Big Brother 19 Day 68

August 27, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Jason and Kevin walked the yard. Kevin asked what everyone was up in Jason’s room talking about last night. Jason said there was no one up there. He said he was in the diary room. Jason mentioned that Alex came back up for about 10 minutes. Kevin asked if she yelled at him. Jason said no. He told Kevin it was a good talk and he told her to say she is sorry. Jason said he told Alex he doesn’t want to hear her say she is going jump off the wall just so she can later tell him that she threw it to him, then yesterday she told him he would be stupid to think she didn’t throw it to him. When Alex called Jason stupid, he said he wanted to reply with “it’s no wonder you are single”. Kevin think that is probably true. Kevin told Jason he can’t be made a fool of. Jason agreed. Kevin encouraged Jason to stand his ground with Alex. Inside, Paul told Josh that Alex and Jason want a Final 5 with them. He said they have to make sure that Raven doesn’t find out. Paul said they have to keep convincing Alex to throw HoH to Josh, then they will take a shot at Alex and Jason. Josh thought it might get ugly if they play Alex and Jason like that. Paul said one of them will be gone anyway. Josh said they have to keep things good with Kevin. Paul asked if Christmas is down with the plan to go after Alex and Jason. Josh said yeah. Back in the yard, Jason told Kevin that people think they can predetermine what he does because he is stupid, or they think he is dumber than they thought by getting him to put Kevin up. Jason explained to Kevin that the pawn thing is nothing more than Kevin showing his appreciation for the trust his comrades have in him. Kevin told Jason there are only five people voting and you don’t know what could happen. He mentioned that Christmas and Josh haven’t been talking to him much lately. Back inside, Paul asked Alex if Jason is using the veto Alex said no. They talked about acting surprised when that happens. Paul told Alex he would feel comfortable throwing HoH to Christmas or Josh since they will get Kevin out, then they can all compete the following week. Alex said she is down for that.

1:00-2:00 PM: The have-not reveal took place. Due to being the first two to drop out of the HoH competition, Kevin and Matt will be this week’s have-nots. Kevin checked in with Paul to see if anything is new. Paul said not that he knows of. Kevin said he walked with Jason this morning and he said everything is good. Kevin mentioned he can’t believe that his name is being thrown out there. Paul asked if Raven is the one saying it. Kevin said not to him. He asked if Raven said his name to Paul. Paul said she didn’t tell him that he is going up. Paul then spoke to Alex. He asked how they can keep messing with Kevin. He brought that he could say they are getting swindled and everyone is after them. Paul also said he could tell Kevin that everyone knows they are the strongest pair. Alex laughed and said to please tell him that. Josh said he loves Kevin, but Kevin is driving him nuts. Alex told Josh to be short with Kevin about the HoH slippers. Paul told Jason to blame Kevin when he doesn’t use the veto and Raven gets upset. Paul suggested saying that Kevin made something up. Jason said he will. Paul said Kevin is going up next week in every scenario anyway. Paul told Jason he could say that Kevin told him Matt is after him. Josh said Raven will then go off on Kevin. Alex said Kevin is driving her insane. Josh said he needs to pipe down and chill. Alex told Josh she thinks that Kevin will turn up. Alex said they need to then turn up on Kevin and not feel bad about it. Josh said he thinks the viewers are seeing that Kevin’s personality has turned really bitter ever since they checked him about Cody. Knowing that Kevin is a have-not, Alex asked him if he wants some Coke. Alex pretended she forgot that he can’t have it. Kevin headed outside. Alex then opened the door and asked those in the backyard if they want some Coke. Alex told Christmas and Josh they should get Coke for everyone and then go cheers outside. They then brought their Coke outside. Alex commented that on a warm summer day, Coca Cola always makes it better.

