Big Brother 19 Day 71

August 30, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Kevin told Jason that Matt asked him if he won the $25,000 yesterday. Kevin said he told Matt no. Kevin said he felt bad for Matt because he is leaving, and Matt is the one who started the conversation. Kevin told Jason he let Matt know that he is a good guy, and sometimes the things he does in the game are because of Alex. Kevin brought up telling Alex that a shoe would beat her in the Final 2. Kevin insisted that he did not lie. He told Jason that people make things up about whoever they want out next. Jason said he cannot go against the house. He said there is no way that he and Kevin alone could win the game if he does that. Jason mentioned that Alex is his ride or die, so he will choose her over Kevin. Kevin said this is a game and he doesn’t dislike Alex, though she has treated him poorly. Kevin told Jason that other houseguests have came up to him to say they agree with him when it comes to his thoughts on Alex. Kevin asked Jason to tell people to stop making stuff up about him. He said he will go home next week if he doesn’t win. Jason said everyone genuinely likes Kevin, but they think he messed up game wise. Kevin again said that people are making stuff up in order to get them to fight. Jason told Kevin he never admits to anything, which is likely part of the issue.

11:00-12:00 PM: Kevin told Jason to let Alex know that he will not say anything bad about her to the jury. Last night, Kevin had said he would do that. Kevin said he knows that it is just a game. Kevin said people lie in order to kiss Alex’s ass, since they know that she doesn’t like him. He said Alex will then be happy that they are on her side to go against him. They talked about Alex being petty. Jason let Kevin know that Alex was implying he doesn’t care about he or Josh since he calls them both “J”. Kevin said that’s absurd. Kevin said America is going to see that Alex is questioning everything he does. As for tomorrow’s vote, Kevin said he may vote to evict Raven just so that she gets a vote against her.

12:00-1:00 PM: Matt told Christmas, Josh and Raven to let him know if there is any last minute stuff that he wants them to do. Josh mentioned that he could go to Jason to ask him if he pointed at Alex during the HoH, when Matt asked who voted to evict him. Josh said Jason does not do well with direct questions. Josh told Matt he can’t lay into Jason, otherwise it will look like it’s the whole house against him. Josh doesn’t want that when Alex is currently on board with throwing this week’s HoH competition to him. Matt said they can discuss it further later. Elsewhere, Paul asked Alex if it’s best to get Kevin out before Raven or vice versa. Alex said getting Kevin out first is best. Paul said he still thinks that they should throw the HoH competition tomorrow. He told her that if they are both competing next week, it’s done. Alex said she is down with that.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christmas and Raven discussed that Alex and Jason are being cocky and arrogant. Raven said Alex was just talking about how it is going to be hard being there for another four weeks. Christmas said Alex and Jason are so willing to throw HoH the next week or two since they think that they can win the last few. Raven said those two believe that she wants Kevin out, which is what she wants them to think. Christmas said Alex and Jason are focused on jury votes, so they don’t want to get any more blood on their hands. Christmas and Raven discussed that Alex wont have Elena’s vote, Kevin’s vote or Matt’s vote. Christmas thinks that Cody would vote for Alex. Christmas let Raven know that Kevin though she was the one who hid the slop. Christmas said Alex played into that even though she did it. Christmas asked Raven if she feels good with Paul. Raven said she feels 100% with Paul, just like she does with Christmas and Josh.

3:00-4:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Kevin told Jason he will not say a single word about Alex. Jason said he believes Kevin, because it’s on him if he doesn’t. Kevin admitted that he called Alex a puppet master to Matt. Kevin said that he and Matt agreed it was between them, yet Matt ran right to everyone to tell them. Jason said Alex is a young girl and she is playing a game. Kevin said he already told him that Alex is the best player. Kevin mentioned that Alex baited him. Jason said she jumped in but she didn’t start it. Kevin said that’s what the game dictates. Jason advised Kevin to say what he means, because there is no point in apologizing if he doesn’t do it in a real fashion. Kevin said he will say in his speech that he had a great time and he doesn’t dislike anybody. Jason told Kevin to give Alex clarity if that’s what she wants. Kevin said he will let her know that he wont talk about her at all. Kevin said Alex will still put him on the block. Kevin said they should put Raven up with him if so. Jason guaranteed that Raven would go on the block.

4:00-5:00 PM: Kevin told Jason the people saying that he blew up are the ones that are worried about going on the block next. Kevin talked to Jason about winning the $25,000. He said Josh really did tell him that he won it. He said he went into the DR to ask if they gave out two $25,000 prizes because of it. Jason said it’s great that Kevin won. Kevin asked that Jason not tell people, even though they assume he won, because he doesn’t want them to have proof. They then talked about Alex. Jason said Alex has nothing but love for Kevin. Kevin told Jason that he will apologize to her and let her know that he wont ever talk bad about her. Jason said Alex will act tough like Kevin’s words didn’t hurt her, though they really did. Kevin asked Jason not to let Alex know that he plans to apologize, as he wants to do it himself. Afterwards, Jason told Alex that Kevin wants to talk. She said she doesn’t want to talk to him. She thinks Kevin wants her to apologize, but Jason said he let Kevin know that he should apologize if he is a man. Alex said she would love for Kevin to go to the jury house and tell everyone not to vote for her, because America will hate Kevin for being so salty. Jason said he has no idea who the jury would vote for if the two of them get to the end with Paul. Jason think that Christmas and Josh love the two of them. He said they would probably vote for Alex. Jason hopes to get Elena, Mark and Kevin’s votes if he is at the end with Alex.

