Big Brother 19 Day 75

September 3, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Paul asked Christmas if Josh is feeling okay. Christmas said yeah. She told Paul that Josh was panicking for a moment, but she has a better way of calming him down than Paul does. Paul asked if they are for sure going to send Jason home first. Christmas said yes. She told him she doesn’t see what she is missing if not. Paul said it’s not a terrible idea that Josh is going to let Alex and Jason know how he is voting the night before. Paul said that gives them room to argue.

12:00-1:00 PM: Big Brother informed the houseguests that there will be no more have-nots for the rest of the summer. Christmas and Paul played a game of chess. Christmas said she calmed Josh down. She said he was seeing this week and then the jury, but nothing in the middle. Christmas said she told Josh that they have a perfect plan in place and they are in an amazing position. Christmas said she doesn’t think there has been trio like them that has slayed in the history of Big Brother. Christmas added that people are doing whatever they tell them to do, including throwing a running competition to a girl with a broken foot. Paul said he isn’t sure if a Final 3 has ever happened where all three liked each other and worked to get there.

1:00-2:00 PM: Alex, Christmas and Paul discussed Raven’s ailments. Alex said she tries to give Raven the benefit of the doubt, since she doesn’t think someone would be stupid enough to make themselves seem sicker that they are on national television. Paul said he is not doubting that she has Gastroparesis. Alex said she is not sure about the other things, since they contradict each other. Alex said Raven shouldn’t be moving if she has everything that she says she has. They then talked about Raven’s diet. Alex said her nutritional issues are since she doesn’t eat fruit or vegetables, plus she doesn’t drink any water. Christmas and Paul added that she says she can’t eat red meat, yet she eats beef jerky and taco meat. Alex said if Raven is as sick as she claims, only having a couple years to live, she could eat whatever she wants. Paul said that’s true. At the same time, Alex said Raven cannot have every illness in the book. Paul said he needs to know what an inverted spine means. Alex encouraged Paul to ask Raven. They then discussed that Raven is now claiming to have had a relative on the Titanic. Christmas mentioned that Raven’s accent disappeared once Matt left the house. Alex told Christmas and Paul that tomorrow will be a good day, considering that Kevin will go on the block and wig out.

2:00-3:00 PM: In the APSR, Paul told Josh that Raven for sure threw the veto competition yesterday. Paul said she didn’t want to have to be the one to say she is not using the veto. They talked about Raven’s game being to not make any enemies, then get to the end and say that she really needs the money. Josh said he thinks Raven would win the game. Paul initially said he wasn’t sure, then he listed off Cody, Mark, Elena and Matt as votes for her. As for this week, Paul told Josh he cannot have him panicking. Josh said he is not panicking. Paul told Josh to be confident since no one can stop them. Paul asked Josh if he wants him to take the heat by not using the veto. Josh said no, since they don’t know what would happen. He said Paul would go, so he doesn’t mind taking the heat. Paul said he wants to make sure everyone is okay, because they are a team. Josh reassured Paul that he has trusted him this whole time. Josh said he just knows what is going to be coming his way after this move. Paul said he will be taking heat from Kevin too. Josh said he doesn’t feel good about the the way things are going to go down, or the heat he is going to take, but it’s the best way to do it. Josh said if Alex wins, he knows he will be the target. Paul said it will be him, but that’s fine. He said Christmas and Josh will just have to make it. Josh said Alex has to go next week. Paul agreed. He said that’s why he is thinking he should nominate two pawns. He mentioned nominating Josh or Kevin next to Raven. Paul quickly said he would just nominate Kevin and Raven. Josh said they wont have the votes if he is nominated. Paul said that’s why he wont put Josh up. Josh said he wants to win HoH. Paul said he will then tell Alex the best case scenario is he wins the veto to pull her off, then he just wont use it if he wins it.