2:00-3:00 PM: Alex, Christmas and Paul spoke about what they can say to Kevin. Alex said they could tell him that Matt and Raven are saying he will go the entire game without being put up, so they need to take him out. Christmas said they can tell Kevin he is so good, and ask how he gets everyone to love him so much. Paul said he could ask Kevin to teach him his social game. Christmas and Paul joked they can ask Kevin to keep protecting them. Paul said he really hopes there is a live show today. Paul said he will be genuinely confused if there isn’t one. Christmas said they are due for another twist soon. Alex and Paul pointed out that the Tree of Temptation is still around. Christmas mentioned that Kevin had such promise. Paul said he did. Alex said Kevin was always going to turn on all of them.

3:00-4:00 PM: Josh and Raven spoke while at the sink with the water running, making it difficult to hear. Josh told Raven that Kevin is trying to get in Jason’s ear. He said he is trying to make sure that Kevin doesn’t have a second alone with Jason. Raven said she thinks they are going to be okay. Josh agreed. Both said that they trust Jason. Afterwards, Raven told Matt that Josh said Jason is going to use the veto on her. Matt said very nice. Raven told Matt that Josh told Jason he will lose it if he doesn’t keep his word and use the veto. Matt said he appreciates that. Both said that they like Josh.

5:00-6:00 PM: Raven told Matt that if they are left on the block, she will not ask anyone for a vote. Matt said he wont either. Raven said if she goes to jury, she goes to jury. Matt said he would be the one going to jury. If nominations stay the same, Matt said he will eat regular food for the rest of the week and take the penalty vote. Raven said America is going to get a show if Jason doesn’t use the veto. Raven claimed she will lose it on Jason. Raven said Jason shouldn’t nominate her, hug her, and tell her he is going to pull one of them off if he isn’t going to follow through with it. Matt said Jason has done everything he said he would do up to this point.

6:00-7:00 PM: In the hammock, Paul told Christmas that Alex seems to be distancing herself from Jason a bit. Christmas said she isn’t sure how real that is, since it’s very convenient. Paul thinks Alex is ditching Jason because she knows he is going to be screwed once he doesn’t use the veto. Paul said Alex has Jason in her back pocket, but Jason is starting to push back a bit. Paul said Alex would lose to Jason in the Final 2. Paul said he would vote for Jason. Christmas asked why. Paul said Jason has won more competitions, he has not pissed people off, and the baby thing tugs on his heart strings a bit. Paul mentioned that Alex has sh*t on Mark, Cody, Elena and Kevin too. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Jason that he used to look at Kevin as someone who is untouchable, but Kevin has given him no choice. Jason asked if there is any way to get Kevin back. Josh said he thinks people have tried and it only aggravates Kevin further. Jason questioned if Kevin is really that big of a deal right now. Jason said he could go next week. Josh said Kevin is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Jason said Matt and Raven are under the impression that he is using the veto, even though he did not tell them that. Josh asked if Jason really wants to piss them off when they will be two votes in jury. Josh mentioned putting Kevin up as a pawn so that Matt and Raven don’t know what the true plan was. Jason said everyone might flip the vote if he does that. Josh gave his word that he would vote Matt out. Jason said Matt probably wont vote for him to win anyway. Jason let Josh know that he doesn’t want to run the risk of Kevin going home. Jason told Josh he will take the heat from Matt and Raven, and leave the nominations the same.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul told Christmas that Raven said she is going to rip Jason a new one if he doesn’t use the veto. Christmas said Jason claims he didn’t promise them anything. Paul said they can sit back and watch it unfold, making sure that they don’t get tossed in the middle of it. Looking ahead to next week, Paul suggested that he should fake a fight with Christmas or Josh if they win HoH and take the shot at Alex or Jason. Whichever one stays would then not come after him. He said they would need to make sure that two of them don’t go up in that scenario, then they will have his vote. Upstairs, Alex told Jason they should consider voting Raven out if he is going to leave the nominations the same, because Matt has already checked out. Jason said he doesn’t care either way. Alex said Raven will be harder to get out later on. Josh added that Raven is the better competitor. Jason said they should flip a coin to decide which one leaves.