5:00-6:00 PM: Paul asked Jason if he told Kevin that he is mad at him. Jason said no. Jason told Paul he explained to Kevin that nobody in this house is upset with him. Paul said Kevin made it seem like Jason told him that he is mad. Paul said it’s okay. Jason said he wont say anything. Jason assured Paul that he would not throw him under the bus. Paul said he is not questioning anything at this point in the game. He told Jason he just wanted him to know that Kevin is still weaselling around. Paul asked if Jason questioned Kevin about the $25,000. Jason said he didn’t, but Kevin directly told him that he had it and asked him not to tell anyone that he confirmed it. Paul reiterated that they need to throw HoH to Christmas or Josh so that they can take the shot at Kevin for them.

6:00-7:00 PM: Christmas checked on Kevin who was sitting alone in the bedroom. Kevin said it’s best for him to wait for Matt to leave so that he doesn’t get in any more arguments with him. Kevin pointed out that people will just call him crazy again if he does that. Christmas thought that was a good idea. She then spoke to Josh. They discussed the plan for next week. Josh said they will have to play it off as though they are backdooring Kevin all week. Christmas said Alex and Jason will question why they need to backdoor him when he hasn’t won a competition. Christmas said she would rather go the straightforward route, nominating Alex and Jason, and telling Jason that he is her target. Josh liked the idea. Josh mentioned that Jason said he doesn’t care what happens as long as he is not on the block next to Alex or Paul. Christmas asked if he actually mentioned Paul. Josh said yes. Josh said it’s best for Jason to go over Alex, since Alex is not going to work with Kevin or Raven. Josh expects Alex to turn on Jason as soon as they are on the block together. Paul joined Christmas and Josh. They discussed that Alex is being so arrogant. They talked about taking Kevin to the Final 4 with them. Paul believes that Jason has to go next. He explained that they will lose Kevin if Alex goes first, since he will align with Jason. Josh suggested that Paul scare Alex into throwing HoH by telling her that she has already pissed off many people, and she doesn’t need more blood on her hands. Paul said that’s not a bad idea.

7:00-8:00 PM: Christmas, Josh and Paul discussed the ideal HoH order. Paul said it would be Christmas, Raven, Josh and then himself. Matt and Raven then joined them. Paul explained that they would like for Raven to be HoH if Jason leaves next week. If Alex leaves, Paul suggested that Josh should win. Raven said that sounds good to her. Matt brought up that Alex is gaining a lot of weight, and is getting bigger every single day. For that reason, Matt said it is imperative that Jason goes before Alex. Matt thinks that Alex will not be able to compete as well in physical competitions. Paul headed up to the HoH room to reiterate that they need to throw HoH to Christmas or Josh. Paul said he might try to get Kevin to throw it as well. Alex and Jason said that Kevin has to go before Raven now, since Matt said it will look shady if Kevin is not the next one out. They are concerned about those jury votes. Alex and Jason discussed that it may even be best for Raven to win, because she will target Kevin. Alex said they could then all compete the following week. Back down in the APSR, Matt said it’s incredible Alex looks as good as she does. He said most people would have gained 20 pounds if they ate like she does. Matt said Josh has lost about 15 pounds. Raven said Josh, Kevin, Christmas and herself have lost weight. Christmas told Raven that once she puts Alex and Jason up, Raven needs to go stroke Alex’s ego and tell her that “you can do more for me in this game than Christmas can”. Christmas said that would make sure that Raven doesn’t get associated with her. Raven said that’s smart.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin headed upstairs to ask Jason if anything has changed. Jason said no. Kevin asked if Jason spoke to Alex about what he said. Jason said he told her that Kevin feels bad, and she said it’s no sweat. Kevin thinks Alex is still going to put him on the block. Jason said she will have to win first. He told Kevin that Raven would leave over him anyway. Kevin said he is fine with going up next to her, since Jason, Paul, Christmas and Josh should not vote him out in that scenario. In the bedroom, Matt told Raven that getting Alex or Jason out next would give them complete control of the game. Matt said he is glad that Alex and Jason are already that confident that they are already worrying about jury votes. Raven said that’s how they want them to feel. Matt agreed. Raven thinks that Christmas and Josh will take the target off of her and put it onto themselves if they take the shot at Alex and Jason. Matt said Christmas knows that she cannot win, so she is willing to do what she can to help Josh, Paul and Raven. Matt said Raven has at least two more people, Christmas and Paul, who would throw themselves in front of a bus for her. He said Josh might do it as well. Raven said Josh wants to get to the end. She said he will win if he makes it there. Matt asked if she is kidding, cause he doesn’t think that Josh would win.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul spoke to Kevin about throwing HoH tomorrow. He said Alex will not want to win if Kevin drops out early. Paul did not want to give an answer about who he would nominate. Kevin mentioned not wanting to be a have-not, as well as wanting to see his family. Paul said now is not the time for that. Kevin said he will have to keep the faith then. Paul then spoke to Christmas about it. He asked that she reiterate to Kevin that he needs to trust them and throw HoH. Christmas said she will do that.

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