Big Brother 19 Day 69 - Jason leaves the nominations the same

August 28, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Jason decided not to use the Power of Veto. Matt and Raven remain nominated. When feeds returned, Alex and Jason were talking in the storage room. They and Paul discussed telling the others that Alex and Jason are fighting over this decision.

12:00-1:00 PM: Raven entered the storage room and told Jason not to sit there and have a conversation with her this morning as if everything is good. Jason said he is sorry. Matt and Paul then attempted to calm Raven down. Matt said at least he doesn’t have to eat slop for the rest of the week. Matt asked Raven if she is okay. She said she is pissed off and she is going to lose it on Jason. Meanwhile, Alex and Jason remained in the storage room. Jason said he doesn’t care how counterfeit Kevin is, because he is not willing to throw him under the bus that easily. Jason said it probably would have been worse had he used the veto on Raven, since Kevin would have been pissed. Jason said he will deal with Matt and Raven’s jury votes later if he has to. He expects that they would have made up some reason to vote a certain way anyway. Paul told Matt and Raven that Alex and Jason are arguing. Raven said she is going to go off on Jason. She said he should have been a man and said he was not going to use the veto. Matt continually pointed out that Jason his hiding in the storage room. Raven said he should stay there all day. Matt said even Cody didn’t hide. Raven said she will vote for Kevin to win the game over Jason if they make it to the end together. Jason came out of the storage room. Matt asked him why he has to hide. Jason said he is not hiding. Matt insisted that he did. He told Jason to come on out and face the music. Jason said he is ready. Raven told Jason to be honest and say he wants one of them out. Raven said Jason shouldn’t have given her hope by whispering that he will take one of them off the block. Jason said he doesn’t remember saying that. Matt and Raven continued to tell Jason he said that. Matt told Jason he wanted to be a b*tch and he hid from a 105 pound girl. Matt said he doesn’t care about the decision Jason made, but don’t make a decision and then hide for 20 minutes. Matt said that is embarrassing. Jason told Matt and Raven that neither of them came to ask him what the plan was. Matt and Raven started shouting at Jason about telling Raven he would use the veto on one of them. Matt told Jason to be a man. Raven asked if Jason threw Kevin under the bus. Jason admitted to it. Raven said that’s the worst thing he could do when Kevin has been with him from the beginning. Matt talked about how he hasn’t done anything to Jason. He said he volunteered to go up and he threw a competition to help get Cody out. Alex said she and Jason have been arguing all week because of this. She said this is not the decision they agreed on. Alex said Kevin is still her target. Raven said she believes it. Raven said she will not campaign against Matt. Matt said he is going to eat and take his penalty vote. Matt asked Jason and Kevin if they voted to evict him. Kevin said on his children that he voted to evict Mark. Kevin said someone else in the room was the vote since it wasn’t him. He told Matt to ask the others. Everyone but Jason said they voted to evict Mark. Jason didn’t give a clear answer. He later admitted to voting Matt out. He said he wanted to stir the pot. Jason asked Raven who the other vote was. He mentioned thinking she did it to stir the pot. Raven said on her pacemaker that she didn’t do it. Alex told Matt she will be voting against him. Matt said he appreciates that.