8:00-9:00 PM: Alex and Josh discussed that it may be best to keep Matt if he is checked out. Alex said they could tell Raven they are keeping her, then vote her out. Josh said he is fine with either one leaving. Alex told Josh that Christmas doesn’t want to be there if she is going to be carried the whole way. Josh said he would like to get to five with Alex, Christmas, Jason and Paul, then he will be happy with whoever wins. Josh reported back to Christmas to let her know what Alex said. Josh then told Christmas he trusts Paul, but he can see that Paul is playing all angles in order to protect himself with everyone in the event that something goes bad. Christmas said they are all positioning themselves in that way. Josh mentioned the fake fight that Paul wants to have. Josh said that is Paul’s way of distancing himself from their decision so that he can cover all of his bases. Christmas said the ideal scenario is that Matt leaves and then Raven wins HoH to take the shot at Jason. When Josh brought up possibly keeping Matt over Raven, Christmas suggested that keeping Raven is best since she will be more willing to take a shot at Jason and Alex. Christmas thinks that it’s too dangerous for Josh to take the shot at Alex and Jason, so they should let Raven do it if at all possible.

9:00-10:00 PM: Matt and Raven were messing around in the kitchen, throwing cinnamon, milk, and other things on each other. When Raven would get angry, Matt would joke that she is acting like Cody. He called her Cody’s sister. During the fight, Matt told Raven that she pronounces her words much better when she is angry. He later said he enunciates better than her. Raven said she can enunciate when she wants to. Kevin watched part of it unfold. He told Jason and Josh that Raven is a terror and Matt is trying to get her to stop. After everyone cleared out of the kitchen, Alex told Paul she was thinking that maybe they can send Raven home. Alex said Raven is the one starting trouble. She mentioned that Matt will probably take on the mentality that he is next if Raven leaves. Paul said he is down for whatever. They talked about meeting with the group later tonight to make a decision. Paul said Kevin has to go next week.

10:00-11:00 PM: Raven asked Christmas if she thinks the plan is still a go. Christmas said yeah. Raven said she thinks so too. Christmas and Paul discussed who to send out first. Christmas said it’s smarter to evict Matt first. She said Raven will take the shot at Alex and Jason. Paul argued that Matt would too. Christmas thinks it smartest to keep Raven around until the Final 5. Paul said she is the better competitor than Matt is. Christmas thinks Matt would just want to leave if Raven goes. Paul thinks he would at least try to do something since he cares about Raven.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul spoke to Raven. They agreed that nothing weird seems to be going on. Paul said he can’t imagine Jason is going to do something that pisses off the entire house. Raven said she can’t either. If nominations stay the same, Paul told Raven that she will have his vote. Raven said Matt already told her that he is going to eat food in order to get a penalty vote and ensure that he leaves over her if nominations stay the same. Paul asked what they should do if Matt goes. Raven said they should pull in Christmas or Josh. Paul suggested that they throw HoH to one of those two so that they could take the shot at Alex and Jason. Raven agreed. Throughout the night, Alex, Jason and Paul had discussions about having Alex hide in the have-not room while Paul baits Kevin into talking about Alex and Jason. Jason said they could do it tonight and then he will throw Kevin on the block tomorrow. Paul suggested that they wait until next week. Alex joined them. Paul said they should evict Matt since none of them have a good connection with him. As for Raven, Paul said Alex should be able to reel her in. Paul told Jason he should indirectly blame Kevin in his speech, seeing as Kevin is the next target anyway. Alex, Christmas and Jason then discussed this week’s vote. Alex and Jason told Christmas they are now leaning towards getting Matt out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Christmas told Alex and Jason that getting Matt out is a smarter move since he will better understand the position they are in. If Raven leaves, Christmas thinks that both Matt and Raven will be upset about it. Jason said they are going to vote to evict Matt. Alex said they should target Raven after Matt if it’s a double eviction, as opposed to getting Kevin out next. Raven spoke to Christmas, Matt and Paul about having Josh blow up on Kevin in order to solidify that Jason will nominate Kevin. When Christmas told Josh what Raven said, he said he is not doing it. Christmas said he isn’t saying he should do it. Josh questioned why they always want him to do everything instead of doing it themselves. Christmas said they don’t have the balls to do it themselves. Josh said he is not playing somebody else’s game.

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