Big Brother 19 Day 73 - Christmas nominates Alex and Jason

September 1, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: The houseguests were woken up for the day. Alex told Christmas that Big Brother wants them to wake up for the Tree of Temptation. Alex said nobody wants the tree, so they should let them sleep. Christmas and Josh discussed the plan for nominations. Christmas plans to nominate Alex and Jason. Christmas thinks Raven needs to act shocked but not be too pissed. Christmas thinks it will help Raven tie into Alex. Josh said Christmas can call Alex and Jason the strongest duo when she nominates them. Christmas didn’t want to make it seem like she is after Alex. In her nomination speech, Christmas wants to make it clear that Jason is the target. She mentioned saying something like he is arguably the strongest competitor in the house. Josh added that she can say Jason doesn’t get enough credit. Josh said they need to play shocked as though they thought Christmas was going after Kevin, because they need to separate for game purposes. Josh told Christmas to keep her cool if things get heated. She said she will, but Josh needs to keep his cool. Christmas said she plans to start attaching to Alex. Josh advised her to feed that ego. Josh said they need to play it off as though Kevin is going up right until nominations. He said they need to do that due to the Tree of Temptation.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jason told Kevin it seems like nobody really cares and is waiting for somebody else to say something. Kevin said he doesn’t know how Josh moved so far up the ladder. Jason said it’s because he helped in exposing Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena. In the kitchen, Alex told Christmas that if she wants them to convince Kevin to take an apple, she is down. She pointed out that there is a good reward for Christmas there if Kevin gets the bounty on his head. Christmas said she doesn’t care about that. Alex said she is confident that they can beat Kevin in the veto competition even if there is a second veto in play. After Alex walked away, Christmas whispered that she knows what Alex is doing. Paul asked Raven how they are going to damage control. Raven said Christmas was asking her the same thing last night. Raven asked if she should be shocked. Paul said he is going to play dumb, but it’s up to her. Paul explained he plans to act as though this all a ploy and that Christmas is going to try to backdoor him. Paul said he thinks their best bet is to go to the end with Christmas and Josh. Raven agreed. Alex told Josh and Paul she is wondering if they should put two pawns up and then throw Kevin up as the replacement nominee. She also said they could put her up next to Kevin, then pretend to be sending her home. Paul mentioned that Kevin isn’t likely to win the veto anyway. Alex also told the guys that she let Christmas know she would support her if she wants Kevin to take an apple from the tree. Josh went to Christmas and Raven to let them know about Alex offering to be a pawn. Christmas said she told her that last night as well. Christmas suggested that Raven be willing to listen when Alex talks to her, but don’t grill her about her nomination decision. Christmas said she is going to make things pretty clear during her speech. Over breakfast, Raven told Alex she can’t wait to see how Kevin handles the block. Alex excitedly said that it will be today. Paul said Kevin offered to go up this week. Alex said she will offer to go up as well. An announcement was made that the Tree of Temptation has sprung to life. The houseguests mocked the tree. They discussed that no one is going to take an apple.

11:00-12:00 PM: Kevin asked Paul who Christmas is putting up. Paul said he doesn’t know. Kevin asked if it’s him. Paul said he doesn’t know who is going up, but it’s not him. Up in the HoH room, Paul and Josh discussed Alex saying that Christmas should put two pawns up. Josh said Christmas could probably pull off playing it off that they are just pawns. Paul didn’t like the idea since they would they would have to vote one out anyway. Back in the kitchen, Paul asked if someone should go for an apple if Kevin tries to. Raven said no. Alex said that even if Kevin gets to eliminate two eviction votes, it wont do anything. Alex said she is going to leave the nominations the same if she wins the veto. She laughed about it, expecting that she will be on the block with Kevin. Alex asked if Christmas wants to put up two pawns. Christmas said she doesn’t know, but she wants to mess with Kevin a bit.