3:00-4:00 PM: Alex joined Josh and Paul. They talked about the plan to put Kevin on the block tomorrow. Paul said he is ready to tell Kevin off. He asked if they can blow up his game. Alex said yes. They discussed doing so after the veto ceremony. Paul later mentioned to Alex that they could have her hide in the room sometime before the ceremony, then she can hear Kevin talking about all the reasons that he shouldn’t use the veto. Outside, Josh asked Christmas why Paul doesn’t just not use the veto if it’s everyone against Alex, and they have Kevin and Raven tied in. Christmas said they don’t want Alex to gun for HoH. She said Paul might be able to get her to throw it if he ties her in. Josh said Paul wants to blow up on him to create distance. Josh asked if Christmas sees that this is all to Paul’s benefit. Christmas said the three of them working together is to the benefit of all three of them. Josh then said he is going to take a nap. He walked away even though Christmas wanted to continue the conversation. Christmas tracked him down and said she is a grown woman and he is not going to treat her like that. Christmas told Josh he cannot walk away from her like that again. She then scooted away. A few minutes later, Josh apologized to Christmas. He said he didn’t want to continue the conversation, so he walked away. Christmas said that is not acceptable behaviour for a grown man. Christmas said you have to respect what your teammates say even when you don’t want to hear it. She said Paul will have to get blood on his hands next week, because Alex will see that they duped her. Josh told Christmas to look how it looks on him. Christmas asked if Josh is even listening to her. She told him to listen. Christmas told Josh he makes mistakes when he becomes fixated on something. Christmas said Paul will have to show his cards next week, though Josh said Paul will just have him win HoH. Josh said he is over it. Christmas said he is not over it, which pisses her off. Christmas explained that it pisses her off since they need to pivot if he doesn’t like the plan. Christmas asked if Josh has had this conversation with Paul. Josh said he did, but Paul dismissed it. Christmas told Josh that his whole woe is me thing is not a good look. She told him he can’t keep complaining if he doesn’t have a solution. Josh said his solution is that Paul doesn’t use the veto. Christmas argued that their cards would be shown if that happens. Josh pointed out that their cards will be shown after the vote anyway. Christmas said no. Josh replied with “oh God”. Christmas said she already told people that she wanted to get a strong male competitor out, which covers her. As for Josh, Christmas said he will still be in good with Alex since this has nothing to do with her. Christmas said Paul will have to put Alex up next week. Josh let Christmas know that Paul said he would have to put up two pawns. Josh said Paul doesn’t want to show his cards. Christmas said Alex has to be up next to Kevin, meaning that Paul cannot use pawns. Josh said good luck convincing Paul of that.

4:00-5:00 PM: Josh approached Paul to ask if he would consider not using the veto. Josh asked Paul to hear him out. He said Paul’s way is brilliant, though it instantly exposes him and Christmas. Paul said not necessarily. Josh said Christmas could say “I have asked Paul not to use the Power of Veto”, because it’s her one shot to get out a strong competitor. Paul said that would then expose Christmas. He also questioned why he would listen to Christmas, in a sense of it would expose their relationship. Paul asked who Josh would then vote against. Josh said he would vote Jason out. Paul doubted that it would protect the three of them. Jason then broke up the conversation.

5:00-6:00 PM: Paul told Christmas that Josh is starting to freak out a little bit. Christmas said she tried to calm him down. Paul said it’s a terrible idea not to use the veto. Josh joined them. Paul told him his idea is terrible. Paul said Josh will have voted, Christmas will have made the nominations, and he will have not used the veto. He asked Josh what that is going to look like. Josh said Christmas can say she asked Paul not to use the veto. Paul said Alex and Jason will ask him why he is afraid of Christmas. Josh said he can tell them that he is respecting Christmas’ HoH. Josh said Paul can still pull Alex in. Paul said there is no way he can do that if she is left on the block. Josh said he and Christmas are going to be exposed immediately if they do things Paul’s way. After Paul left, Christmas told Josh they can stay up late tonight to discuss the plan. Josh said there is a double eviction coming. Christmas asked what if there is not. Josh said it might be Thursday. Christmas questioned how he knows. Josh said he is a superfan. Josh said he can see the game that is being played, because he has seen it before. Christmas said fine and told him she doesn’t care and it’s whatever he and Paul decide. Christmas told Josh to figure it out. He said no. Christmas told him he is being passive aggressive by saying all of this and then saying no. Josh said he presented an idea to Paul, only to have it dismissed instantly. Josh said all three of them can do damage control if the veto isn’t used. Later, Paul told Christmas that not using the veto creates the most chaos. Christmas agreed. Josh and Paul headed upstairs to play chess. Paul told Josh that his colour is off and lips are pale. Paul said Josh is tripping. Josh said he isn’t tripping. Paul asked Josh to trust him with this plan. Josh said he trusts Paul. Paul said to believe him here then, cause he is the one taking the risk. Paul said he will go in the worst case scenario. Josh asked if Paul can hear him out. Paul said not there, at the chess table. Paul said he already knows what Josh wants, and it work.

