that they will have to throw it to Josh since Kevin is not going to win. Alex mentioned she thinks that Kevin may be lying about having won the $25,000. Paul said he wants to find out why Josh is saying that Kevin told him that. Alex said Kevin might have done it in order to see if he could trust him. Once Paul left, Alex and Jason talked about Raven’s disease. Alex didn’t want to look bad by speculating about it. Jason asked who will look worse, Raven for lying or them for not believing it. Alex said she doesn’t know how sick Raven is. Jason said she doesn’t act sick or look sick. They talked about her eating a lot. Jason said Raven need to be more consistent with her lies or truths. Alex advised Jason not to talk about it. She thinks he will be painted in a bad light for doing so. Alex said she doesn’t think Raven is faking her disease, otherwise America would hate her. Jason replied with “you don’t think America hates her?”. Jason thinks it’s telling that Raven didn’t receive a temptation, didn’t get asked a question from Julie, and got the worst zing. Jason thinks Raven will e hated for the tactics she is using to gain in the game.

5:00-6:00 PM: Feeds returned after nearly 5.5 hours. Jason won the Power of Veto. It was the Hide And Go Veto competition. Paul told Matt and Raven he thinks that Jason is going to follow through with the plan and use the veto. Matt told Raven that as long as Jason does what he said he would do, she will be coming off of the block. Raven said there is nothing they can do if one of them goes. Matt agreed. Raven said she was close to winning that one. She said she got second place.

6:00-7:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Kevin asked Jason if they are taking Matt out first. Jason said yeah. Kevin said Raven can go next. Jason asked Kevin if he wants to do something crazy. Jason explained that Matt and Raven think Kevin is the target, so he was thinking of putting him up. Kevin asked why. Jason said Kevin could act shocked and stay calm, but they don’t have to do it. Kevin said he doesn’t want to have to pack. He said Jason doesn’t owe Raven anything. Jason said it’s not about that. He told Kevin it’s about making sure that they make the Final 4. Kevin suggested leaving Raven on the block and sending Matt out. Jason told Kevin that Raven asked if Kevin is the plan. Kevin then realized that Raven was talking about him being her target during the HoH competition. Kevin said he doesn’t understand why Raven would think that Jason would target him when they are close. Kevin told Jason not to put him up. He said Raven will think she has some control. Kevin said he will win HoH and say he nominates Raven and Raven. He later said he will put Josh up as a pawn next to Raven. Jason said he will leave the nominations the same. Kevin asked if Jason minds if he stares at Raven at the veto ceremony. Jason said no. Kevin said he might wait until Matt leaves to do it. Alex joined them. Jason said he thinks he is going to leave the nominations the same. Alex said it doesn’t matter. Elsewhere, Paul told Christmas and Josh that Alex and Jason are good. Paul asked if they should just send Kevin home. Josh said Kevin has to go on the block. Christmas said Kevin is a number for Alex and Jason, while the three of them are still in good standing with Matt and Raven. Paul agreed. Paul mentioned that Alex and Jason might wonder what’s going on if they send Kevin out. Josh said they will be outnumbered anyway. Paul headed up to the HoH room with Alex, Jason and Kevin. He asked Jason who he thinks needs to go. Jason said Matt. Paul asked who is calling the shots out of Matt and Raven. Alex and Kevin said Raven is. Jason let Paul know he told Kevin about Raven thinking Kevin is the target. Paul said Kevin going on the block would keep the calm. Paul said it’s up to Kevin. Jason agreed. Paul mentioned that if they vote one of them out on a landslide, the other can’t really be mad if they stay. Alex said yes. Jason said Matt can’t be mad at anyone in particular when it comes to voting for one of them in jury, since they all will have voted him out.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul asked Jason if he is not going to use the veto. Jason said he wont use it. He said they can send Matt home. Kevin said Matt and Raven can have a miserable week on the block together. Kevin questioned why they wouldn’t suggested putting Christmas or Josh up over him. Paul said Kevin is asking the wrong guy. In the APSR, Alex told Christmas that Jason told Kevin about the plan to put him up. She said Kevin doesn’t want to go up. Alex said Matt and Raven will think Jason lied to them if he doesn’t nominate Kevin. Alex told Christmas that if Jason doesn’t put Kevin up, she will win HoH and send him out next week. Paul joined them. Paul asked if they should get Kevin out. Christmas mentioned that Kevin is poisoning Jason. Paul said Matt and Raven will be comfortable if Kevin leaves. Alex asked who they should put up next week if Kevin goes. Paul said Matt and Raven. Alex said evicting Kevin may be the smartest idea, but they have to convince Jason. Paul went to Matt and Raven to tell them that he isn’t worried. He then told Josh he thinks they can get Kevin on the block. If he goes up, Paul said they should send Kevin out. Kevin asked Paul why he didn’t tell him what Raven said. Paul said he didn’t know. Kevin said Jason told him he knew. Kevin asked why Paul would want him to on the block. Paul assured Kevin that he doesn’t want him to. Back in the APSR, Alex told Jason they have to put Kevin up. Jason said he can’t. Alex said they are going to send him home. Jason again said he is not putting Kevin up. Jason argued that Kevin wont win anything, so he can go up next week. Christmas said Matt and Raven have Jason’s word. Alex said Jason needs to think about their jury votes. Paul came by and said Kevin is freaking out. Paul said Kevin will only become more of a pain. Paul told Jason that Matt and Raven suck when they don’t feel that they are in danger. Alex told Jason to put Kevin up. Jason said Matt and Raven are two people, whereas Kevin is just one. Paul said that’s a good point but Kevin is stirring things. Jason said Kevin can’t do anything. Jason said he will think about it. He then walked out of the room. Christmas said Jason is not going to do it. Paul asked what they should do. Alex said kill Jason. Alex said she will draw the line and tell Matt and Raven that she had nothing to do with this decision if Jason doesn’t use the veto. Paul asked if he should talk to Jason. Alex said Jason wont listen if they keep pushing him. She suggested letting him make this mistake himself. Out in the hot tub, Kevin told Jason to shock Matt and Raven at the veto ceremony. Kevin said he isn’t going up for those two. Jason said Alex is trying to make it look like he is attacking her. Jason said he finds that very odd.