12:00-1:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Raven told Christmas that Alex and Jason seem comfortable. Raven said Paul was telling Kevin not to take an apple. Christmas asked if Kevin is considering it. Raven said no. Christmas also asked if Jason is considering it. Raven again said no. Christmas mentioned Alex asking if she wants to put up two pawns. Christmas said she needs to think about it but she doesn’t think that she is going to play the angle that Alex and Jason are both pawns. Christmas said Alex or Jason will be leaving this week unless they take an apple and mess things up. Raven said that she or Josh should win HoH next week. They talked about getting Jason and Alex out, then going for Kevin. Christmas, Paul and Raven discussed Alex saying that they should put two pawns up. Christmas wondered if Alex is trying to set Jason up Paul said she might be since she knows she cannot beat him at the end. Paul said he still likes Christmas’ approach about being straightforward. Christmas agreed it’s best to make her intentions clear. Paul said she can do the pawn thing if she wants. Christmas said that’s a cowardly play. Christmas talked about saying Jason is arguably the strongest male player. Paul said she could say she needs to get a strong male competitor out, then he can play it off as he is going home if Jason wins the veto. The three discussed that it doesn’t make sense for Paul to win the next HoH and have to take the shot at Alex or Kevin. They said Josh or Raven winning it would be the best case scenario.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paul and Raven discussed that Alex’s ego is crazy and she is always talking about jury votes or winning the game. They agreed that Jason and Alex have to go back to back. Raven said she would be fine with taking the shot at Alex next week. In the bathroom, Alex and Jason discussed how it will look if they or Paul vote to evict Kevin. Jason said he already told Kevin that he would not vote for him to stay if Alex is up next to him. Alex said she doesn’t think that anyone will flip on them. Jason said he doesn’t think so either. Paul made his way downstairs to join them. He asked Alex if she knows what Christmas is going to do. Alex said she thinks she is going up next to Kevin. Alex wondered if it would be better to nominate Josh next to Kevin. Paul said Kevin would then come to them and expect them to keep him safe. Paul also questioned if Christmas would even nominate Josh. Jason said he thinks that she would. Paul said that if they keep poking, Christmas might wonder why they are freaking out when it’s supposed to be an easy week with Kevin leaving. Alex ran the idea of nominating Josh by Christmas. She said they could keep Kevin calm, having him think that Josh is leaving. Christmas said she doesn’t care what Kevin thinks. Alex then told Jason that he could go up next to Kevin since Kevin knows that she would never vote against Jason. Jason said he doesn’t want to go up. Alex said she is focused on getting Kevin out, and not having him wig out. Paul said it’s inevitable that he will.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paul told Christmas that if she draws the line and says Jason is the target, nobody has to speculate anything. If not, Paul said the cat will be out of the bag at the veto ceremony if they don’t pull one of them down. Christmas said the ideal scenario is that Raven wins the veto. Paul agreed but said that is highly unlikely, and he can’t imagine them getting lucky like that. Paul said it’s up to Christmas to decide whether or not she wants to draw the line with Jason. Christmas asked what the best option is long term. She said she doesn’t know why Alex and Jason are so gung-ho about going up. Paul said he thinks Alex might be fine with Jason going. Christmas said things were so much clearer for her last night. Paul said it’s still the same. Paul said the plan to draw the line is better in order to make it seem as though they and Josh are split up. Christmas said she doesn’t do well when she has to lie and pretend. Christmas said she will stick to her original plan because it makes her feel better if she is straightforward. Paul said that lets Christmas tie in Kevin and maintain a decent relationship with Alex. Christmas figures that Alex and Jason will think this is all part of the plan to get Kevin out. Paul asked if he should still pretend that he is getting backdoored. Christmas suggested that he ask around but not push that angle. Christmas said not to oversell it to Jason. Paul said it will be subtle. Paul mentioned that it will be a weird scenario if Jason wins the veto and he has to vote Alex out over Kevin.

4:00-5:00 PM: Christmas told Paul she can go ahead and say she just wants to keep the house calm by making those nominations, seeing as Alex and Jason even pitched that idea. Christmas said they might not gun for the veto as hard. Paul said they definitely will. Paul again brought up that drawing the line will allow him and Josh to break off, while Kevin and Raven will not be Christmas’ enemy. Christmas think Alex will nominate Josh and Kevin if she stays and wins HoH. She figures that Alex wouldn’t want to face the backlash for nominating Kevin. Paul said he will be gunning for HoH, because he cannot chance Alex winning and him losing Christmas or Josh. Paul said they will be fine as long as he can ensure that Kevin is one of the nominees. Paul brought up that Christmas could say Jason is the target and Alex had to go up because she would pull him off. Christmas said she is not scared to take the heat by drawing the line, but she was thrown for a loop when Alex said to use two pawns. They discussed that it’s best to bring Kevin over Raven to the Final 4, as Raven is the stronger competitor of the two. Big Brother announced that the Tree of Temptation is no longer in play for the week. This was the third and final week for it. Paul told Christmas they can try to turn Alex and Jason against each other by letting Alex know that Jason pointed at her when Matt asked who voted against him. Paul said they can pin it on Alex that she was the rogue vote if she is the one left on the block. Paul said the move will then be justified. Christmas agreed.

