Big Brother 19 Day 82 - Paul tells Alex his plan for the veto

September 10, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul talked to Christmas about his plan to speak to Alex. Christmas said they have to make sure that Josh doesn’t believe anything that Alex says afterwards. Paul said Alex is going to say she would have campaigned had he went on the block, so he will say they can try to go that route. Christmas reminded Paul that Alex asked them to please not blindside her, so she should understand the game move. Paul said he is going to go tell Alex in order to get it out of the way. He asked Christmas to give Josh a heads up so that he can be ready for the backlash. Christmas headed up to the HoH room to let Josh know that Paul is about to speak to Alex. In the kitchen, Alex asked Paul who they are taking to the Final 3. Paul asked her to come to the APSR to talk to him. Paul said he is in a bit of a pickle, cause he thinks he is throwing his game in the trash if he uses the veto on her. Paul said he is looking at all of the options. Paul said he will lose Christmas’, Josh’s and Kevin’s jury votes if he uses the veto on her. On top of that, he said Alex would get Cody and Jason’s votes if he is in the Final 2 with her, so he would lose the game. Paul said it would be a different story if they can convince Christmas and Josh to keep her. Paul said he is genuinely torn. He told Alex he knows they can sweep their way to the end, but he will lose to her. Paul said people would look at him and say he made the same mistake as last season. Alex said she wanted Paul to win the veto. Paul said he knows she did.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paul told Alex he wouldn’t have held it against Alex had she won and used it on herself. Alex said Paul has got to do what is best for his game. Paul said he doesn’t want to disappoint people again, and he knows he would be securing a loss if he uses the veto. Paul said he knows he would be the next target if he uses it, cause people have been hinting at it. Alex said she didn’t want to throw last week’s veto competition to Paul, but she did it to save the two of them. Alex said she would have saved Jason. Alex told Paul she put him before Jason, which is what’s killing her. Alex suggested that Paul would not have actually been backdoored last week like he thinks he would have. Alex said they should have sent Kevin home in the double eviction like she had asked. She told Paul that Josh was the only one to listen to her. Alex said she is being screwed left and right. Paul said he hopes she doesn’t think that he screwed her. Alex told Paul they will be friends outside of the game. Inside of the game, she said this sucks. Paul said he would never expect Alex to put him in front of Jason. Alex pointed out that they even had that conversation. Paul continued to reiterate that he loses the game if he makes this move. Alex said she understands his position. She told Paul there is no way that Christmas and Josh will agree to keep her. Paul said he messed up since he should have won HoH. Paul said he thinks he can win the game if he takes Josh to the end. Alex mentioned that’s exactly what Cody said Paul would do. Paul said Cody isn’t a mindreader, and that was not his plan all along. Alex told Paul she would have saved him if the roles were reversed. Paul said Alex knows she would have won the game. She said she still would have done it. Alex added that she was even considering not using the veto had she won, in order to keep Paul from going on the block. Paul said he wouldn’t have let her do that. Alex said she feels that they set the game up for the four to sweep their way to the end, and they are going to make it easy while she goes home. Alex told Paul to do what is best for his game. She said she is not pissed at him, though she is pissed at the situation. Alex said she wishes they had talked about this before. Paul said he didn’t think the situation would be like this, then he spoke to people and got a feel for the vibe around the house. Alex told Paul she walked during the BB Comics competition because she wanted him to win. She said she is so stupid. Again, Alex said she is not mad at Paul. She said she is mad at herself. Alex told Paul she would have taken him to the end even if she knew that she would lose to him. Alex said she is pissed that this is securing a loss for her. Paul said he would happily make the mistake if this were his first time playing, but he can’t make the same mistake twice. Paul said he will see if he can get into their heads about keeping her. Alex brought up that she said Christmas was getting cocky and Kevin needed to go. Alex said she set herself up for this and for Jason to go. Paul told Alex she can’t blame herself for things that they cannot control. He told her if it’s any consolation, he thinks she will win America’s Favorite. Alex said that doesn’t make it any better. Alex explained that it sucks to have a team, trust them, and talk all season about going to the end with them, only for this to happen. Paul again told