Big Brother 19 Day 74 - Paul wins the Power of Veto

September 2, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Christmas told Raven that Jason came up to her after nominations and said that felt real. Christmas said she asked Josh if she was not clear in her speech. Raven said she was super clear. Christmas told Raven she is in a really good position now. She explained that it’s good that Raven hasn’t openly aligned with someone. Christmas added that attaching to Paul would be seen as a threat. Christmas said Raven’s relationship with Alex is really good, considering Alex would be the one wanting to take a shot at her. However, Christmas said Alex is too scared to take that shot since she is concerned about jury votes. Christmas thinks Alex wants Jason gone and she is fine with her taking that shot. Raven said Alex told her that she will use the veto on Jason if she wins it. Christmas said she doesn’t know what Jason would do. Raven let Christmas know that Paul said Jason told him he was going to use the veto on Alex.

11:00-12:00 PM: Paul told Christmas that if he wins the veto and uses it on whichever of the two nominees they want to keep, they can throw Kevin on the block to shake him a little. Paul said Christmas could then break the tie, keeping Kevin, and pulling him in closer to her. Christmas told Paul it’s safest for him to gun for it, but throwing it to Raven would be the ideal scenario if possible. Paul said he is pretty sure that he can convince Jason to use the veto on Alex, seeing as he himself has mentioned it. The two discussed that Alex and Jason are not on the same wavelength. Paul said Alex’s ego is getting in the way, plus Jason’s is now starting to bloom. Later, Jason asked Alex if this is some sort of weird coup. Alex said if it is, she doesn’t know about it. Jason questioned why they would both be on the block. Alex said in order to not freak Kevin out. Jason said they don’t want to be stupid and think that they are safe if they are not. Alex told Jason she will use the veto on him if she wins it. Jason said he will use it on her if he wins it. Alex told Jason to use it on himself if he is the one that is nervous and worried. Jason started to tell Alex not to be so cocky, but she cut him off and told him to stop freaking out about this. Jason said if Alex thinks it’s fine, he will think it’s fine too. Alex said she thinks they are good. She encouraged Jason to talk to Paul again. Jason said Paul was acting crazy too. Alex said Paul’s whole season was based on friendship. Jason said his point is that Paul might not know what is going on.

12:00-1:00 PM: In the APSR, Alex told Jason that they have the votes as long as one of them is taken off of the block. She assured Jason that he is panicking about nothing. Alex said the smartest thing would be to let Paul win the veto if they are worried about some sort of backdoor plan. Jason said that’s a great idea, but it’s leaving their fate in someone else’s hands. Alex said they should just play to win then. Alex said she doesn’t think Paul is in on it, since his whole season is friendship. She said Paul would not leave them at this point in the game. Paul joined them. Jason told him that what needs to happen is he wins the veto and takes one of them off. Paul agreed. Paul brought up that Christmas said she wants a strong male competitor out. Jason said Kevin is not a strong male competitor. Alex said she thinks that Christmas was trying to throw Kevin off more than anything. Paul suggested using the veto on Alex, because Kevin will try to convince people to get Alex out if he is up next to her. Paul said it will not be as aggressive of a campaign if Kevin is nominated next to Jason. Paul headed upstairs to let Christmas know that Alex and Jason are talking about throwing the veto to him. Paul said he can pull Alex down, then it sets up the plan for the tiebreaker. Paul told Christmas to let him know if she changes her mind about the tiebreaker. Christmas said she is fine with doing it since Jason needs to go, and she told him exactly what she was going to do.