6:00-7:00 PM: Josh asked Christmas if she thinks that he is tripping. Christmas said she does. She told him things have worked out the other times that he was tripping. Christmas assured Josh that she pushes back on Paul, making him look at the other options. Christmas said she doesn’t want Josh to think that she doesn’t have his back, or Paul doesn’t have his back. Christmas explained that it’s too dangerous to show their cards until after they win the next HoH. Even then, she said they probably have to wait until after the veto. Christmas promised that Paul will have some serious blood on his hands by the end of the game.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh spoke to the camera. He said Christmas is buying into Paul’s plan. Josh said he will not go against them, though he knows that he is going to take a lot of heat. Josh said they are doing what Paul wants, but he is hoping that he can convince them to go a different route. Josh thinks his chances of winning have gone down this week, considering he will lose Alex and Jason’s jury votes. He hopes that they will be able to respect the game move. Josh said it sucks that Christmas is not listening to him. Josh said he will not ever turn on Paul, but he is not going to play Paul’s hand either.

8:00-9:00 PM: Josh asked Paul if he thinks that they can convince Alex to vote Jason out since he will be a jury vote for her and he can work the jury for her. Paul said Josh is high. Paul asked why Josh isn’t trusting him. Paul said he knows what he is doing. Josh said he doesn’t want to argue. Paul said he wont have to, since he can just play dumb. Josh said he would have no problem blindsiding somebody else, but he has respect for Jason. Paul said Josh is not playing the game right now. Paul said Josh can just tell Jason that he wont be able to beat him. Josh said that’s what he is going to say. Josh told Paul he doesn’t want to fight him. Paul said they have to fight in order to appear to be separated. Josh still didn’t want to. Paul said it’s fake. Paul told Josh he doesn’t know why he is tripping. Josh claimed he hasn’t been paranoid since week two. Paul said it’s coming back now since they are getting close to the end of the game. Josh said he is taking the shot at Jason, and nothing is going to change that. Paul said he wants Josh to feel comfortable with the move.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said Paul’s whole plan is pissing him off. Josh said he is frustrated since it’s all only good for Paul’s game. Josh said the plan does not benefit their three person alliance. He mentioned that Christmas thinks it’s genius, but she knows better than that. Josh said all of the blood goes on he and Christmas. Josh said Paul shouldn’t be feeding him BS about a team if he is not going to be a team player. Josh said he will have to step back and play his own game if Paul is going to be like this. Josh thinks Paul’s plan is the worst for Christmas, since Alex will be against her, Jason will not want to vote for her in jury, and she has to put a third nominee up. Josh said you couldn’t pay him to turn on Christmas or Paul unless they turn on him. Josh said he is looking out for what’s best for the three of them, as is Christmas, but Paul is not with this move. Josh said he is going to have a conversation with Alex and Jason, expressing why he is making this move. He thinks that is the only way that he could possibly salvage something out of this. Josh said Paul needs to stop trying to pull a fast one on him. He said it is mind-blowing that people cannot catch on to what a good game Paul is playing. Josh said he didn’t question Paul’s motives until now.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul told Josh he has to stop tripping. Josh said he can ask questions and having another plan. Paul then told Josh not to say “Paulmas” in front of people, like he did in front of Raven earlier. Paul said that’s the worst thing Josh could do. Paul told Josh to be the Josh he told him to be week four. Paul told Josh to play dumb, as that is his role. Paul said what is saving Josh is the fact that he is underestimated. When Paul talked about the plan for next week, Christmas said she doesn’t like idea of using two pawns instead of nominating Alex. Paul said her guard might not be up as high if she is not nominated. He also said Alex might turn up if she thinks that she is getting screwed. Paul said they have to bamboozle Alex. He said there is no other option. Josh said okay. Josh talked about his plan to have Paul not use the veto. He said Paul wouldn’t get any blood on his hands since they can spin it as Christmas asked him not to use it. Paul said he doesn’t care about getting blood on his hands. He told Josh if he is worried about that, he wont use the veto. Josh said he isn’t saying that. Paul explained that Alex’s options are either to go head to head with him or to pair up with him. He said Alex knows that he will smoke her if she chooses to go head to head. If Alex takes a shot at he and Josh, Paul said he will win the veto and then Christmas will not go up. Paul said he has thought this through. Josh said he feels good about it now. It was then discussed that Josh should hold off on telling Jason he is voting him out until the very last minute. They didn’t want Alex and Jason to have the opportunity to potentially flip Raven, or to campaign to Christmas for her vote.

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