Alex he will try to talk people into keeping her. Alex said they don’t have to keep talking about this, cause it only makes it’s worse. Alex said she wishes they had listened to her when she wanted Kevin out, cause then she wouldn’t feel so bad about leaving before him. Alex assured Paul that he will have her jury vote. She said Jason might think this was Paul’s plan all along, but she will tell him to vote for her. After the conversation wrapped up, Paul started to cry. He headed up to the HoH room where Christmas and Josh were chatting. He let them know he told Alex he would try to get them to keep her. Paul said Alex called him selfish because she doesn’t know that he is protecting the two of them. Josh asked if Alex is okay. Paul said she thanked him for being honest. Paul told Christmas and Josh they need to give Alex a no, cause they cannot give her any hope and hurt her even more.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Christmas and Josh that what he had to do with Alex was tough, cause he had to tell her it’s his game or hers. Christmas implied that Alex wouldn’t have saved Paul if the roles were reversed. Paul said he knows that, though it still hurts him. Paul said they have to say that getting Kevin out will be easy next week. Josh left the room. Paul questioned what he is doing. Christmas wondered what he would be upset about. Josh spoke to the cameras. He said it pisses him off that he has been real and genuine, yet others are manipulating situations for the benefit of their own games. Josh said Paul made it seem as though he is in Alex’s corner and he is all alone. Josh said Paul is behind this move just as much and he and Christmas are. Josh wanted to know why they can’t show their cards. He thinks it’s because it will make Paul look like the manipulator. Christmas and Paul both came by to try to talk to Josh. He told them he needs a minute. Josh said he would like to be honest with Alex. His concern is that hit will hurt his chances of making it to the end. Josh said there is once again no blood or heat on Paul. Paul came by. He asked what’s bothering Josh. Paul followed it up by saying he just did the hardest thing ever. Paul told Josh you have to do those things for the people you are loyal to. Paul said Josh cannot be getting up and walking out, otherwise Christmas will start tripping. Paul said Josh shouldn’t be tripping, considering that he is the on who just had to tell Alex he is not using the veto. Paul said he took the heat, so Josh shouldn’t sit back and not disperse it. In the kitchen, Alex to Josh that Paul said he isn’t going to use the veto on her. Josh asked if she wants to talk. Alex said she doesn’t want to cry anymore. Josh asked her to talk a couple of more times. Alex started to tear up and walked away. She said she doesn’t want to talk game anymore. Josh then started crying. He went up to his HoH room.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the HoH room, Josh noted that Paul has everybody believing that he hasn’t done anything to them. Josh said all of the attention is on him and on Christmas. Josh called Christmas naive for buying into whatever Paul says. Josh wondered if he should ruin his game by exposing his alliance with Christmas and Paul to Alex. He later said Christmas is going to take Paul to Final 2 over him. Josh thinks that is why Christmas is fine with letting Paul do all of this. Josh said if they keep being selfish, he just might ask for a split vote and then keep Alex. Josh said he could ask for a split vote in front of Alex.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul told Christmas to keep Alex away from Josh. She said she thinks they need to keep Josh away from Alex. Minutes later, Christmas asked Josh about him speaking to Alex. Josh told Christmas that Alex told him Paul is not using the veto. Josh said he asked Alex if she wanted to talk, but she didn’t want to. Christmas said Josh cannot be upset about that. Christmas asked Josh what is going on with him. Josh said he needs a minute. She said he has been taking a minute. Christmas asked why. Josh said he would talk when is ready. Christmas told Josh to leave Alex alone. Josh said he is going to see what she is doing. Christmas questioned why. Josh went to ask Alex if she would like to talk. Alex said she doesn’t want to talk game. Josh said he doesn’t feel good because he feels like he is hurting Alex. Josh said he didn’t want to have to go against Alex or Jason. Josh let Alex know he loves her and appreciates her friendship. Josh apologized and said he thinks she will understand when she gets out of the house. Josh started crying. Alex said not to cry, cause she is the one that needs to cry. Alex said they want her out and that’s the end of it, so she doesn’t want to talk. Alex left the room. Josh followed her and asked her to please talk to him. Alex said it will only make things worse. Alex told Jason she is tired of it since she and Jason trusted them. Alex again told Josh to stop crying. Josh said he loves her, but Alex said it doesn’t matter since they are