8:00-9:00 PM: Out in the hot tub, Paul asked Jason what he is thinking. Jason said he doesn’t want to send Kevin home right now. Jason said Matt and Raven will nominate the two of them and Alex. He said they would be idiots not to. Paul said he might be able to convince those two to put two pawns up. As for Kevin, Jason said he would never have the balls to put them up. Paul disagreed. Paul asked if it’s worth upsetting Alex over this. Jason said Alex is not being 100% honest, seeing as she didn’t tell him how she really felt prior to the conversation they just had. Paul said if Kevin wins and puts up Christmas and Josh, it’s too early for that since they need them. Paul suggested that either decision would be of benefit to them. Jason said he isn’t mad about the idea of putting Kevin up, since he is already kind of on board with it, but he is mad about Alex trying to blindside him. Paul said he doesn’t think that’s what Alex was trying to do. Paul told Jason he is wrong if he thinks that Kevin has his back. Jason said Alex is more worried about her own safety than their safety, whereas he is looking out for both of them. Jason pointed out that Alex has been talking to Christmas more than she talks to him. Jason thinks Alex was trying to convince him to put Kevin up so that she could vote him out and then explain herself later.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul reported back to Alex about his talk with Jason. Alex said she thinks Kevin still has Jason by the balls. Paul agreed. Alex said they may have to vote Kevin out if he goes up. Paul agreed. Christmas came by and said Kevin has Jason’s ear. Paul added that he doesn’t leave Jason alone. After Alex left, Paul told Christmas that Jason and Alex are legitimately fighting right now. Paul told Christmas “good work”. Paul asked if it’s best to get Kevin out. Christmas said they can’t make that move if Jason doesn’t put Kevin up. Matt told Christmas and Raven that Jason could leave them up there. Christmas said she doesn’t think that is going to happen. Raven said Jason would have the whole house against him if he does that. Christmas said it would be the stupidest move if Jason didn’t do what he said he was going to do. After Christmas left, Matt told Raven he is confident but stranger things have happened. Matt pointed out that it would be smart for Jason’s game to leave the nominations the same. Matt said he and Raven would be nominating Alex and Jason if they win HoH next week. Matt said nobody can afford to take those two to the end since they are too good.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Jason that everything is a win this week. Jason said it’s funny that Alex wants to change it mid stroke. Paul said they might have to. Alex joined them. Paul asked if she really cares what happens this week. Alex said no. Alex mentioned that Matt said he doesn’t care if he goes. Jason said to send him home. Jason asked where Alex’s newfound concentration for Christmas came from. Alex said they were just talking. She told Jason and Paul that Christmas reaffirmed she is a team player and she will go soon. Paul said best case scenario next week is to toss HoH to Josh so he can take a shot for them. Jason talked about leaving Kevin for next week. Alex said fine, they will do the original plan and then she can take Kevin out next week. Alex told Jason that if he doesn’t change nominations, she is going to have to tell Matt and Raven she was not a part of the decision. Jason said she can tell them that he did it on his own. Alex said she will vote out Matt and then it will be a clear unanimous vote. Paul said that helps him too since Matt will tell them to save Raven. Paul said if Kevin goes up, he should go home since he will lose it. Alex said they don’t care which of the three go, so it’s up to Jason. Jason said he is going to take the heat, leaving nominations the same and evicting Matt. Jason explained that he walks the yard with Kevin, lays beside him, and he doesn’t speak to Matt and Raven. On top of that, Jason said Matt and Raven drive him nuts. Josh joined them. Kevin asked if he would have a problem with putting Kevin and Raven up next week. Josh said no. Christmas joined them and said Matt said he will go drink in jury if he gets voted out. Alex said it’s done. Kevin came upstairs and broke the conversation up.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul told Matt that Kevin does not leave Jason alone. Matt said he think they are fine. Paul said he doesn’t want to push it. Matt said he is trying to do the opposite, only saying a few words here and there. Matt told Paul that Jason is going to do what he wants and he doesn’t think that anyone will change his mind. Up in the HoH room, Christmas told Jason she was about to blow her brains out when she was listening to Kevin suck up to him. Jason asked what Kevin was doing. Christmas said Kevin was trying to butter Jason up. Jason said Kevin doesn’t have to do that. Christmas said people feel insecure when they are worried about getting caught. Jason reiterated to Alex that he is fine with her telling Matt and Raven that she had nothing to do with this decision. Jason said he is taking Matt out. Paul said it’s done. Josh stopped by. Paul said he will throw HoH to him as long as he outlasts Kevin and Raven.

