Big Brother 19 Day 70

August 29, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Jason and Kevin walked the yard together. Jason told Kevin he guarantees he will trust him, Alex and Paul. Kevin said that’s who he trusts as well, but you can only take so much when someone on your own team (Alex) is treating you like a piece of dirt. Jason said he doesn’t know what to do about Alex. Jason told Kevin he will talk to her. Jason suggested that if he is torn between two teammates, they will have to have a vote and do it in front of everybody. Kevin assured Jason that there is no trouble between the two of them. Jason said he knows that. Jason said a four horse team would be the ideal way to do things. Kevin said he hasn’t deviated from the plan, so he doesn’t know why he is being turned on when their are four other people left. Jason said there is obviously a reason why Kevin is being target. Kevin mentioned that it’s made up. Jason said he wants to try to win $500,000 whether it’s made up or not. Before the end of the conversation, Jason mentioned that Paul doesn’t want to be tied to anyone. He said Paul wants to float so that he can have in-depth conversations with everyone, allowing him to get information for them.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jason told Alex he wants to talk about the Kevin thing. He said he wants to get on board with everybody. He asked if there is any chance they are honouring their Final 4 deal with Kevin and Paul at this point. Alex said no. Jason said he messed up and he should have just put Kevin up. Jason told Alex he thought that they were on the fence. Alex said they wanted Jason to do whatever he wanted. Jason said he thought they were going to have him put Kevin up as a pawn so that they could have voted him out. Alex said they might have, though they weren’t sure. Jason told Alex that they should have had that conversation with him. Alex talked about the need to execute the plan in which they hide in the have-not room while Paul baits Kevin to say something about them, so they can hear it. She said they need to do it after HoH on Thursday. Alex told Jason that Kevin is like a predator that you see in a murder show. She explained that Kevin takes personal items from people, such as Jason’s rag, a piece of Christmas’ cast and so on. Alex said Kevin establishes that connection with you so that you can’t get rid of him. Jason said he thought that Kevin had done something directly to Jason. Alex said she just doesn’t like people who are condescending. Jason said he doesn’t know how to break the tie he has with Kevin. Alex said he doesn’t need to. She told him to wait until it has to be done when one of the others make the move against Kevin. Jason said he feels like a real idiot since he didn’t put Kevin up. Alex said they wanted Matt and Raven out anyway, so it’s fine that he went this route. However, Alex said that playing like a stand up guy might hurt his chances of winning. Alex told Jason that they were concerned for his game when they were advising him to nominate Kevin. Jason said he wants to win but he would want Alex or Paul to win if he can’t. Later in the conversation, Jason told Alex he sometimes worries if people are going to hate her. Alex said she worries about that too, but she has admitted to Josh that she said some mean things about him. She said he can either believe what she said back then is how she feels now, or he can laugh about it and see that it’s a game.

12:00-1:00 PM: Alex said Kevin is not used to not being the cool kid. Christmas said or the centre of attention. Jason said he explained to Kevin that going against the shot caller means that you are going against the house. Jason said that person gets their power through their loyalty and good decisions. Christmas said it’s by the way they played. Jason said he let Kevin know that he is the shot caller in his life but he knows that he will not be the shot caller in the house. Christmas said Kevin would have taken the reins and run with it if he could. In this game, Christmas thinks that Kevin is trying to hide behind the shot caller, not drawing attention to himself. Alex pointed out that Kevin didn’t stand up for Jason yesterday when Matt and Raven were coming at him, even though Jason stands up for him. Christmas said Kevin doesn’t stand up for anybody. Christmas suggested that Kevin left the room because he wanted to act upset with Jason. They talked about the plan for the upcoming week. Christmas said it’s smart for her to take HoH if she is able to compete in it. If not, she said Josh should take it.

1:00-2:00 PM: Alex, Christmas and Paul discussed that Kevin has the $25,000. Christmas said Kevin got frustrated he was called out on it. Paul said Kevin turned violent. Alex said she is starting to think that Kevin is for sure an actor. The three looked on as Kevin laid out by the pool. Paul said “you are going to die, homie. He is red. His skin is red”. Alex said she is going to tell Kevin that he looks old today. Paul said to please tell him that. Alex said too much tanning is causing premature aging. Paul brought up that Kevin makes comments like “I don’t want to play this game no more” when he is put in the hot seat. Christmas said to ask him why he is acting like a Megan when he makes comments like that.