1:00-2:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Paul and Raven will be competing. Josh voiced his concerns to Christmas about the way that Paul is trying to have this week play out. He wants Raven to win the veto and leave the nominations the same, as opposed to having Paul win and save Alex. Josh said Paul is working an angle with the votes in order to vote with Alex. He said that is only to the benefit of Paul and his jury votes. Josh said this is a team, and they are not playing Paul’s game. Christmas told Josh to push back on Paul. Josh said he is going to. Josh said Alex will be enraged with him, then she will put he and Christmas on the block together. Josh mentioned that Jason questioned if he has an alliance with Christmas today. He thinks Paul put that idea in Jason’s head. Josh said Paul has to stop working every single angle. Josh said he sees what Paul is doing, and it’s not going to go down like that. Both Christmas and Josh agreed that Paul has to vote with them if he uses the veto on Alex, because he needs to get the blood on his hands too. Josh said Alex talked to him about her pecking order today. He said Alex wants to get Kevin, Raven and Christmas out in that order.

2:00-3:00 PM: Josh told Christmas he fought battles that weren’t even his, in order to protect Paul. Christmas said Paul’s approach is more subtle. Josh said they all have to get blood on their hands. Christmas said all three of them will when they eventually have to take a shot at Raven. Josh said they have to do what benefits the three, not the one. Christmas said she is getting pissed off because she does not like these ripples. Josh said if they do what Paul wants to do this week, Alex will distance from them and get closer to Paul. Josh said Paul wants a Final 3 with them, but he is working on locking in jury votes. Christmas said they have to do the same. Josh said that’s why they all need to get blood on their hands. Josh plans to have the conversation with Paul after the veto competition, depending on who wins the veto.

3:00-4:00 PM: Josh asked Paul why Jason questioned him when he walked in the room earlier. Paul said Jason was just messing with him. Josh said Alex is going to put him up with Christmas if they think that they are aligned. Paul said not if he ties Alex in. Josh thinks Alex will turn on him for voting Jason out. Paul said he will be voting with Alex, so Alex is going to think that she is tight with him. Josh said Alex has to be clipped next week. Paul agreed. Paul said he will play it up that people are after he and Alex. Paul said he will play dumb if he uses the veto on Alex, then he can influence her not to put up Christmas and Josh if she wins HoH. Josh said Alex is going to be bitter. Paul said if they do things his way, he will have Alex’s ear and he can get her to throw HoH to him. Josh said he doesn’t see any heat coming Paul’s way. Paul said absolutely. Josh said no. The two agreed to talk more later.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Paul won the Power of Veto. Paul told Alex he will use the veto on her. Alex said it doesn’t matter and she doesn’t care, since she trusts them and knows Kevin is the target no matter what. Paul said he doesn’t want Kevin to be yapping at Jason all week. If Jason and Kevin are on the block next to each other, Paul said it prevents Kevin from being able to get Jason to vote for him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul asked Josh who he should take off of the block. Paul asked if it’s for sure Alex. Josh said Alex is a beast. He said he doesn’t know who to take down. Josh added that Alex is a beast, but Jason will go rogue. Seeing as they were talking out in the open while playing chess, they agreed that they would talk more later.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jason told Alex he is nervous. Alex listed off the people that will be voting. Jason thinks Christmas is acting weird. Alex said she asked Christmas if the plan is the same, and she said yeah. Jason questioned what the plan even is. Alex said Paul wont leave nominations the same, then Kevin will probably freak out on Paul. Alex said they should plan for the worst but assume the best. Jason said he will tell Paul that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Alex told Jason to assume that she will be pulled off of the block. Jason said he is a bit worried about being on the block for a vote. Jason said he wishes that Alex wouldn’t have thrown HoH. Alex said they cannot risk any casualties. Alex told Jason that they even have to throw the next HoH competition. Jason said he never wants to throw anything. Alex said they have to next week, as they can’t send both Matt and Raven out themselves. Alex told Jason the only thing they know for sure is that they trust Paul, which is why she threw the competition. Alex assured Jason that neither of them are leaving this week. Josh joined them. Alex asked him about his vote. Jason asked what Josh would do if they both stay on the block. Josh said Paul will pull one of them down. Alex said they have the votes. She said she is comfortable being on the block or off of the block, and there is no way she is letting Jason go.

