Big Brother 19 Day 80 - Josh nominates Alex and Kevin for eviction

September 8, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Josh told Paul he thinks that he is going to be straightforward with Alex. He mentioned wanting to talk to her beforehand to say sorry and let her know that she is going up. Paul said Josh is technically not allowed to do that. He suggested that Josh make his nominations and then talked to her afterwards.

1:00-2:00 PM: While alone in the HoH room, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said he has to have a conversation with Alex in order to let her know that she is going up. Josh said he would love to get Kevin out this week, though he knows that he can beat Kevin at the end. Josh said he is thinking about Christmas’ game as well as his own game. He mentioned he has to consider if Christmas will turn on him if he thinks about making a crazy move. Josh said they can go to the Final 3 with Paul, the play it out and see what happens. Josh brought up that if he goes to the Final 4 with Christmas, Alex and Kevin, it is likely that Alex and Kevin will target each other. Josh brought up that Christmas will turn on him if he takes a wild shot this week. Josh said he loves Paul. He said Paul will be one of his best friends outside of the house, but he has to separate personal from game. Josh said Paul has played the best game this season and in the past 2-3 seasons outside of Derrick. Josh admitted that he will not be able to beat Paul at the end, even though Paul is a vet. Josh said everyone is mad at him and they will all vote for Paul. Josh said the only way he is going to win the game is if he takes a shot at Paul. Josh wondered if he should take that shot now, or wait until the Final 3.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kevin asked Paul what is going to happen. Paul said Josh is for sure going to put Alex up. Paul told Kevin that the other nominee has not yet been decided. Kevin mentioned that the two of them and Christmas will be the only ones competing for HoH if Alex does go. Paul asked which one of them should win it. Kevin said it’s his turn to win. Kevin said he would nominate Christmas and Josh, then Josh can go. Paul told Kevin he should try to win the veto tomorrow. Kevin said if he isn’t on the block, they can count on his vote 100%. Paul said he knows and he is not worried about Kevin. Paul headed to the APSR. He spoke to the cameras. He said he threw the double eviction veto competition because he didn’t want to get the blood on his hands. As for last night’s HoH competition, he said he convinced everybody to throw it to Josh since he didn’t know what Kevin would do. Paul said Josh will nominate Alex and Kevin, and the best case scenario is that Alex leaves this week. Paul said he would then just have to beat Kevin next week. Paul thinks he has a spot in the Final 4 already, since he knows that Josh will not put him up. Paul said he has made it to Day 80 without going on the block, and he will not go on the block the whole season if he wins HoH next week. Paul said he isn’t sure whether or not he wants to win the veto. He said he would be kind of screwed if he wins and doesn’t use it on Alex. Paul thinks that Kevin winning it would be the best case scenario.

4:00-5:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Josh told Christmas and Paul that he wants to speak to Alex before nominations. He said he will tell her that he is alone and cannot compete next week, so he is going to put her up because she is too strong and he doesn’t think that she will take him to the Final 3. Paul asked why he doesn’t just talk to her after. Josh said he already blindsided her last night with the Jason vote. Paul said he would talk to her after instead of beforehand. Paul brought up that Kevin is going to gun for HoH next week. Josh said he will gun for everything from here on out. Paul said Josh has to psych Kevin out. He said there needs to be another blowup. Paul told Josh he needs him to get Kevin riled up. Christmas said Josh could call him out when he makes his nominations. Paul said they will have to drop some bombs on Kevin before the HoH competition if Alex leaves this week. Paul let Christmas know that Kevin wants to go to the Final 3 with her. Josh said Kevin wants him out. Paul said Alex and Kevin played themselves since it’s 3 v 2 and those two hate each other. Paul mentioned to Christmas that if she doesn’t mind being the replacement nominee if Kevin comes down, she won’t have to vote for anybody or get any blood on her hands. Paul said he and Kevin will be the votes, and there is no way that Kevin will vote against Christmas. As for him, he said he could tell Alex that he can’t put that decision on Josh, especially when Josh wants him out, so he has to vote her out to save his game.