2:00-3:00 PM: Out by the pool, Kevin asked Matt if he thinks he voted against him. Matt said he originally thought that it was Jason and Kevin. Kevin said he wouldn’t do that to him. Kevin said whoever did vote Matt out was doing it in order to try to frame him. Matt agreed. Kevin said he has not lied in the game. He talked about the $25,000 temptation. Kevin asked if he was supposed to tell everybody. He said it would have made him leave in the first 2-3 weeks since he would become a target. Matt said it was a good move not to tell people. Kevin said Josh was just speculating, cause he didn’t tell anyone. Kevin said he is telling Matt about it since they seem to be sending him to jury. Matt said they had better do that. Kevin said he had a good social game but there is one person in the house that doesn’t like him because he is friends with Jason, referring to Alex. Kevin said she is going to badmouth him but he honestly doesn’t care. Kevin mentioned he would tell stories that had nothing to do with the game, and people think he is a freeloader, but he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. Up in the HoH room, Jason and Josh discussed that they love Kevin but they cannot protect him anymore. Jason asked if he should have put Kevin on the block. Josh said yes. Josh told Jason that Kevin would not have gone home. Josh said Alex is right about Kevin, though she can be a bit aggressive with it. Josh said he saw Kevin was willing to do anything to save himself when he tried to pin the $25,000 on him. Jason and Josh discussed that Kevin was outside talking to Matt, securing his jury vote. Jason said everyone is saying Kevin has to go. Josh said there is no way that they can turn it around. Josh said Kevin has been messing up ever since Cody came back. Josh said he is going to air out Kevin’s stuff next week. Out by the pool, Matt told Paul that Kevin let him know he won the $25,000. Matt relayed the rest of their conversation as well. Paul said Kevin was trying to secure Matt’s jury vote. Kevin spoke to Paul. He said he imagines that his name is coming up a lot. Paul said it is around specific people, which is not news to Kevin. They discussed that Alex likely has an issue with Kevin due to his connection with Jason. Kevin told Paul that Alex will have to go if he gets the chance. Kevin told Paul he will not have a chance if he is up against Alex and Jason together. Paul said Kevin is preaching to the choir. Paul then headed inside. He told Alex, Christmas, Jason and Josh about Kevin saying he will not be able to beat Alex and Jason. Paul said Kevin believes his drive is winning the game since he got second place last time, but he didn’t care about that. Paul said Kevin sees the good thing that they have going, and he wants to turn them all against each other.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paul told Matt and Raven that everyone is up in the HoH room conspiring against Kevin. Paul said he has fully convinced Alex to throw HoH to Christmas or Josh. Paul explained that Christmas and Josh are selling that they will take a shot at Kevin or Raven. Paul told Raven that Alex will definitely not throw the competition to her, so she has to get out of it and then Alex will drop out once Kevin has been eliminated.

4:00-5:00 PM: Christmas told Josh that Alex has been taking mad s*it. They discussed that Alex and Jason think they are running the house. Josh said all they have done is send out the people that they wanted them to. Josh said Jason is saying that Alex is on a power trip and thinks that she is the reason they have all made it this far. Christmas said it’s safest for her to be the one to take the shot at Jason. She doesn’t think that Kevin or Alex will mind, whereas Jason will be out for revenge if Alex were to leave first. The two then headed up to the HoH room with Alex. Alex said Matt commented that it will be shady if Kevin is not the next one out the door. That comment led Alex to believe that Kevin is telling Matt that Raven is next, or that he was the target all along this week. Alex said she is going to have to take Kevin out if she wins HoH, otherwise she is ruining her chances of getting the jury votes. Meanwhile, Raven told Matt she would love to put Alex and Jason on the block, giving a speech that she is going to stab them in the front. Raven said her ideal Final 3 is with Christmas and Paul. Matt agreed. He said Paul and Raven would then make the Final 2. Matt said Raven would probably lose to Paul. Raven said she would be okay with that. Raven said she would choose to take Paul to the Final 2 if she had the choice, because she could not live with herself if not. She mentioned that Paul is an actual friend, but told Matt he is the only one who knows that.

