Big Brother 19 Day 83 - Paul decides not to use the Power of Veto

September 11, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Josh told Paul he will cry another 20 more times before they leave. He said it’s hard since they are good people, have good hearts, and care for people. He added that Alex has been good friends with them this whole time. Josh said they can’t crumble now. Paul asked how Josh plans to throw Kevin off. Josh said he will call him fat, old, and say he floated to Final 5. Paul said he doesn’t have to call him fat and old. Josh said he doesn’t care. Josh said Kevin pisses him off cause he hasn’t done anything. Josh talked about how Kevin would be able to beat them even though he did nothing, because he has been sucking up to the jurors before they leave. Josh told Paul he is upset about yesterday because Christmas was telling him some crazy stuff, such as that “it’s either me or her (Alex)”. Josh questioned why she would even be thinking like that. Josh said it hurts him since he has feelings. Paul said Christmas trips when Josh trips. Josh said Christmas apologized but it made him feel really uncomfortable. Josh told Paul he has been like a brother to him in this house. Josh said he would have been screwed if he didn’t have Paul to lean on. Paul said he had to play an aggressive game. He started saying “if they portrayed me as a crazy f*ck”, then Josh cut him off and said he thought Paul was going to burn out cause he had no choice but to go HAM. Josh reminded Paul that he has preached to him the whole season that they are not going to know how they are portrayed, so they can’t worry about it. Josh told Paul he can see him taking the game. Paul disagreed. He said the jury hates him. Josh clarified that they hate Paul on a game level, while the hate him on a personal level. Josh said he is expecting to walk out and be hate, but they had to do what they had to do. Josh told Paul he has done great and he hasn't done or said anything offensive.

10:00-11:00 AM: The veto ceremony took place. Paul decided not to use the Power of Veto. Either Alex or Kevin will be evicted. The eviction will be taped tomorrow, airing on Wednesday night’s episode. After the veto ceremony, Paul asked Alex if he can talk to her for a second. Alex said no. Paul asked if he can say something or if she wants him to leave. She said she wants him to leave.

11:00-12:00 PM: Paul entered the have-not room where Alex was. She immediately told him she still doesn’t want to talk. Paul asked if she can listen to four things he has to say. Alex said no. She said she doesn’t want to hear it. Alex told Paul she understands his reason but she doesn’t want to hear it. Alex told Paul he is selfish. Paul said Alex hasn’t heard his reasons, and they are not selfish. Alex said Paul made his choice to win. Alex then continued praying with her rosary. Paul said there is a point he wanted to make to her from the beginning that she doesn’t know, and he wants her to understand his brain. Alex said she doesn’t want to hear it. Paul said he will respect that. He then left. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Josh he hopes the competition is today. He said he has so much emotion and so much fury, so he wants to win and shut Kevin up. Josh told Paul his speech was perfect today. He mentioned Paul telling Alex that he cannot beat her. Josh said Alex would beat all of them. Josh and Paul ranted about Kevin. Josh said he wants to go off on Kevin. They talked about Kevin having claimed that he is a fighter since he has been on the block three times. Christmas joined Josh and Paul in the HoH room. Paul told Christmas that Kevin said he is a fighter since he has been on the block three times. Josh said Kevin brought up that he is 33 years older than him, plus Josh’s dad wouldn’t do this. Josh said Kevin wants to bring up in his speech that he fought his way there. Christmas said the only thing Kevin did was plant seeds of BS in people’s minds. Josh said all Kevin did was create paranoia and run his mouth about everybody. Christmas said f*ck him. Josh said Kevin is going to spin in 500 directions and crash into the memory wall when he is done with him. Paul said Kevin told him he has the best social game in the house. Christmas said Kevin’s social game is sh*t. Josh said Jason will now be thinking that Kevin was right all along. Christmas brought up Jason has a loose screw. Paul asked if his speech was okay. Christmas and Josh said it was perfect. Christmas said she wanted to ninja toss Alex though. They discussed that her speech was messed up. Paul said he needs to smoke Kevin in the upcoming competition. Josh said he wants to make sure there is a tornado going on inside of his head. Josh said he is going to destroy Kevin if he has to give a speech. Josh said he will destroy Kevin’s life on national television. Josh said Kevin’s face is wrinkled, his ego sucks, his cockiness sucks, and he hasn’t done anything the whole season. Christmas brought up that they could split the vote, then Josh could give a speech against Kevin before sending Alex out. Paul said they could but he would rather Kevin feel really safe heading into the competition. Josh agreed.

3:00-4:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Josh spoke to the cameras. Josh said he is in the zone and ready to win this thing. He added that he is ready to give it all that he has got. Josh said he will work his ass off in the last few competitions to make sure he can get himself to the Final 2.

5:00-6:00 PM: Josh spoke to the cameras once again. Josh said he needs to win the final HoH competition. He said he trusts Paul and Christmas, but he cannot leave it in anyone’s hands. Josh said he will leave his fate in his own hands. He also said he is going to fight for the veto next week in order to take the final shot. Josh said he is focused and keeping his eye on the prize, because he is so close that he can see the confetti. Josh talked about needing to make sure that he continues to have Christmas and Paul tied in. Josh hopes someone will take him to the Final 2 if he doesn’t win the last competition. Josh mentioned the people he aligned with won all of the HoHs except for the ones that Cody and Jessica won. Josh said it has been hard dealing with the slump Alex is in, but it’s either his game or her game. Josh talked about thinking he is unable to beat Paul in Final 2. However, Josh said he thought it over and he has played a pretty straightforward and honest game for the most part. As for Paul, Josh said he has kind of played everybody. Josh said he isn’t sure if that will burn Paul or be of benefit to him. Josh said he would be happy to sit in the Final 2 with Paul. Josh acknowledged that Paul has played a great game. He said they will continue to be great friends after this. Josh said he knew he would have to take the shot at Paul, but he would prefer to do it this way once they get to the end. Josh hopes he will either beat Paul in the final competition, or give a cleaner speech in order to sway everybody. Josh said he felt really bad even contemplating backdooring Paul, but he has played the best game this season.

6:00-7:00 PM: Alex spent the day alone in the have-not room. Josh said he doesn’t want her to suffer anymore, so he hopes that the eviction is today or tomorrow. Paul said Alex is pulling a Cody by staying in the have-not room. Josh said it was hard for him to see what Alex did to him during his speech. Josh said he would have been crying all day after that. Christmas said Alex used all of Paul’s own words against him. Josh said the public can think what they want, but they haven’t been in the house. Paul said he never cared what they thought. Paul said he is mentally and emotionally exhausted after playing non-stop for 83 days. Josh told Paul that people can never say he didn’t play the game. Paul agreed. He said that’s what he is hyped about. Josh mentioned that James came back last season and didn’t play. He said Nicole didn’t play either. Paul said she won. Josh said she still didn’t play. Paul said it was his goal to come back and play as hard as he can. Josh assured Paul that people know he played a hell of a game.

8:00-9:00 PM: Alex spoke to the cameras. She said one thing she has learned is that they are all liars. Alex thinks Paul is still lying about some things. She said she will call him out later. Alex called everyone a bunch of counterfeits that don’t deserve to be there. She said friendship means nothing to them. Alex said her situation is like the one in the Titanic. She explained that she helped Paul get to this point, yet he is like Kate Winslet when she doesn’t care and lets Leonardo DiCaprio die while she lays on the door. Alex sarcastically said that Paul is a really good friend. She said Jason wouldn’t have done that to her.

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