1:00-2:00 PM: Josh said he never thought Matt would turn up like he did. Jason said he is acting like he is a tough guy. Kevin said it’s because nobody can do anything about it in there. Kevin headed outside to talk to Matt. He told Matt that people were trying to blame him for voting Matt out even though he didn’t do it. Inside, Alex told Jason they need to say that Kevin told them Matt and Raven were coming after them. Jason said both Kevin and Mark told him that. Outside, Matt told Paul he is going to eat what he wants, sleep in a normal bed, and take hot showers. He said they can tack on as many penalty votes as they want for that. Inside, Josh told the other that Kevin threw them all under the bus by saying it was someone else in the room who voted to evict him. Paul came inside and told Alex, Jason and Josh that Kevin is outside playing the victim card with Matt, saying he has been getting screwed all season long. Josh said he is going to call Kevin out. Paul said Kevin is trying to secure jury votes. They discussed that Kevin would beat them all at the end. Paul asked Alex and Jason if they agree it’s best to throw HoH to Christmas or Josh. They both said yeah. Up in the HoH room, Kevin spoke to Jason. Josh was sent upstairs to break it up. Kevin told Jason that Josh was sent up there by someone. They asked Josh if they can have a minute. Kevin asked if Alex was mad that Jason didn’t nominate him. Jason said no. He explained that Alex just wanted him to put someone else up so that he didn’t lose two jury votes. Kevin told Jason he will win the game if he goes to jury. Kevin said he will advocate against other people, saying they are nothing but lying snakes. Kevin told Jason that Alex will find out it’s the worst mistake they could make to send him to jury. Kevin told Jason that people think he is being manipulated by Alex. Kevin said Matt and Raven will vote for the better person, and they wont be angry about this move a few weeks down the line. Kevin said he is telling Jason the truth. He mentioned that Christmas and Josh are puppets who are doing wha they are told, only to get 4th or 5th place. Kevin told Jason that no one will beat him in the Final 2. Kevin asked why Alex is so sure that she and Jason will be in the Final 2 when there are still eight people left. Jason said Alex just wants him to think about jury votes. Kevin asked Jason to get Alex off of his back a bit. Alex, Josh and Paul then made their way up to the HoH room. Jason filled them in on his talk with Kevin. Paul said Kevin is calling he and Jason his men because he knows they are the two most capable of getting him to the end now that he has burned the bridge with Alex. Josh said Kevin is playing the game like a coward, talking behind all of their backs. Paul said Kevin was outside securing jury votes with Matt, and acting like he had nothing to do with this.

2:00-3:00 PM: In the living room, Raven told Christmas, Matt and Paul that Kevin is the reason Matt is going home. Matt said the DR is trying to talk him out of taking penalty votes for breaking the have-not rules. Matt pulled Raven aside to tell her that he is going to take the penalty vote. He said he feels as though Josh might be up to something. Paul came by and said that Cody, Mark and Elena are probably talking negatively about them in jury. He asked Matt to lay out what Kevin has actually been doing when he gets to jury. Raven told Matt “let’s go get your penalty vote”. Matt told Paul he will be able to get Raven further than he could have. In the kitchen, a confrontation between Christmas and Kevin took place. Christmas was mad that Kevin asked her if she is getting in the pool when she has a broken foot. She said don’t ask questions you know the answers to. Kevin said she sat by the pool the other day. Christmas said he didn’t say that, so he should mean what he says. Josh then got into it. He told Kevin he is onto him. Josh accused Kevin of saying things about him. Kevin told Josh not to flatter himself. Kevin said Josh will be in the DR pouting like a baby if he comes at him. Josh asked who won the $25,000. Kevin said Josh is the one who told him he won it. Josh asked Kevin to swear on his kids. Kevin charged towards him and said not to bring his kids into it. Feeds cut. When they came back, the two were still going at it. Kevin said he is not even going to entertain the conversation. He kept telling Josh to “shut the f*ck up”. When Josh kept going, Kevin picked up a glass and told Josh “say something about one of my family members. Go ahead”. Feeds then cut again.

