Big Brother 19 Day 76

September 4, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Jason and Josh chatted out in the yard. Josh asked if Kevin has been driving Jason nuts. Josh said no and he likes it because Kevin talks about stuff other than the game, as opposed to Alex who only talks about game. Jason said that drives him nuts. Jason said he really has a hard time trying to decide if Kevin is lying or if everyone else is just trying to get him on board with what they want to do. He added that once you see it, it’s as plain as day. Jason said Kevin really is a convincing liar. Jason asked Josh if he is going to vote him out if he is stuck on the block. Josh hesitated. Jason asked why he is thinking about it. Josh said he isn’t, but he doesn’t know where he stands with everybody. Josh said he is not anybody’s #1. Jason asked if he is Paul’s. Josh said no way. Jason said that’s why Josh is still there, as everyone left is an independent except for he and Alex. Josh said he genuinely loves Kevin, but he has made bad decisions in the house. Josh told Jason he feels really good with Alex. Jason said Alex knows how to play people and play the game. Josh said this will be a rough week since Kevin will go on the block and lose his top. Jason didn’t think he would, though he said it would be right away if so. Jason said Kevin is going to know he is going, given that he is under the impression that the nominations are not going to change. Jason talked about Kevin calling Alex the puppet master. Josh said it’s not true. Jason said you need someone to do that because everyone is hesitant to say what they want. Jason told Josh that Paul is normally the one, but he doesn’t want to be the shot caller this season since he already has a target on his back by being the vet. Jason said Alex was essentially the next in line. Jason told Josh that everybody wants to be the boss but nobody wants to put the work in to be the boss.

11:00-12:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Paul used the Power of Veto on Alex. Christmas nominated Kevin as the replacement nominee. In the bedroom, Raven spoke to Paul about throwing the HoH competition. She said she could drop out so that Alex will. Paul wasn’t so sure about that plan. Afterwards, Alex hid in the closet in the rose room. She told Raven let Paul know that she is in there. Alex wants Paul to talk to Kevin in that room while she is hiding, then she will pop out and scare him after he has been talking about her. In the bathroom, Jason and Kevin discussed that the two of them are on the block together. Kevin said it’s going to be interesting. Kevin told Jason he thinks that they will save him. Jason said he doesn’t think there is any way that Alex will vote against him. Kevin agreed. He said that’s one vote that he has no chance at getting. Kevin headed out to the backyard. He said he can’t say that he really cares, cause he is glad to get the hell out of there.

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul told Christmas that Raven is talking about throwing HoH. They are frustrated that she doesn’t want to win anything. Paul told Alex and Jason he cannot believe that Kevin had the balls to say he can’t use the veto since they have to get Alex out. Paul said Kevin should have won the veto himself if he feels that way. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Christmas she is killing it. Josh said he sat on this whole plan. He said it’s to the benefit of Paul, but it’s smart. Christmas told Josh he cause her a lot of agony by questioning it. Josh said Jason will go to jury and said that the two of them got him out. Josh said it was Paul’s plan, but they executed it. Outside, Kevin asked Paul if he should just be cool. Paul said yeah. He then said Kevin should actually be a little not so cool, and a bit worried. Kevin said Alex is not going to vote against Jason. Paul said it doesn’t matter. Kevin asked if everyone else is. Paul told Kevin not to ask any more questions. Inside, Alex told Jason that Kevin thinks they are stupid. Alex called Kevin a tool bag. Jason agreed. In the bedroom, Paul told Raven that throwing HoH is not an option. Raven said that’s fine. They talked about Alex and Jason assuming that they have Raven’s vote. Raven told Paul she is going to be honest about her vote if Alex asks her. She said she will tell Alex that Jason voted Matt out, so she is going to vote Jason out. Up in the HoH room, Christmas and Josh discussed that Raven thinks she is going to get to the Final 2, get sympathy votes, and win. Christmas said Raven will have the votes if she hasn’t done anything to anyone. Josh agreed. He said the jury is going to be bitter. Raven joined them. She said Paul told her that Jason said “f*ck Raven” since he thinks he has three other votes anyway. Josh told Raven to play nice and act as though she is wanting Kevin out. Raven said she will tell the truth if they ask. Christmas doesn’t think that they will ask, since they have been assuming that her plan is to get Kevin out. Down in the kitchen, Alex said she didn’t have to go around the house, telling everyone not to vote for Kevin, because they did it on their own.

1:00-2:00 PM: Out in the yard, Kevin told Jason he is cool and he is not going to yell at anybody. Kevin said he will thank everybody and tell them that he had a good time. Kevin told Jason to remember who put them there. Jason said he knows. Kevin said he wont talk game anymore. In the kitchen, Josh told Paul that the plan made a lot of sense to him after Paul broke it down for him. Josh said he doesn’t mind winning HoH this week, but Paul will have to win at Final 5. Paul said Christmas could win that one. Paul said he will keep telling Raven not to win Final 5, since they need to win Final 4, then they can get Raven out. Paul said it’s best case if he wins this week, since he would like to win the Final 4 HoH. Christmas asked if Alex will want to win. Paul said no. Josh said they are going to fake a fight before the HoH competition to ensure that. If Alex wins the veto next week, Paul said they will have to get Raven out. Christmas agreed. Paul spoke to Josh about the need for him to nominate two pawns if he wins HoH. He said he will be selling to Alex that he needs her to throw HoH so he can take the shot at Raven, so he has to put up Kevin and Raven. Paul said Alex will gun for the veto if he puts her up initially.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the APSR, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said he was unable to sway Christmas, so they went with what Paul wants this week. Josh said Christmas and Paul are his #1 and #2. He said he will not go against them now or ever, until the Final 3. At that point, Josh said he is playing for himself. In the bedroom, Raven spoke to the cameras. She said Jason is so confident that he is staying, that he is saying her vote doesn’t matter. Raven said every vote matters. Raven thinks Jason is underestimating her because she hasn’t won anything. Raven said she has thrown a lot of competitions and she is playing a hell of a social game. She mentioned that it was her idea to throw HoH to Christmas. Raven said it’s so funny that Jason thinks he is staying this week. Out in the yard, Paul asked Jason what Kevin has been saying to him. Jason said Kevin hasn’t been saying much. Paul said that’s because Jason can’t do anything for him now. Jason said he told Kevin that anything he says can and will be used against him while they are on the block together. Jason said he doesn’t think that Kevin is going to blow up.