11:00-12:00 AM: Josh and Raven discussed that Alex and Jason are cocky. Josh said they talk like they are already in the Final 2. Josh said they have to win the next HoH, then send out whoever remains of Alex or Jason. Josh spoke to the cameras to say that all of the heat is going to be on him. Josh said the way Paul is the only one that will benefit from having the votes play out the way he wants them to. Josh said Paul is not thinking about his game or Christmas’ game. After Paul came out of the diary room, he spoke to Josh and Raven. Paul said he is torn since Alex is not that good of a competitor. Paul said Jason has only done well in the physical and endurance competitions. Paul said it will be predominantly mental competitions the rest of the way, which Jason sucks at. Paul said that even though Jason and Kevin would work together, they both suck. Paul said he thinks Alex is better in veto competitions than Jason is. Raven agreed. Paul said Alex is better strategically as well. Josh said Alex and Jason grilled him in the storage room. He said they are claiming to not be worried about him, so all of the heat is going to be on him after this. However, Josh said they have to make the move. Josh suggested that Jason go first since he will align with Kevin. Paul said they both suck, whereas Alex is the better competitor. Paul said they will be screwed if they slip up and Alex wins a competition. Paul said Alex has been closer to winning a lot of HoHs than Jason has, plus she has been throwing them.

12:00-1:00 AM: Josh told Christmas that having Paul not use the veto would be best for the three of them. Christmas agreed. However, Jason said he doesn’t think that Paul will be down for that. Christmas said they could try to work that angle. Christmas asked Josh what he thinks about getting Alex out. Josh said he doesn’t think that is smart. Josh pointed out that Paul knows Jason will go after the two of them, not him. Christmas asked if Josh knows what this sounds like. Josh said he doesn’t care what it sounds like, because it’s the truth. Christmas asked if Josh is saying that he doesn’t trust Paul. Josh said he is not trusting this move, because it is in Paul’s best interest. Josh said this will secure two jury votes his way, not giving them a fair chance. Christmas told Josh they cannot start shooting at each other. Josh said he is analyzing how it’s best for the three of them, not just Paul. Paul then joined them. They discussed who to evict. Paul said he would feel more confident competing against Jason. Despite that, he said he thinks it is safest to get rid of Jason. Paul said he can work his angle with Alex. Christmas told Paul they could always change the decision later if he doesn’t use the veto. Paul said he would become an immediate enemy. Raven joined them. She was asked for her opinion. She eventually said Alex is a hell of a competitor and there is nothing she is bad at. Christmas said Jason and Kevin would align and create chaos if left in the game together. Paul said they could have Alex blow up on Kevin after the veto ceremony, so that Alex burns that bridge. Once Josh and Raven left, Christmas and Paul had a lengthy discussion. Christmas asked Paul to walk her through what Alex will think in the event of a split vote. Christmas said Alex will not know where the vote came from. Paul said she will if he tells her, selling that they are next. When Christmas said splitting the vote will damage Josh’s relationship with Alex, Paul said they have to draw the line. He said Kevin and Raven will still be bigger threats to Alex. Paul assured Christmas that he can keep her and Josh protected. Paul said he doesn’t see another option, since Alex will be like “f*ck you” to him if he makes the votes 3-1. Paul said Josh will have to take the heat, but he wont take much as long as he is honest with Jason about his plan to vote him out. Looking ahead to next week, Paul said he doesn’t mind winning HoH as long as they protect him the following week Christmas said they will be able to if Alex is gone. Paul said he thinks he can convince Alex to throw HoH. Christmas didn’t see why she would do that if Paul is selling that it’s them against the house. Paul said she would still throw it to him. Christmas encouraged Paul to say he will take the shot at Raven, since Alex herself is fine with taking the shot at Kevin. She thought that would be the better selling point to get Alex to throw it. Paul agreed.

