Big Brother 19 Day 81 - Paul wins the Power of Veto

September 9, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Josh spoke to the cameras. Josh said he is 10 days away from making his biggest dream come true. Josh said he is having a tough time cause he has grown to love all these people. However, he said he has to remind himself that he came there to win. Josh said Paul has played a great game. He said he loves the guy and they have had each other’s backs, but he has to make the best move for him. Josh said Paul is promising him Final 2, but he cannot beat Paul at the end. Josh admitted he is having a hard time deciding what to do. Josh said they don’t know where Alex will take a shot. He said it’s scary that she says she will turn on anybody. Josh said if he gets Paul out, he thinks that Christmas is going to turn on him. Josh mentioned that Paul is going to fight to get them to the top three, so he has to trust him. Josh said he is not afraid to go to the Final 3 with Paul and fight it out, cause he is willing to take that gamble. Josh said he will wait to see how everything plays out with the veto, cause he doesn’t know what he is going to do. Josh said it scares him that he cannot compete next week. He said Alex is his target, but he doesn’t know if it’s a better move to get rid of Paul. A little while later, Josh said the one promise he wants to keep is the one he made to his parents that he will do whatever it takes to win. Josh thinks this decision will decide whether or not he wins the $500,000. Josh said he has had a lot of people’s backs in this game, but his heart is with his family. He said he has to do what’s best for him. Josh said he loves Christmas and Paul so much, so he hopes they will be in the Final 3 together, though it’s hard because he has no choice but to turn on Paul. Josh said Paul has played the best game since Vanessa. Josh said he doesn’t know if he wants to make the move that Steve made to take out Vanessa at Final 3, or make the move that Vanessa made to take Austin out. Josh talked about watching the live feeds with his mom during Big Brother 17, and how she would question how people are not catching on to Vanessa’s game. Josh thinks his mom is asking how he is not getting rid of Paul. Josh thinks that Christmas will take Paul to the end over him. He figures that Christmas thinks Paul has pissed a lot of people off. Josh said he will take Christmas if he has the chance to. He also believes that Paul will take him, though he knows the type of game that Paul has played. As for Alex, Josh said she is ruthless and will take a shot at anybody. Josh worried that Alex would take him out next week if he takes Paul out this week. Josh asked for some prayers or clarity, as he keeps going back and forth on the decision. He believes that the fans want him to take the shot at Paul, cause he remembers how he felt while watching Vanessa. However, Josh said he thinks it’s too early.

6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. The competition was BB Comics. Paul won the Power of Veto.

