Big Brother 19 Day 78

September 6, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: While the houseguests slept, Josh spoke to the cameras in the APSR. He asked his family to please not bring up that he is a superfan if they get the chance to send a video. He also didn’t want them to say that this is his dream. He thinks that it will screw up his game. Josh said there is a lot going on in the house. He said he thinks that everyone is getting anxiety since they know that they are so close to the end. Josh said he is trying to stay grounded and remain focused with an eye on the prize. He wants to continue to do what got him to this point. He said that is being loyal to his people. Josh said he will not change that even if he is not completely on board with a lot of things.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kevin told Jason he will say he had a good time when his game ends. Kevin asked Jason to promise him not to let people badmouth him if he leaves. Kevin said he will do the same for Jason if he leaves. Kevin said he doesn’t want to have to go home and hear his kids say that people were talking about him after he left. While Jason and Kevin chatted in the bedroom, the others were listening to Paul tell stories in the living room. Kevin said people want to go further in the game, and they know that Paul is a big player. He said they will never question anything Paul says, because they are insecure about leaving the game. Kevin said little do they know that Paul wants to win the game himself. Jason and Kevin agreed that Paul will take shots when he can. Kevin said he wishes that it would be tomorrow already, so they can get this over with. Jason agreed. Kevin said he has no idea what’s going to happen. He told Jason he has not spoke a word about it. Jason said he hasn’t either.

4:00-5:00 PM: In the kitchen, Christmas, Josh and Raven discussed that they may potentially get videos from home. Raven said she knows she will get upset seeing her mom, because she knows that she is sick. Christmas said Raven will have to find a way to have that fuel her in a positive way. Raven started crying. She apologized since she thinks she is always crying about her mom. Christmas and Josh assured her that it’s okay. Raven said she is scared that her mom will have a tube. Josh reminded Raven that if she hasn’t heard anything, her mom must be doing great. Christmas said Raven will get to see her mom in two weeks. Christmas and Josh told Raven her mom will be so proud of how far she has made it. Josh told Raven to be proud of the game that she has played. Christmas said Raven’s mom is proud of her for being there and giving Gastroparesis a name. Josh said he had no idea what it was, but Raven has brought so much awareness to it. He said she is empowering people that are ill, whether it’s with Gastroparesis or not.

5:00-6:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Paul told Josh not to let his emotions take over if they play home videos tomorrow. He said they have to make the move against Jason tomorrow, or else they are going to lose. Josh said it’s going to be hard. Josh said Jason is leaving no matter what, but he wishes Jason knew he was going all week so that he could have enjoyed it with him. Paul said Jason would have been fighting if he knew, making for a more stressful week. Paul said he is gunning for HoH but he needs Josh to protect him next week. Paul talked about his plan to nominate Kevin and Raven. Josh said he doesn’t think that’s smart. He asked what happens if Alex wins the veto. Paul said Raven will go. Josh asked why they would want to take Alex to Final 5. Paul said they wouldn’t, but everyone is playing in the veto competition anyway. Paul explained that Alex will know Raven is going to question her if she wins the veto and doesn’t use it on her. Josh asked if he should throw HoH to Paul if it comes down to them. Paul said he would rather take this one so that Josh can win the Final 5 HoH. Paul told Josh he needs to be able to tie Alex in if she wins HoH. He said Alex will feel alone. Paul assured Josh that Alex will not come after him. He said Alex underestimates Christmas and Josh. Josh said the betrayal that Alex and Jason will feel from him is going to be awful. Paul disagreed. He said it’s a game. Josh said he is scared about Alex making it past next week. Paul said that’s why they have to take her out. Paul encouraged Josh to have a conversation with Raven in order to make it clear that they have to vote Jason out tomorrow. Josh asked if he should talk to Jason tonight as well. Paul said no. He said to do that tomorrow. Josh said he wishes that they could have gone about this in a different way, again talking about how it would have been better had Jason known he was going. Josh said he will talk to Jason right before the vote. Paul said to do it when people are already sitting on the couches for the live show. Raven joined them. They discussed that Jason needs to go tomorrow. Josh said Alex has to go right after him. Paul said he will be gunning for HoH. Raven said she will do the same. Paul asked if she is afraid to take the shot at Alex. Raven said no. She added that she has balls of steel and she is not afraid. Raven said Jason asked her last night if she knows which way she is voting, so she said yeah. She told Josh and Paul that Jason just assumed that she is voting in his favour. Paul told Raven she can simply tell Alex that Jason is the reason Matt went home, if Alex questions her about her vote. After Josh left the room, Raven wanted to know what their best move would be if Jason and Alex are gone. She thought Kevin may be better to keep since he is not a good competitor. After Paul said Josh is worse than Kevin, Raven got on board with getting rid of Kevin at that point. Paul suggested that they have nothing to worry about if it’s the two of them against Christmas and Josh. Raven agreed. They discussed that one of them has to win HoH tomorrow. Paul said he will scream “this is gumpy” if he wants Raven to throw it to him.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh told Raven he is nervous because he knows what he is going to be dealing with tomorrow. Raven said her too. Josh said he knows that Alex is going to go haywire on him. Josh said Raven has her reasoning because Jason got rid of Matt, so they can’t question her on it. Josh said he is going to explain that everyone is by themselves now. He said Alex and Jason were a pair, whereas he has been by himself. Raven talked about saying that Alex and Jason are an unstoppable pair, so making this move helps her chances. Raven said it’s nothing personal. Josh said he is hated by everyone in the jury. He thinks he will be hated by Alex and Jason now as well. Raven said Matt doesn’t hate Josh. He said Matt is the only one.