6:00-7:00 PM: Josh, Paul, Matt and Raven spoke at the hammock. Matt told them that Kevin said none of this was Jason’s fault. He said Kevin told him that Alex is the one pulling the strings. Paul said there is no way that this was all Alex’s idea. Raven said it was probably her idea. Paul asked if Jason really pointed at Alex during the HoH competition when Matt asked who voted against him. Matt said 100%. Josh and Raven said they saw it as well. Matt headed inside. He walked by Kevin on his way in. Apparently Kevin asked Matt if he was talking about him. Matt came towards Kevin. Kevin told him not to get in his face, because he isn’t one of these kids. Matt asked if Kevin is threatening people again. He followed that up by asking if he should grab Kevin a glass to threaten him with. Kevin said he didn’t threaten Matt. Kevin told Matt not to make stuff up about him. Back at the hammock, Josh told Raven to tell Matt to call Kevin out. Paul agreed. Josh said to make sure that Alex and Jason are not involved, because they want to make those two feel comfortable. When Matt went inside, Kevin told them he doesn’t know what Matt is telling them about him, cause the only thing he talked to him about today was his brother’s graduation. Jason came outside and asked what Matt said. Kevin explained that while Matt walked by, he asked Matt if he said something about him. Feeds then went down.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down for nearly two hours. It seems as a confrontation continued after the feeds went down. Kevin spoke to Christmas in the kitchen. He was concerned that people would mess with his personal belongings. Christmas told him that they can hide stuff but not damage it. Kevin asked Christmas if she can ask people not to yell about him anymore. Kevin said he thinks Alex is throwing stuff out in order to get him mad at Raven. Kevin talked about Alex jumping in and saying he, not Matt, is the liar. Kevin said this was al in the works and he got sucked into an argument. Kevin said he is not afraid of Alex. He called her a bully. Up in the HoH room, Josh said there are some intense things being said this season. Alex disagreed. Jason was concerned that he has said some stupid things. Josh said Matt got heated tonight. Alex said that was good TV. Josh wondered if people are liking this season or hating it. Jason said it’s getting pretty petty. Alex said people are going to ask for a petty hat in their HoH basket next season. Alex mentioned that whoever wins HoH needs to make Kevin a have-not again.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin told Paul that Christmas said it has not gone unknown how Alex has been mean to him. Paul said that’s why he told Kevin to keep his cool. Kevin said he is going to win this HoH. Paul told Kevin not to. Kevin asked if he should let Paul win HoH. Paul nodded. Kevin asked if he will put Alex up. Paul nodded again, which led to Kevin saying he feels better now. Kevin said he is going to tell Alex he is against her. Paul said to go for it. Kevin told Paul to put Alex and Jason up. Kevin said he will tell Alex to stay away from him cause he doesn’t like her and she is the biggest bully in the house. Out in the hot tub, Christmas told Raven that all they need to do is get Alex and Kevin to drop out of the HoH competition. Christmas told Raven to throw it to her if it’s something that she can do. Raven said she is going to 100%. Matt said he is so upset that he wont get to see the look on Alex and Jason’s faces when one of them put them up over Kevin.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh headed into the have-not room where Kevin was. Kevin said Alex makes fun of him for everything he does. Josh suggested that Kevin should talk to her. Kevin said he will not do that anymore. Josh told Kevin he will watch back and see that he was never against him. Kevin assured Josh that he will never vote against him. Kevin told Josh to think about who runs the whole house. He asked if they are going to continue to let that happen. Josh said lots of people are telling Alex things about what he is saying. Kevin said people are lying to Alex because they are scared of her. Josh gave Kevin some advice that he should own up to things. Kevin kept saying he didn’t do anything. Josh brought up that Kevin told him about the $25,000 on Day 1. Kevin said Josh told him “I think I won”. Josh said he didn’t even press the button. Afterwards, Josh went up to the HoH room to tell Alex, Jason and Paul about the conversation with Kevin. Josh said Kevin is wanting people to go against Alex and Jason.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul told Kevin that nobody knows about the two of them. Paul told Kevin not to blow up this spot, and he will do what he has to do. Paul encouraged Kevin to lay low. Kevin pointed out that he is in bed reading the bible. Kevin asked if Christmas and Josh are with them. Paul nodded.

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