3:00-4:00 PM: Feeds returned after roughly an hour. Kevin apologized to Christmas for yelling at her. Christmas said he didn’t yell. Christmas said she tried to get Josh to stay out of it, telling him to drop it at one point. They both agreed that Josh shouldn’t have gotten involved. Kevin went to Josh to apologize. He said he wouldn’t have hit him. Josh said he accepts the apology and knows that Kevin wouldn’t have hit him. Josh said he is not gunning for Kevin even though they had a personal problem. Kevin said he is not gunning for Josh either. Josh let Alex, Christmas, Jason, Paul and Raven about his conversation with Kevin. Alex said Kevin is a liar. Raven said anyone that would hit another human being doesn’t deserve to be there. Alex suggested that Matt not cook any more slop, since Kevin wont cook for himself. Paul said they are going to need to blow up on Kevin again when the time comes. Alex said there will be a second round. Raven said she will blow Kevin out of the water.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul let Josh know that Kevin plans to tell everyone that Josh won the $25,000. Paul said he know that Kevin has it, plus Kevin just admitted it to Jason as well. Paul then let Alex know that Kevin thinks she is the one sending Christmas and Josh after him. Next, Paul told Josh that Kevin said someone is controlling him. He said Kevin implied that Alex is the one controlling Josh. Paul said they have to let Kevin feel good for now, then they are going to blow him up next week. Paul told Josh that Kevin said Josh apologized to him. Josh denied that. Paul then spoke to Christmas to let her know that Kevin said she admitted she overreacted and she apologized. Christmas said she did not apologize. Paul told Raven she is not going to jury this week. He said she will have his vote, Christmas’ vote and Josh’s vote. Matt added that the penalty vote will be in her favour as well. Paul told Christmas, Matt and Raven that Alex threw away the slop so that Kevin can’t have it. He said Kevin is looking for it. Elsewhere, Alex told Jason she hid the slop. She said Kevin can make his own. Jason said that’s funny. Kevin went outside to ask where the slop went. Matt said it was in the bottom drawer of the fridge the last he saw. Paul said he didn’t touch it. Paul asked if someone could have ate it. Kevin said there is no way someone could have eaten that much. After Kevin left, Raven talked about think that the argument between Alex and Jason was fake. She think they are working together with Kevin. Raven said she will nominate Alex and Jason if she wins HoH. Meanwhile, Kevin asked Alex, Jason and Josh if they know where the slop went. Alex said no, but told him that Raven is pretty mad. Alex suggested that Raven may have thrown it out. Kevin asked why someone would do that. Alex told Kevin that Raven is mad about all of the yelling, seeing as she came from a house of abuse. Kevin pointed out that Raven shouldn’t be hitting Matt every night if that’s the case. Kevin asked if throwing out the slop is an adult thing to do. Alex said she doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

5:00-6:00 PM: In the backyard, Raven brought up that she thinks Alex hid her bracelet. Paul said she and Jason might have done it in order to make it look like it was Kevin. Paul explained that Kevin swore on his kids that he didn’t vote Matt out, yet he wouldn’t swear on them about the $25,000. Paul said that means he likely didn’t vote Matt out. As for Alex, Paul said she got up and walked away when asked about her vote. Raven said Alex would only tell them that “I didn’t vote for him”, though him could mean either Matt or Mark. Raven brought up that they should throw HoH to Christmas if it is something she can compete in, seeing as she might not be able to compete the following week. Christmas said she is down for that. Up in the HoH room, Kevin vented to Christmas and Jason about Raven throwing out the slop. Kevin said production should put a stop to that. Christmas said it’s mean. Alex joined them. She told Kevin he is complaining over nothing since he could have made 16 batches in the time that he has been complaining. Kevin said it’s about the viciousness behind it. Alex again said it’s not a big deal. Kevin said it was done against him since the only thing he can eat is slop. Alex told Kevin it’s not a big deal since he can make his own.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jason came out of the diary room with a card from Big Brother. He asked everyone to gather in the living room. Jason revealed that Matt will be receiving a penalty vote against him this week since he has chosen to break the have-not rules. While Kevin made slop, He asked Jason if he will ask Alex why she is doing things to him such as complaining about his slippers when he walks, complaining about Jason helping him, and so on. Jason said he will. Kevin told Jason he can only take so much before enough is enough and he lets Alex know it. Kevin was irritated that Alex said he is a grown man and can make his own slop. Kevin pointed out that Alex is the one who still lives at home.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason apologized to Alex and Jason for not taking their advice about putting Kevin up. He said it would have been so much easier. Paul said they have his back and it will be okay, but they told him this would happen. Paul mentioned that they at least got to put Kevin in check. Josh came by and said he will not be seen talking to Kevin, because everything that Kevin says is a lie. Jason asked if they are really going to exile Kevin when there are only seven people left. Alex said yes. Alex said she will make his life miserable. Josh said they don’t need to make his life miserable. Jason agreed. Alex asked what fun that is. She said she will continue to make sure that Kevin knows she hates him. Later, Kevin told Jason he believes that Alex doesn’t like how close they are. Kevin said he doesn’t want to go home before Raven. Jason assured him that it wont happen. Kevin said he will remain cool if Jason promises him that. Jason said on his life that it wont happen. Jason advised Kevin to say he is sorry if he said things, if people confront him again.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul told Josh to keep doing what he is doing, convincing people that he wants to take the shot at Kevin so that they throw HoH to him. Josh said they can put Alex and Jason up, saying they will backdoor Kevin. He added that they can then blindside Alex or Jason on eviction night. Paul asked Josh and Christmas who they would prefer to have in the Final 4 out of Kevin and Raven. Paul said Raven is the better competitor. Christmas and Josh said Kevin. They agreed that it’s best to bring him to four. Matt and Raven spoke to Josh and Paul. Matt said Alex is kind of overplaying the whole Kevin thing at this point. Raven said it’s overkill. Josh said they have to continue to act like Kevin is the house target for next week.