6:00-7:00 PM: Christmas spoke to Josh about what she thinks will hurt their chances and Paul’s chances if they make the Final 2. She said Paul’s issue is that he is a vet. Christmas said what Paul mentions about being a vet is true, since people don’t want to see the vet that played last year win the game even though he has played a great game. She told Josh that his downfall could be that he called people out, though it was also a great strength of his. She suggested working it into his Final 2 speech. As for herself, Christmas said her biggest strength is that she has been an active team player, doing everything that she can possibly do. Josh told Christmas she has played a flawless game. Christmas said she can’t say that. Christmas said she was 100% loyal to her team the entire time, and she didn’t lie in a way that deceived anybody. However, she said people may think that she rode the coattails of Paul and Josh. Josh said she didn’t do that. Christmas said Paul, the vet, is dominating in competitions and he has a sick social game, making him arguably the #1 threat in the house. Josh said he wont be happy unless one of the three of them win the game. Christmas said she thinks that the three of them will be able to get the top two spots and win America’s Favorite.

7:00-8:00 PM: Christmas told Jason that Raven claims to be a great chess player, yet she played her today and Raven didn’t know what the pieces did. Christmas said she was setting Raven up to kill her in all sorts of way, yet she didn’t. Jason said Raven might have psychological problems, not medical problems. Christmas said she believes that Raven has medical problems, but she has a psychological problem that makes her need more comfort and sympathy. Both agreed that Raven is a pathological liar. Christmas said she wants to question Raven about being an Olympian by asking her where she trained and what she specialized in. Jason added that he wants to know what an inverted spine is. Christmas said Matt was a saint for dealing with Raven. She thinks that Matt knows Raven is a pathological liar, but he came there for the experience instead of to play the game. She said he probably felt sorry for Raven due to her insecurities, and saw that she does have medical issues and a need for the money. Christmas hopes that things are being conveyed the way that they see it, otherwise they will look bad for laying into a terminal girl.

9:00-10:00 PM: Once Big Brother After Dark started, Christmas came out of the diary room with an announcement. The houseguests were given food, a grill, beer and some games for a party. The backyard activities included hula hoops, badminton, croquet, and corn hole.

12:00-1:00 AM: Josh told Christmas that Jason said Kevin knows that he is leaving. Christmas said she put him up and she will take the responsibility for the move. Josh said the way that it’s being done is killing him. Christmas asked if Jason asked Josh for his vote. Josh said Jason is expecting it because of the friendship they have. Christmas said the arrogance is leading to him not asking. Christmas told Josh to worry about Thursday. Afterwards, Christmas told Paul that Josh feels bad. Paul said that he does too. Christmas said she told Josh to not think about the vote for the rest of the week, and enjoy his time with Jason. Christmas said Jason wouldn’t be leaving if he wasn’t so good. Paul said he doesn’t put people at disadvantages in his real life in order to advance himself, but that’s not how this game works. Paul said it hurts and it’s sad.

1:00-2:00 AM: Paul asked Josh what he was tripping about today. Josh said he was fine. Paul said he was tripping today cause of personal stuff, plus the game was getting him today since he never has a minute to stop playing. Paul said he feels bad because it’s getting to a point where he has to protect some people more than others. Paul said he doesn’t like that people like Raven get through the game by doing absolutely nothing. Paul said he will feel bad if something happens to Christmas or Josh, and he will blame himself, because he is the one guiding and they are the ones following him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul asked Josh if he is going to tell Jason a few minutes before that he is voting to evict him. Josh said yes. Paul said he will jump in and take the heat if there is a mini blowup, making it more about he and Josh. Paul said he will get Alex to throw HoH to him. He said Raven already knows that he has been telling Alex he will gun for her, so he will nominate Kevin and Raven if he wins. Paul said Raven will then be forced to win something. Paul said Raven will have to go if Alex wins the veto. Josh asked if they feel good with Alex in the Final 5. Paul said no, but they are all playing in the veto competition anyway. Paul said he will put Alex up if Raven wins the veto, telling her that at least she can work her jury vote with Kevin while she is on the block next to him. Josh asked Paul if he wants to throw HoH to him on Thursday, or if he wants to take it. Josh said he will take the direct shot at Alex, telling her she is too good. Paul said he would rather win this next one. Paul wants to be competing for the Final 4 HoH. Josh said Alex is going to cling to Paul. Paul said that’s the plan. Paul said he cannot put Alex up straight up, otherwise it will expose his game. He said Raven is going to have to understand that she should have won HoH. Paul said he could pull Kevin off if he wins the veto, then tell Alex she already got Matt’s blood on her hands and it’s best that she doesn’t get Raven’s blood on her hands too. Paul said they can then blindside Alex. Josh said they wont have time to do damage control on Alex if it’s a double, so he and Christmas will be on the block if Alex wins. Paul said he will pull her in a room and talk to her. Paul told Josh to trust him. He guaranteed that Kevin would be one of Alex’s nominations.

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