6:00-7:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction. In the kitchen, Alex laughed while telling Christmas that Jason is so scared. In the bathroom, Jason told Paul he did not expect to be going on the block. Paul mentioned that Christmas said she wants to get a strong male competitor out. He asked Jason if Christmas is trying to backdoor him. Jason said he is confused. Paul asked if this is all to get Kevin out. Jason said he has no idea and he is lost. Paul said they are either being paranoid or one of them is going this week. Jason said he and Alex will be using the veto on themselves if they win. Paul said he will go up. Jason said he thought Kevin was going up. Jason suggested that Kevin might have talked to Christmas about getting he or Alex out, just like he has talked to Paul about it. Paul said they all threw the completion so that Christmas could get Kevin out. Paul said they have to go back out there and act normal. In the bedroom, Raven told Paul that Christmas said she should act like Kevin is getting backdoored. Paul said that’s exactly what Raven has to act like. Jason told Kevin he doesn’t know what is going on. Kevin said they are not both up there as pawns. Kevin told Jason to use his head, because they want of them to go. Kevin said Jason thought he would be the one on the block. Kevin added that Alex and Jason are the two best players, and they wont have a chance to take this shot again. Kevin let Jason know that he is going home if he doesn’t win the veto. He said Raven will go up next to Jason if Alex wins, but Jason will go. If Jason wins the veto, Kevin said Alex will go. Kevin clarified that he hasn’t talked to anybody, but he can see it. Jason then spoke to Josh in the storage room. Jason asked what Josh knows. Josh said nothing. Josh said he thinks Christmas is doing this to throw Kevin off, but he had no idea. Jason said somebody has to know what’s going on. Jason said he believes that Paul knows what’s up, though he is pretending that he is getting backdoored in order to make it seem like he doesn’t know. Jason said Alex, Christmas and Paul were all up in the HoH room earlier, so he thinks Alex and Paul know what’s going on. Josh said he is pretty sure that Kevin is the target.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason told Kevin that Paul thinks he is going to be backdoored, but he thinks Paul knows what the plan is. Kevin said Paul does. Kevin let Jason know that he was told to stay in his room for three days and be quiet. Kevin swore he didn’t know what was going on. Alex, Jason and Christmas spoke in the APSR. Jason said he was wondering if Kevin was in on the plan. Christmas said no. Jason said otherwise Christmas is doing a great job. Jason said Kevin told him that he or Alex are going home, so he should open his eyes. Jason admitted his head was questioning why they were both on the block, though his gut told him that it was fine. Christmas explained that one person still sits out of the veto competition. In the HoH room, Josh told Paul that Jason said he thinks Alex and Paul were in on the plan. Josh said Kevin told Jason that he or Alex are the target, so don’t be stupid. Josh also let Paul know that Jason is not buying that Paul might get backdoor. They discussed that Kevin messed everything up. Josh said they should split Alex and Jason up, then go after Kevin next. Paul said they should ignore Kevin, and not tell him anything. Paul joined the conversation in the APSR. Alex said they just need to win the PoV. Jason let Paul know what Kevin said to him. Alex said that’s why Kevin has to go. Paul said Jason nearly bought into what Kevin was saying. Alex added that Jason was freaking out over it. Jason mentioned that Kevin probably thinks this was all his plan since he said to Paul that they should get he or Alex out at 6 or 7. Back upstairs, Paul told Christmas and Josh he can now gun for the veto and have a reason to leave nominations the same. He wants to use that Jason said he and Alex were in on the plan as his reason for not using the veto. They later talked about possibly using the veto on Alex in order to reel her in. They would then put Kevin up, but vote Jason out as planned. Paul headed downstairs to talk to Alex and Jason. Paul questioned if they are with him. Paul said he thought he was getting backdoored or something. Jason said he thought Paul was in on the plan. Paul denied it. Paul asked if they are getting Kevin out. Alex and Jason said yes. Jason told Paul that they are going to the Final 3 together.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul asked Jason if he is sure that Christmas isn’t going to screw him somehow. Jason said she had better not be doing that. Paul said Christmas has been weird to him. Jason said if Paul is concerned, that wigs him out. Paul said he is worried for himself, not for Alex and Jason. Paul said he will go if he goes up as the replacement nominee. Jason said Christmas has her own agenda if Kevin is not the target this week. Jason told Paul that he is being paranoid. Jason said he wont be able to pull himself off if he wins the veto. He said he would look like a stooge, and people back home would be saying he should be protecting Alex. He said he would have to use the veto on Alex. Jason thought that would look weird to Kevin. Paul said Kevin wont be able to blame Jason if he is on the block next to him. Jason went back to telling Paul that he will not be backdoored. Jason said they can have a nice conversation with Christmas if he wins the veto. Jason told Paul that nobody would do anything without Paul knowing about it. Jason said Christmas’ smartest move would be to work with Paul. Paul played it off as though there is nothing that Christmas could do for him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul told Kevin not to say anything to anyone. Kevin ask who said he said something. Kevin didn’t give an answer, but he said people talk in this house. Kevin asked if he is just supposed to be silent. Paul said it’s in the best interest of his game to do that. Kevin asked insisted that he said nothing. Paul said nothing will turn into something. Paul advised Kevin to say he has no idea the next time he is asked a question. Kevin said nobody talks to him, so people are making it up that he is saying something.

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