not their friends anymore. Alex said Jason is her only friends. She told Josh “you guys are going to win”. She said they did nothing and she doesn’t want to talk. Alex told Josh she will give him a fair shot at getting her vote. Josh said he cares about being her friend. Alex told Josh she doesn’t want to be his friend. Alex cried and said Kevin should be leaving over her. Meanwhile, Christmas told Paul that Josh is talking to Alex. She said if Josh wants to cry and be the victim, she will make him have to be the tiebreaker. Josh made his way to the kitchen. Christmas told him she needs a second with him. Christmas went over Josh’s three options, one of which involved her going on the block. Christmas told him to make a decision and stick to it. She then walked out. Paul asked Alex if she has had any luck. Alex said she told Josh to get way from her. Alex said they are sending her out because she is better than them. Alex told Paul she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Alex brought up that Jason was fine with coming in second to her, yet she let him down. Alex explained that she chose Paul over Jason when she should have won the veto and pulled Jason down. Alex said she thought about Paul over Jason because Paul didn’t want to go on the block, then Jason went home and now she is following him out the door. Alex said she understands this as a game move but not as a friendship move. Alex told Paul he will still have her jury vote. She also vowed to help convince the jury to vote for Paul. She later brought up that Paul didn’t even have her back when she wanted them to vote Kevin out over Raven. Elsewhere, Josh approached Christmas. She sarcastically asked if he wants to talk now. She told him to handle this role since he said he could. She said Josh shouldn’t talk to Alex. Josh pointed out that Christmas and Paul are talking to her. Josh said they are fine with Alex but she is putting all of the heat on him. Christmas told Josh to give Alex her space since she doesn’t want to talk. Paul joined them. He told Josh he played himself big time. Paul said Alex is now going nuts. He said Alex doesn’t want Josh’s sympathy. Paul questioned why Josh is jeopardizing their games. Josh said all he did was tell Alex he loves her. He claimed he had to have the conversation. Paul said he didn’t Josh said both Christmas and Paul had conversations with Alex. Paul asked how they are going to vote. He said Alex now thinks that Josh could be convinced to vote for her, so it falls back on Josh now. Josh told them to do whatever they want, such as making it a split vote. Josh said he will send Alex home. When Paul said Josh made the situation worse, Josh again said he can make it a split vote.

5:00-6:00 PM: When Christmas and Paul continued to grill Josh, he said to make it a split vote, he will send Alex out, and then next week they can send him out for messing up. Paul said Josh cannot mess things up this late in the game. Paul said now if they don’t do the split vote, she will piece things together. Josh told Paul to split the vote. Paul questioned what if Josh doesn’t evict Alex. Josh asked when he has not done something he has said he would do. He insisted that Alex would go. Christmas and Paul continued explaining to Josh that he is exposing their games. When Paul again brought up that he doesn’t know if Josh would evict Alex. Josh sarcastically said he will keep Alex so that she can go after Christmas and Paul, cause that’s his style. Christmas said Josh is only making it harder on himself by doing these things. Paul told Josh that everything he did today has now gone to waste because of what he did. Paul asked why Josh throws his advice back in his face. Paul said he doesn’t understand what Josh is doing unless he is trying to mess up his game. Josh apologized. Afterwards, Paul told Alex that the split vote might work. Alex said she is done. Alex told Paul he should be careful since he doesn’t know if Josh would take him to the end. Paul said nobody would. Alex said she thinks that Kevin would. Paul suggested that Kevin would take Christmas over him. Alex said she wouldn’t take Kevin to Final 2. Paul said taking Christmas is risky too. Alex said Paul would have to take Josh. Alex expressed her frustration with Josh for crying after making decisions. Alex said they are friends and Paul is screwing her right now. Paul said he doesn’t want Alex to look at it that way. Alex said Paul would feel the same way if the roles were reversed. Alex told Paul that if they did things the other way, they would both be getting something. Paul said he would be getting boned. Alex disagreed. She said they both get something, plus Paul doesn’t know how they jury would vote. Paul asked Alex if she wants him to try the split vote. Alex said it’s not going to work. Paul went inside to tell Christmas that they may not have to split the vote since Alex is checked out. Josh joined them. He told Paul he is fine with them splitting the vote. Paul said he doesn’t know what to do. Outside, Alex said to herself that “friendship was a lie”.