9:00-10:00 PM: Raven told Matt that if Jason really wanted to make a great game move, he would have taken her down and put Paul up in her place. Matt said you have to have a set to make that move. Raven said Paul is one of her ride or dies and she wouldn’t have wanted that to happen anyway. Matt said Alex has guided Jason through the game, so he is not going to believe that Jason went rogue without Alex knowing. Raven agreed. Raven said she thinks that Alex and Jason were the ones that voted to evict Matt. Matt said it might have been them if Mark promised them a jury vote.

10:00-11:00 PM: Christmas told Paul she thinks that she should win HoH this week if it’s a competition that she can compete in. Paul said that would be awesome. Paul told her they have positioned themselves in a perfect spot, so now they just can’t mess it up. Paul asked if they should target Jason and then Alex. Christmas said she would prefer to have Jason gone first. If Jason wins the veto, Paul said Alex would have to go. Christmas said Alex is vicious. Paul said she is starting to slack on her game since she is yapping so much and getting cocky. Paul and Christmas agreed that their ideal eviction order is Jason, Alex and Raven, leaving them at the Final 4 with Josh and Kevin. Outside, Kevin told Jason he doesn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t be upset that Matt is making a mockery of the game by breaking the have-not rules. Kevin suggested that they vote Raven out and leave Matt in the house to deal with it for another week. Kevin thinks America is watching and saying that Matt doesn’t care about the dignity of the game.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Christmas and Paul discussed the plan for the upcoming weeks. When Alex joined them, they told her that Christmas should win HoH if she can this week. Alex was on board with it. They talked about nominating Kevin and Raven next to each other. Alex said she would even be fine with going up next to Kevin, then they can use the veto and put someone else up in her place. After Alex left, Christmas said she is speechless about Alex being willing to throw HoH. Paul said they are that good. Christmas said it’s a combination of that and Alex’s arrogance. Afterwards, Paul spoke to Josh about potentially promising Alex and Raven to get them far. Josh told Paul to do what he wants to do. Paul said Christmas was the one who suggested it. Paul had told Christmas he will only do it if she and Josh trust him 100% and will understand what he is doing. After Paul left the room, Josh said if he and Christmas have Paul’s back 110%, he doesn’t get why Paul needs to go and make these side alliances with Alex and Raven. Josh said Paul would have them taking shots at each other. He said he doesn’t know what Paul is trying to pull, but Paul is smart. Josh said Paul has his back and Christmas’ back, but he is looking out for himself and trying to cover all of his bases.

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