7:00-8:00 PM: Alex followed Paul into the storage room. She high fived him. She asked if they are going to take Kevin to the end with them. Paul said no. Alex asked who they are going to take then. Paul said he doesn’t know. Alex asked if Kevin threw it for them. Paul said he definitely threw it. Alex asked if Paul told him to throw it. Paul said no. He added that he doesn’t know what Kevin’s plan was. Next up, Paul spoke to Christmas. He said he is excited but he doesn’t know what to say to Alex. Paul asked for help with that. Paul said he is obviously not going to use the veto, but he feels really bad. Paul mentioned that Alex tried while Kevin didn’t, so it’s frustrating. Paul said it sucks but it’s for the greater good.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul told Kevin he owes him. Paul told Kevin to protect him next week. Kevin said he would leave before he would let Paul go. Kevin said it’s his turn to win HoH, and he will put Christmas and Josh up. Kevin said they will get to the end with Christmas, then Paul will win. Christmas and Paul then spoke. Christmas said she is doing some thinking about scenarios, as Paul could keep his promise to Alex by using the veto on her. She said Josh would then have to nominate her, but they could vote Kevin out. Paul said no that plan. He explained that he is not saving Alex. Paul is concerned that she would beat him. He told Christmas that there has to be a way to distribute the blame so that Alex doesn’t hate him. Paul said he is thinking of saying he can’t beat Alex, plus he will lose Christmas’, Josh’s and Kevin’s jury votes if he uses the veto. Paul said his other idea is that he says Christmas and Josh have had his back since Day 1, so he cannot turn on them. Christmas told Paul he has to think about the backlash of that, because Alex might think he played her the whole game. Josh joined them. Paul said he is going to tell Alex that he was in a tough spot this week and he would have went home if he didn’t win the veto. Paul asked Josh if he would mind saying that he told him he will lose his jury vote if he uses the veto. Josh said he doesn’t want to do that. Paul said he has to explain why he isn’t using the veto. Josh told Paul to do whatever he feels comfortable with. Paul said he would rather not expose that they have been working together. Paul let Christmas and Josh know that Kevin said he would nominate the two of them if Paul throws HoH to him. He said he needs Josh to help him by blowing up on Kevin before the HoH competition. After Josh left, Alex told him that they have a plan to stick to in reference to getting Kevin out. Meanwhile, Paul said he will try to talk to Alex in a way where she doesn’t come yapping to Christmas and Josh afterwards. Christmas suggested not flat out saying that they said he would lose their jury votes.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul told Christmas and Josh they all have to tell Alex that they want her out. Paul said they all have to say it in order for it to work, because he will tell Alex that Josh will vote her out even if he forces a tie. Christmas asked Josh if he is okay with Paul saying that Josh said he wont give him his jury vote. Josh said no. Christmas again suggested that Paul frame it in a way where he doesn’t say they forced the issue. Christmas said they can all take their individual heat, but he shouldn’t express that they forced the jury vote. Josh said that would be like an ultimatum. Paul said he wont do it then. They continued to discuss options. Paul said he doesn’t want to expose that they are together. He prefers that everyone wait to see when they watch back. Paul said he will stick with saying he cannot beat Alex in the end, he would have gone if he didn’t win the veto, and he would lose jury votes if he uses the veto on her. Paul said he doesn’t think that Alex can be mad if they all tell her that they don’t think they can beat her. Paul said he will pull her aside tomorrow to let her know. Christmas voiced some frustrations about Kevin. Paul told her to save it for the HoH competition. He brought up that she could say she heard that Kevin wants to bang her. Christmas said she can asked if if they flipped a coin to see who would bang her in jury. Christmas said she will rape Kevin’s soul with her words. Josh left and headed to the storage room. He repeatedly said “Christmas is such a fool”. Josh then headed upstairs. He spoke to the cameras. Josh said Paul is putting all of the blood on him and Christmas. Josh said Paul has not pissed anybody off or got any blood on his hands. Josh was frustrated that Paul would put all of the heat on him when he has been nothing but loyal to Paul. Josh commented that Christmas is so naive and she is eating up everything that Paul is feeding her. Josh said he now has to go to the Final 3 with Christmas and Paul since Paul won the veto. However, Josh said he might blow up the house since Paul thinks he is going to leave with his hands clean. Josh said Christmas is unable to connect the dots. Josh brought up that Paul doesn’t want anyone to know that they were working together until they watch it back from home. He said he is pretty sure that Jason is spreading that in the jury already, since he told them about their Final 3. Josh said he will not change for the game, so he will remain loyal to Christmas and Paul until the Final 3, then he will be taking Paul out if he wins the final HoH competition. Josh said he will be exposing their alliance in his jury speech.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh talked about bringing out the pots and pans on Kevin. Paul said he has to do more than that, such as attacking Kevin’s character. Christmas said she will start it off. Paul said Josh can add the cherry on top. Paul said he will go do pushups in the corner while it’s happening. Christmas told Josh that what she has to say will strike a nerve faster and harder than what Josh could do by attacking first, so he needs to wait and then jump in after. Christmas also said that Kevin wont be able to come back at her and say what he wants to say. Christmas said she will piss Kevin off by calling him out for being an old man pervert. She said he wont be able to think straight. Christmas told Paul to put her up next to Kevin so that his ego will shatter when she stays over him. Paul said she could also be the sole vote against him if she isn’t on the block.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said Alex is a beast of a competitor but she always protected him and was straightforward with him. Josh added that Alex is not trying to pull shady stuff, as she is trying to get to the end with competitors. Josh said if he were to tell Alex everything, she would wake up and everything would click. Josh said he would then turn on Christmas and Paul. Josh said it’s a game move, but Paul wants to paint it to make it look shady on him. Josh talked about how Paul is playing Alex and did the same thing to Jason as well. Josh hopes that Alex will respect the game move down the line. Josh wants to have a conversation with Alex so that she will know where he stood with her. Josh said Paul is protecting his game, so now it’s time for him to protect his own too. Josh said he will not let things go down the way that Paul wants them to, cause he is going to be straight up with Alex. Josh asked Kevin if he threw the competition. Kevin said he wanted to win but he couldn’t see the colours. Paul had earlier mentioned that Kevin once told him he is colourblind. Kevin’s time maxed out at 45 minutes. He said Paul won with a time of 12 minutes. Alex finished with a time of 14 minutes. Josh talked to Kevin about how this is tough for him since he has grown attached to everyone left in the game.