6:00-7:00 PM: Paul let Josh know that his crying pissed Alex off. Josh said he wont talk to her anymore. Paul said the damage is already done. Josh said Paul can calm Alex down, then split the vote. Paul said Alex is going to come to Josh if he tells her that he will split the vote. Josh told Paul he will say he is sorry but he wont beat her if he keeps her. Outside, Alex asked Christmas why she voted for Raven to go and which way her vote will be going this week. Christmas said Raven is a better competitor than Kevin is, similarly to how Alex is a better competitor than Kevin. Christmas said she doesn’t think Kevin deserves to be where he is in the game, but she thinks she can beat him in competitions. Alex asked if Christmas would hold it against Paul if he were to use the veto. Alex said her vote would 100% go to Kevin in that scenario. Christmas said it’s not that she would hold it against him, but she would see them going to the Final 2. Christmas said she cannot beat Alex in the Final 2. Christmas relayed the conversation back to Josh and Paul. She told Josh to tell Alex the same thing if and only if she asks him. Alex told Paul to win next week. She said they are all coming for him next. Alex said she is checking out and she doesn’t feel bad anymore. Alex assured Paul that she will do what she can in terms of getting Jason to vote for him since he is the best game player. Alex said Jason might think that Paul was working against them the whole time and the plan was to get them out, but she will try to convince him otherwise. She also said that Josh might think Paul control Christmas and Josh to the end, and that was his plan. Paul said that’s crazy. They discussed that Paul’s best shot is to get to the Final 2 with Josh. Paul told Alex to let him know if she wants his vote. Alex said it’s not worth it since it’s just one vote.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul said Josh is his best bet to take to the end. Paul mentioned to Alex that Dr. Will is at the jury round table in order to eliminate saltiness. Paul said Josh was just as crazy as him and he pissed people off. Alex argued that Josh turned his game around. Paul said it was because of them. Alex told Paul to take Josh then. Paul said Josh didn’t ever know what to do while he was HoH, so it was them pretty much telling him. Paul said he will be fine as long as Raven doesn’t think that he screwed her over. Alex said she will talk to Raven for him. Alex let Paul know that she will not be hugging anyone when she leaves. She said the only person she knows for sure that she wants to be friends with after this is Jason. Paul then headed outside to let Christmas and Josh know that Alex is over it and doesn’t even care to have a split vote. In the living room, Alex spoke to the cameras. She asked America to give her America’s Favorite. Alex said so much for friendship. She said she will not blow up people’s games. Alex said she should have been praying for herself, not Paul, to win the veto competition yesterday. Alex told Paul’s fans that Paul is pulling a coward move. She said Jason would not have done that.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh asked Christmas and Paul if they want to split the vote so that they feel better. Josh said he will do it if so. Paul said no. Christmas told Josh it would only give Alex hope and then crush her even more. She didn’t see a point in doing that. Josh brought up that he cannot stand Kevin. Christmas said he was the best option to bring to this point, as no one else would be this easy to pick off. Christmas said nobody is going to remember Kevin. She said they will remember Alex, Jason, and definitely Raven. As for Kevin, Christmas said he didn’t ever do anything and he was never an exceptional character.

10:00-11:00 PM: Alex spoke to the cameras again. She said that she and Paul had agreed to take each other all the way to the end, but Paul lied. Alex said Paul is not the person that she thought he was. Alex added that Paul is also not the friends that she thought he was. Alex said the best she can hope for is America’s Favorite since she fought hard throughout and was only held down because friendship wasn’t a thing. Alex said these people all played her but didn’t win anything. Alex said Paul screwed her. She hopes that people see that and realize it is not friendship. Alex let the Paul fans know that they don’t have to worry, because she is still going to vote for Paul since he played the best game. Pop TV gave the houseguests the ingredients to make milkshakes. Alex headed back to the have-not room to read the bible. She said she is not making milkshakes with all of these counterfeits. She said Paul is the biggest counterfeit of them all. Alex added that they all needed her help to get to this point, yet they don’t want to return the favour. Alex said Jason was right that Paul is a huge counterfeit. Alex said Paul played. She said Paul’s friendship was not real, cause a real friend would have brought her to the end.

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