5:00-6:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Josh nominated Alex and Kevin for eviction. In the APSR, Alex cried to Josh. Alex said the last person she trusted just stabbed her in the back. Alex said she will play in the veto but she doesn’t want to talk. Josh said he will be competing too. He said they need to have a conversation at some point. Alex said she didn’t want to talk. Alex mentioned that she easily could have thrown anyone up last night, but Josh was the only person she trusted. After Josh left the room, Alex looked to the cameras and said that she was faking the tears. Josh cried to Christmas and Paul. He said he feels like an awful person. Paul said Josh is being duped. He said people are taking advantage of Josh’s heart. Josh mentioned that he will speak to Alex later if she wants to talk. Paul told him not to speak to her anymore, because all she is going to do is make him feel bad. Christmas said Alex is going to mess with Josh’s head in order to weaken him ahead of tomorrow’s veto competition.

6:00-7:00 PM: Paul went to speak to Alex. She asked him if she has ever told him that she can cry on command. Alex said she thinks Josh wants to win the veto and use it on her, but she is worried about Paul then. Alex added that Josh is claiming that Kevin is his target, but she doesn’t believe it. She said she thinks Paul will be backdoored if the veto is used. Alex told Paul she is trying to create distance between her and Josh. Alex said they really messed up by leaving Christmas there cause now she is now trying to win and she might. Alex told Paul that Christmas, Josh or Kevin will win the game if Paul doesn’t win the veto tomorrow. Alex told Paul it will be a split vote and Josh will probably send her home. Alex told Paul they are in danger right now. She said she doesn’t think that they can phase Josh at this point, so the last ditch effort is to cry to make him feel bad. Elsewhere, Josh asked Christmas what Paul is doing right now. Christmas said he is probably just talking to her since it would be weird if he was not. Josh asked Christmas if she can promise that they will sit in Final 2. Christmas said she has not made that decision. She said she has been thinking about it and tormenting herself. Christmas said she truthfully doesn’t want that decision. Josh told Christmas he is taking her. Josh said he knows he is losing the game, but he would rather lose to her. Christmas told Josh it would be smartest to take Paul. She said she can only do half the competitions, plus she is probably in okay standing with most of the jury right now. Josh said he doesn’t care. He said he is taking Christmas. Christmas said that’s not smart for his game. Josh said he doesn’t care. Christmas told Josh she doesn’t know who she will take, but she does not want that decision. Upstairs, Paul told Josh that the competitions towards the end are typically very physically demanding. Paul suggested that the two of them would end up in Part 3 of the final HoH competition if they get there with Christmas. Paul asked if Josh has talked to Christmas about what will happen at that point. Josh said Christmas only tells him that she will be happy with the three of them getting there. Paul said she tells him the same. Josh said Christmas doesn’t seem like she will be upset if she leaves. Paul said he gets that vibe from her as well. They discussed that Christmas doesn’t want to feel like she was carried to the end. Both agreed that Christmas likely wouldn’t care if they picked each other over her.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul told Josh they have to win the veto and send Alex out. Paul mentioned that if Christmas is fine with going on the block, he would rather not since it’s scary at this point. Paul said Christmas could go up if Kevin takes himself down, because they know that Kevin would not vote against Christmas. Paul said if Josh makes it clear that he wants the stronger competitor out, he can tell Alex it’s clear that Josh will not break the tie in her favour, so he has to vote her out. Josh said he is screwed for next week if Kevin wins HoH. Paul disagreed. He said Josh will still have the veto competition. Paul told Josh not to use the veto if he is on the block next to Christmas. Paul told Josh that he will be the sole vote and he knows which way he is voting. Paul encouraged Josh to throw Kevin off, get under his skin, and agitate him prior to the next HoH competition. Paul said all he has to do is win two competitions next week, then they will each win one of the final HoH competitions, and make it to the end together. After Paul left the room, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said it’s going to be a hard week. Josh admitted that he doesn’t know if he should flip the house to get Paul out. He said he knows that he will beat Alex and Kevin at the end. Josh brought up that Christmas wouldn’t commit to taking him to the end even though he plans to take her. While Josh believes that Paul would take him, he said he knows that Paul would beat him. Josh debated sticking with Paul or telling Alex everything, using the veto on her, and taking Paul out. Josh thinks that Christmas is going to take Paul to the end if she has the option to. He said her face, her words, and her tone led him to believe that she will not take him to the end. Josh pointed out that Alex and Kevin will take him over each other. Josh said he wants to win the veto, use it on Alex, and get Paul out. However, he doesn’t think that Alex would vote to evict Paul. He also doesn’t think that Christmas would do that. Josh then said he could just go to the Final 3 with Paul before taking the shot then. He said he might just go with that route.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul told Alex that he really doesn’t know what to do right now, so he is just being nice to everybody. Alex said if Josh tells her he wants to target Paul, she will say that’s the only person that has had her back. Alex mentioned that Christmas made it seem as though she knew she wouldn’t go up. Alex said Josh is playing the best game out of Christmas, Josh and Kevin. Alex said she will try to convince Josh to put up Christmas. Paul told her to try. Alex said she doesn’t want it to get back to Christmas, because Christmas is crazy.