8:00-9:00 PM: While making dinner, Jason asked Alex if they are still on track for everything. Jason said he is going full tilt for HoH. Alex said now that she thinks about it, if the jury judges them based on who wins the most HoHs and PoVs, they will choose Paul over her since she keeps losing. Alex said she should have just won the veto, but it was the smartest thing for safety. Jason said f*ck the jury votes, cause he is going to gun for everything. Alex again said she wishes that she won the veto. Alex said if the jurors watch the competitions on mute, it will look like she just lost it as opposed to her throwing it.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul let Christmas know about his earlier conversation with Raven in which she asked if they should get Kevin out at Final 5. Paul said Raven suggested that Josh is the better competitor, but he got her back on track with targeting Kevin. Paul said Raven doesn’t want to win the Final 5 HoH, so that is when they will clip her. Paul said he plans to try to win this week. He explained his plan to nominate Kevin and Raven in order to keep Alex from freaking out. Paul said hopefully Raven will win the veto, then he will go to Alex and tell her she can secure her jury vote with Kevin while being on the block next to him. Paul said Alex will then leave by a unanimous vote. Paul said in the worst case scenario Alex wins the veto, and Raven would have to go. Paul said if that worst case scenario occurs, he wont have exposed anything and therefore he can still get in Alex’s ear. Christmas asked if Paul thinks that Alex would throw the veto. Paul said he doesn’t know. He said it would be tough but maybe someone could get in her ear about that. Paul said he can convince Alex not to win the Final 5 HoH if she survives, especially if Josh continues to sell that he wants him out. Paul then spoke to Raven. He told her that he checked with Christmas and Josh, and they are still on board with the plan to evict Jason. Paul told Raven she has to try for HoH. Raven said she definitely will. Raven told Paul about her conversation with Josh in which he said Alex will better understand why she evicted Jason than why he did it. Paul said Josh will be fine.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin told Jason that Paul is going to win the game. Jason agreed. They also agreed that Alex is going to come in second. Kevin told Jason that he will not beat either of those two at the end. Jason said he knows that, but Alex will take him to the end if she wins the final competition. While Kevin said Alex would beat Jason, Jason said the jurors will have to decide. Kevin said Alex will have Christmas, Matt and Raven voting for her, while he and Paul will vote for Jason. Kevin said he will talk to the jurors when he gets there. Kevin brought up his confrontation with Josh in which he said he will split Josh’s head open. Kevin clarified that he was mad about Josh bringing up the $25,000, not his kids. Kevin said nobody will vote for him now that they know he has the money. Kevin thinks he had no chance to win the game once Josh did that. Kevin said the comment about splitting Josh’s head open was to distract people from what Josh said about the money. Kevin thinks it worked since nobody directly asked him about the money aside from Christmas in front of a group. Kevin told Jason to look at tomorrow’s vote from the perspective of the others. He said he cannot win anything, but Jason can win everything. Kevin suggested that they may want to keep him for that reason, though he said he has not talked to anyone about it.

12:00-1:00 AM: While in bed, Christmas spoke to the cameras. She said she is hoping that Jason can understand her move. Christmas said Kevin needs to go but Jason needs to go more than Kevin. Christmas thinks that Kevin has no idea what she will do, so he probably expects to go home. Christmas said she knows what Josh is saying is true, that Paul is securing jury votes. She brought up that even when he takes a shot at Alex next week, he wont be voting. Christmas said it’s crazy how your feelings start to go wild in the house, as you become super sensitive and attached. Christmas said she is having so much fun with Alex but Alex is the next target. Christmas said every person that has targeted her or is targeting her has gone or is on their way out. Christmas talked about so many things being confusing including her mind and her heart. Christmas said the scary part is that she knows exactly what she is feeling. She mentioned knowing that friendships in the game will change after the show. Christmas said she has established friendships and relationships with Paul, Josh, Alex, Jason, and Kevin. Christmas said Raven is a sweet girl, but she wishes she could hold her hand and tell her that it’s okay to let her know things are okay how they are. Christmas said her heart is getting away from her, creating even more anxiety, pressure and confusion for her. She added that there is physical and emotional heartache. Christmas said she can’t tell people exactly how she feels and what she thinks of them whether it be good or bad. While watching Paul on the spy cam from her HoH room, Christmas said that sometimes her heart stops. She said she will come out of there and discover whether her heart is broken or healed. Elsewhere, Josh and Paul whispered in the bedroom. Josh admitted he feels bad about Jason. Paul said he should pull in Alex, letting her know that this was nothing against her. Paul told Josh he feels bad too but it’s the way it is. Paul said they are screwed if Jason and Alex stay, plus this is the best way of going about things for next week. Josh said the way he has gone about this is not how he handles things. Paul said they cannot be upfront since it would blow things up. Paul suggested that Josh pivot and handle things differently, seeing as blowing up and being straightforward is not always the best way to handle things. Paul explained that giving Jason too much advance notice is only going to give them more time to come up with things to be mad about. Josh said there is nothing they can say to change that Jason is going to leave tomorrow. Paul told Josh it comes down to “them or us”. Paul said people underestimate Josh. Paul said Josh doesn’t have to tell Jason about his vote at all. Josh said he feels like a complete dickhead whenever he talks about it in the DR. Paul said it’s time to separate personal from game.

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