1:00-2:00 AM: Kevin asked Paul if he wants to shoot a game of pool. Paul said he is tired and he is probably going to bed. Kevin asked if he can get five minutes to talk to Paul tomorrow. Paul said no talking. Kevin said Alex has to go first, then Paul will control everything. Kevin said Paul would be crazy to let Alex stay in the game. Out in the yard, Paul asked Jason why he is freaking out. Jason said he is not freaking out. Paul asked who he should use the veto on. Jason said he doesn’t care as long as it’s used. Paul said Alex told him to use it on her. Jason said to do that then. Up in the HoH room, Christmas told Josh she pushed back on Paul a lot. She then started explaining Paul’s plan. She told Josh that he will still be in good with Alex. Paul joined them. Josh revealed that he plans to tell Jason he is voting him out the night before. Paul suggested waiting until the day of. Josh said he can’t do that. He thinks Alex and Jason will be pissed at him if he waits until the last minute.

2:00-3:00 AM: Alex, Jason and Paul discussed that Raven had to have thrown the veto competition. Paul told Alex and Jason that Raven said she had a relative that was in the Titanic. Jason burst out laughing. He said they should see if they can recite them all. He brought up Raven said she had to rub cream on her legs because her skin was falling off, yet she stopped using it. Paul said Raven claimed her mom was struck by lightning. Paul said Raven says she has an inverted spine. Jason questioned if her spine is upside down. Paul said she might be the most interesting person on the planet. Paul brought up Raven saying she was an Olympic athlete. Jason added that she has rough kneecap syndrome. Jason said all of the nerves in her body are dying. Paul said that might be true because of her disease. Paul said he asked Raven what her family member’s name was who was on the Titanic, but she didn’t know. Paul said he would know everything about his family member if they died on the Titanic. Christmas joined them.Jason asked how they can know what really is true when Raven is telling these whoppers. Paul told Christmas that Raven said she is an Olympic athlete. Christmas asked if the twist is they have to figure out what’s BS and what’s not. Jason said he has been trying to figure that out since Day 1. Alex said Raven’s eyes don’t twitch anymore. Christmas said “guess what Matt packed. Her accent”. Christmas said you are not an Olympic athlete until you go and compete at the Olympics. She questioned what Raven is an Olympian in. Jason said gymnastics. Alex said she is scared of the repercussions if what Raven is saying is true. Christmas said if she is going to come in there and say she is an Olympic athlete, she should bring her medals in. Christmas said it has nothing to do with her disease. Jason agreed. Christmas said what frustrates her is that Raven has legitimate challenges in her life, yet she feels she has to have more of a pity party by making things bigger and better. Christmas said that undermines the serious things that would get some valid attention.

3:00-4:00 AM: Josh told Christmas he is not feeling good at all. Josh said this is great gameplay for Paul. Josh told Christmas that he told Paul his plan to be straightforward with Alex and Jason about his vote, then Paul said he and Josh have to stage a big fight. Josh said Paul offered to not use the veto, but he said no cause then Paul is the bigger target since he is the vet. Josh told Christmas that Paul is locking in jury votes against us. Josh mentioned he could expose the plan in his goodbye message so that nothing blows up in the house. Christmas said she doesn’t think that making this move will turn Alex against Josh. Christmas told Josh she is on board with making sure they all collectively like the plan. She said there is no way they can get all four of their targets out and have one of them come out squeaky clean. Christmas said she will be good with Alex, Paul will be able to lock Alex in, and she doesn’t think Alex will take it personally with Josh. Paul said he doesn’t care as long as Alex doesn’t put him up next to Christmas or Paul. Christmas said Paul’s plan is the most effective way to secure that, though it wont be 100%. Christmas said the best case scenario is Paul wins HoH and takes the shot at Alex. Josh said he doubts Paul will win, so he has to. Christmas asked if it makes a little more sense. Josh said it does. Josh told Christmas he is thinking about jury votes, and Jason will be an emotional voter and vote for Paul. Josh said Paul is securing jury votes. Christmas asked if Josh wants to play to secure jury votes, or play to win. Josh said Paul is the one playing to secure jury votes. Christmas said Paul is going to burn Alex next week, and that will get around in jury.

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