9:00-10:00 PM: Alex headed up to the HoH room. She asked Josh when the plan to get Jason out was put into place. Josh said it wasn’t a plan or anything. He said he wasn’t going to vote Jason out, but Jason is a beast and he cannot beat him in a competition. Josh also questioned why Jason would say he had his two in reference to Alex and Paul. Alex said she only has a bond with Paul because Paul used the veto on her. Alex said she understands Josh’s move from a game standpoint, but not as friends. Alex also said she didn’t like what Christmas did to Jason. She said it was a team effort and they had a plan, yet Christmas didn’t stick to the plan. Josh told Alex there is a veto competition tomorrow, so she needs to focus since she is one of the strongest competitors in the house. Josh told Alex there is a lot he would like to tell her, though he can’t do it. He told her to gun for the veto, then they will go from there. Alex mentioned thinking that it would be Josh, Paul and herself once Jason left. Alex cried and said she will give Josh a fair assessment even though she doesn’t know if she will be friends with him. Alex told Josh he didn’t play a friend game. She said he has done this to her three times now, with Jillian, Jason and now herself. Alex told Josh he forgot who saved him less than 24 hours after it happened. She said she doesn’t know if she has it in her to forgive him again. Afterwards, Christmas asked what that was about. Josh said it was the same thing as before. Christmas told Josh that Alex said she doesn’t want to be friends with him outside of the house. Christmas asked why Josh is moping when Alex said the only person she has done something for is Paul. Paul joined them. He told Josh that Alex is faking it when she gets upset. Josh pointed out he said that all of the heat would end up on him. Paul argued that it’s not on him. Josh said it is. Christmas said she can’t listen if Josh is going to have a woe is me moment. Josh said it’s fine. Christmas told Josh she needs him to snap out of it. She said he can either be their teammate or let Alex ruin his game. Paul brought up that he is in Alex’s ear, enabling him to bring back information to Josh, yet Josh is still falling into her trap. Josh said he is fine. Paul told Josh not to speak to Alex in private anymore. Paul said it pisses him off that Alex is maliciously trying to take advantage of someone by fake crying and trying to get to him on an emotional level.

11:00-12:00 AM: Alex let Paul know that Josh basically said he is going after her because she is too strong of a competitor. Alex said Josh was saying he doesn’t think that he could beat either of them, but he can beat Christmas or Kevin. Alex told Paul she tried to cry but it wasn’t working since Josh told her to stop crying. Paul asked who Alex thinks is in Josh’s ear. Alex said Christmas. Alex told Paul that him winning the veto would be the best case scenario since it would keep them both safe. Paul asked Alex if she thinks they could beat everybody at the end. Alex said yeah, then later said Christmas and Kevin are maybes. She told Paul he would likely sweep against Josh.

1:00-2:00 AM: Paul asked Josh if he told Alex that he wants him out. Josh said no. Paul said Alex told him that he wants to get strong competitors out and he is coming after him if he can’t get her. Josh said he will confront her tomorrow. Paul said he doesn’t have to. Josh told Paul he said she is a strong competitor and he can’t move forward with her. Josh assured Paul that he didn’t say anything about him. Paul said if he wins the veto, he can decide not to use it, saying she lied. Josh again said they can call her out. Paul said it can’t be done until after the veto competition.

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