Big Brother 19 Day 87 - Josh discusses taking Paul to the Final 2

September 15, 2017

5:00-6:00 PM: After a late night for Part 1 of the HoH competition, plus the related diary room sessions, the houseguests spent the majority of the day sleeping. While Christmas and Paul were asleep, Josh spoke to the cameras in the APSR. Josh said he made it all the way to finale night. He said this has been a dream come true, and he has been in shock since yesterday. Josh was honest about not thinking that he would ever be in this position. He said he didn’t even think that they would cast someone like him. Josh said he wouldn’t want to be in this position with anybody else other than Christmas and Paul. Josh said he wants to win and wants it so bad. He talked about wanting to grab the check and thank his parents for everything they have done for him. Josh said he will give it everything he has got when he competes in Part 2 of the HoH competition. Josh wants to take control of his own fate and destiny. Josh said he and Paul have a Final 2. Josh thinks Paul is going to take him to the end. As for Christmas, Josh said he genuinely believes that she will be happy with whatever happens. Josh called it a win-win situation. Josh said everyone misjudged him and played themselves.

6:00-7:00 PM: Josh said he, Christmas and Paul played their asses off and dealt with the most adversity in the house. Josh said they got everybody out in the order that they wanted to. He thinks they all contributed and they would not have been able to get to this point without each other. Josh said he hopes whichever of the three of them finishes in third place gets America’s Favorite, so that they can all walk out with something. Josh said he has to win tomorrow. He said he is going to secure his spot in Part 3. He said he has to win that as well. Josh admitted he really doesn’t know what he will do if he has to choose between Christmas and Paul. Josh said he doesn’t know if people will look at Paul with distaste cause he has already played the game and he played them all, or if they will acknowledge that he played a hell of a game. As for Christmas, Josh said she has made it this far without pissing people off. He said Christmas has played straightforward, whereas he has blown up multiple games throughout the season. Josh said he think she has a better chance at winning the game against Paul in Final 2, since people will be equally pissed off at both of them. Josh said he has been thinking about that since last week. Josh mentioned that Christmas is good with Mark, Elena, Kevin and Alex, plus Jason will feel guilty and will respect her move to get him out. On top of that, Josh thinks that Matt and Raven will vote for Christmas to win as well. Josh said if he makes the big move and gets Paul out, that would be the one move to bring his game full circle like Steve taking out Vanessa. Josh said it may come down to a split second decision on finale night. Josh said Matt, Jason and Alex don’t want to see a vet win. On the other hand, he thinks that Elena and Matt would vote for Paul. Josh thinks he would have Alex, Jason, Raven, Matt and Christmas voting for him, which his all that he needs to win the game over Paul. Josh reiterated that he thinks it is best for him to sit next to Paul in Final 2.

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