Big Brother 19 Day 77

September 5, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Jason and Kevin chatted out in the yard. Jason said anything that anybody says to him can and will be used against them while he is on the block. Kevin mentioned not talking much to Alex outside of saying hi. Jason said he really doesn’t talk to her much either. Kevin said he doesn’t think anything they say at this point will change anything. Kevin said they will be made to look like big babies if they go around begging people. Jason said he isn’t going to kiss anyone’s ass. Jason said Alex and Paul are working hard for jury votes, though he is not. Jason told Kevin he thinks that he is making a dangerous mistake. Kevin said Alex and Paul really know what they are doing. Jason said he hadn’t had a conversation with Matt or Raven before, so he wasn’t going to start now. Kevin questioned how Raven isn’t on the block given how people talk about her. Jason told Kevin that Raven is not on the block since he didn’t put Kevin up last week. Jason let Kevin know that Matt said if Kevin doesn’t go out next, he will know that he and Raven were the targets last week. Jason explained that Matt was implying everyone was in on it if that happens. Kevin said Matt was just trying to buy Raven another week. Kevin said people twist things around after yelling, in order to make you the target. Jason said he loves Josh, but Josh is the true psycho in there. Jason said Josh goes from one extreme to the other, then he cries and repeats the cycle. Kevin asked Jason if he thinks Alex will make it to the Final 2. Jason said he doesn’t know how you can beat her. Kevin said there is another person that can’t be beat. Jason said Paul. Kevin agreed. Jason said the only way to beat those two is to get one of them out, which he has no interest in doing. Kevin asked Jason who he would nominate if he wins HoH next week. Jason said he would likely nominate Raven and either Christmas or Josh.

12:00-1:00 PM: Kevin told Jason he will win the game if he makes it to the Final 2. Jason said he hopes so. Inside, Paul asked Christmas how her leg feels. Christmas said it feels awesome. Alex asked Christmas if she just got back from seeing the doctor. Christmas said she didn’t go and she doesn’t have to go until sometime next week. However, she is now able to put some pressure on her broken foot. Raven asked Paul if the best case scenario is Josh winning. She then asked if Paul prefers that she wins. Paul said Josh winning is best, but he doesn’t think that Josh will beat Alex. Paul told Raven that they will be on the block if one of them don’t win. Raven agreed.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paul said he thinks Kevin is checking out now that he knows that he is done. Alex said she would have checked out a lot sooner if she knew that her game was over. Paul said Kevin has $40,000 and he gets to leave the hostile environment. Alex talked about wanting to catch Kevin by jumping out of the closet. Paul said it’s hard to bait him.

2:00-3:00 PM: Josh told Raven she is a dancer, a competitor, and a badass. He told her to get in that zone. Josh said Raven has a huge light and is a positive energy. Josh told Raven she can always come and talk to him or whomever she feels comfortable with, so don’t get down. Raven said she has a good feeling about Thursday. Josh said Raven has to win HoH. Josh said he would like to win and be direct about it. Raven said Alex knows that she wont be able to play the Final 5 HoH if she wins this week, so she will think it’s great if she sees them fighting prior to the competition. Josh said he would feel good if either of them or Paul win HoH. Josh said he will nominate Alex directly, telling her all of his reasons why she has to go. He said he would rather be straight up with her, then gun for the veto. Josh told Raven they can’t show people how close they are, otherwise people will gun for them. Raven agreed.

6:00-7:00 PM: Following some more stories from Raven. Christmas told Kevin and Paul that she will continue to call Raven out on her BS. Christmas doesn’t understand how Raven can say she wants to run the Boston marathon yet she cannot even remember her marathon time. Christmas was also confused how Raven could say she was going to marry this guy yet she could not recall their first date. Christmas thinks that Raven tries to one up the world with her problems, looking to victimize herself continuously. Christmas said whatever compassion and sympathy she once had for Raven has evaporated. Christmas expects that Raven will get so much backlash outside of the house, to a point where she will not be okay and she will need to go through therapy. Christmas and Paul agreed that they hope that is not the case.

7:00-8:00 PM: Christmas told Paul she is at the end of her rope with Raven, and she would rather stand up and walk away. However, she said she thinks that is the rudest thing you can do. Paul said he once felt that he would just quit because Raven needs to win the game. At this point, Paul said the things that Raven says do not match up with what she does. Christmas and Paul agreed that the picture Raven painted of herself was just a facade. Christmas said Raven’s default is to be a victim, though she puts on the facade of positivity. Paul said Raven made it sound like she was facing imminent death, but he is super confused as Raven adds and takes away from the stories.

8:00-9:00 PM: Christmas spoke to the camera while laying out in the hammock. She said she loves the way that she, Josh and Paul have played the game. Christmas said she obviously wanted to be more active in physical competitions. She added that she doesn’t want anything throw to her, but there is strategy involved. Christmas said she loves her team and she is happy to have Josh and Paul as friends too. Christmas said those are the only two people she would be okay with losing to. Christmas thinks Paul has played an amazing game. She hopes that Josh isn’t discredited for playing a strong game as well. Christmas expects that some people will think she road the coattails of Josh and Paul, but she doesn’t see it that way. Christmas said it was a collective effort and she loves competing in teams. If she is asked to come back next year, Christmas said she will obviously play a different game. Christmas doesn’t think next season’s houseguests will be as awesome, collaborative, or cordial as this year’s bunch.

12:00-1:00 AM: Josh told Christmas he thinks that Paul wants Raven out next since he knows that he cannot control her. Christmas said Alex needs to go next. Josh said he doesn’t think that Paul wants that blood on his hands either. Christmas told Josh to gun for HoH then. She said there is no way they can keep Alex in the house and keep them safe. Josh said Alex will gun for the two of them. Christmas said she will gun for Josh and Paul since she will slide into the Final 2 if they are gone. Josh said Paul is thinking that he will have Alex latch on to him, plus he will lock Alex and Jason in for jury votes. Josh said Paul has been working the angle that he has Alex’s back, so Alex will then have his back. Josh told Christmas he 100% believes that Paul wants them in the Final 3, but he wants to win and he is putting in work. Christmas said they should all be doing that. Josh pointed out that there is a lot of blood on their hands. Christmas said things are not going to be okay if Paul does not take Alex out next week. She said she will make that clear. Josh questioned why Paul would not put Alex up initially. Christmas said it makes sense since she will feel more comfortable and may not fight as hard for the veto. Josh said Paul talked about sending Raven out if she doesn’t win the veto. Christmas said no. Josh told Christmas that Raven is someone that the two of them can control, so Paul doesn’t mind letting her go since he has control over Alex. Josh added that Paul has control over Kevin as well, plus he has the two of them. Josh explained that the whole point of this plan is for Paul to show that he is with no one but Alex and Jason. Christmas said she is very uncomfortable with this conversation. Josh said they need to talk about it. Josh said he understands that Paul needs to protect his game, but he does not want Paul exposing their games in the process. Christmas said she is not accepting the fact that Paul would throw their games in order to protect one person. Josh said Paul is protecting them, though he is also tainting them. At that point, Christmas said she is done with the conversation. She said she is hearing a lot of stuff that is not team related, which is not cool. Christmas told Josh that is a betrayal, so don’t plant seeds in her head. Josh said he knows this because he is a superfan. Josh said he can see the way that Paul is controlling his cards. Christmas said she understands what Paul is doing and why he is doing it, so she is okay with it.

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