12:00-1:00 AM: Alex told Christmas and Jason that Kevin knows Derrick. She suggested that he is freaking out because Derrick gave him advice and he wants to get by without going on the block at all this season. Jason said a little part of him wants to put Kevin up. Alex said it’s up to Kevin. Christmas said she doesn’t think Matt is a strong competitor. She then brought up that Kevin is playing both sides, making deals left and right, and he tried to save Cody and Mark. As for Matt and Raven, she said at least Jason knows where they stand. She added that Matt and Raven will have two jury votes as opposed to the one that Kevin has. Jason said he wont get their votes anyway. Christmas said he might if he keeps his word. Jason clarified that he didn’t ever give his word to those two. Alex backed Jason up on that claim. Jason said he doesn’t like Matt and Raven, but he can at least stand Kevin. Alex and Jason spoke alone. Jason admitted he was upset that Alex thought she could sneak Kevin onto the block and then vote him out. Jason told Alex she should have been honest with him about how she felt with regards to getting Kevin out. Alex said she was. Alex told Jason that they just don’t want to mess up his chances with the jury. She said Christmas and Paul are both concerned about Jason’s jury votes. Jason told Alex that he was kind of on board with putting Kevin up until he felt it was a predetermined move and that people were going to vote him out. Alex said she trusts that the people who were in the room are their friends. She said trusts Christmas and Josh, though not as much as she trusts Jason and Paul. Kevin came by to ask Jason if he is leaving the nominations the same. Jason confirmed that he is.

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