12:00-1:00 AM: Out in the yard, Kevin asked Paul if he is good. Paul assured Kevin that he is fine. Kevin told Paul they are going to be two of the Final 3. Paul wondered if he could get Christmas to throw HoH to him. Kevin said to let him have it. He talked about wanting to see his kids. He told Paul he will do what he wants. Paul suggested it may be best for Kevin not to win since he hasn’t won up to this point. Paul explained that Kevin could use that is his speech at the end. Kevin said he would like to win, though he will talk it over with him. Kevin brought up that both Alex and Josh have spoken to him tonight. At one point, Paul revealed that he voted to evict Kevin over Jason. Paul said he knows what he is doing. Kevin said the mistake that everyone made in the beginning is that they wanted to take Paul out instead of working with him. Kevin said he was the only one to side with Paul. Kevin said their deal still stands.

1:00-2:00 AM: Paul told Christmas that Alex said she was acting like she was going up tomorrow and going home. Paul said Alex mentioned Christmas said she will see Raven in jury house. Christmas denied saying anything like that. Paul said he is not doubting Christmas. Paul said he thinks Alex feels threatened by Christmas because she thinks Christmas would beat her, or she thinks he would take Christmas to the end over Alex. Paul said he thinks Alex is under the assumption that he will use the veto. Christmas said Alex would then try to get her targeted. Paul told Christmas he might be able to convince Kevin to throw HoH. Paul said he thinks Kevin will let him win HoH if Christmas and Josh blow up on him before the competition. Christmas said they need to keep Josh away from Alex, because he folds. Paul said they might need to keep him out of it, telling Alex that the two of them aren’t voting to keep her. However, Paul said all of the heat would be on them then. Christmas told Paul that Kevin is trying to attack her personal character by implying to America that she is trying to pursue a married man with a kid on the way. Paul said Kevin was also implying that he could pull off sleeping with Christmas. Paul asked if he can tell Alex that he will be the next target if he uses the veto, or else they can all battle it out of he doesn’t use it. Christmas said she doesn’t care but she doesn’t think that Josh wants him to say that. Paul asked why Josh is tripping so hard. Christmas said Josh thinks that everyone in jury hates him. Paul said everyone in jury hates all of them. Paul added that he doesn’t know why Josh is so focused on jury. Paul said he is not going to beg for votes. He questioned what Josh will tell the jury if he is not going to make any moves. Josh joined them. Christmas and Paul told Josh he has to be firm with Alex. Paul told Josh to stop thinking about jury votes. He said he hasn’t thought about it once. Josh said he doesn’t care about jury votes. Paul said everything will get all messed up if the jurors connect the three of them, so he would rather keep it between them. Josh said he thinks Jason and Kevin caught wind of it. Paul said the beauty of sending Kevin out next week is that he goes straight to the jury roundtable, not to the jury house, so he can’t compare notes with people. Paul said Raven is the only person that can screw them. Christmas asked how. Paul said Raven knows that they were all in on the plan to get Jason out. Paul spoke to Josh about Alex fake crying in order to manipulate him. Paul said that’s why he slapped Josh, because he needs to snap out of it. Josh wants to confront Alex for saying Josh suggested that he would take Paul out. Paul said he cannot do that, seeing as it would blow his cover with Alex.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul told Josh that Alex said Christmas was acting like she was going up. He said it’s a little weird. Paul said he is not questioning Christmas, but he thinks that she is smart. Paul suggested that Christmas is trying to watch out for her own game. Josh said he feels that he has given 100% to Christmas and Paul, yet everyone attacks him for it. Paul reiterated that he will take Josh to the Final 2 if he gets to make the choice. Josh said “same”. They shook on it.

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