Big Brother 19 Day 89

September 17, 2017

8:00-9:00 PM: Out in the hammock, Paul told Josh he thinks Christmas is ready to get out and go back to her life. Josh said she keeps talking about her business, and she has a lot going on. Josh mentioned Christmas saying that she is checked out and done with the game. Paul said he thinks that after Christmas lost both competitions, she doesn’t expect to make it to the Final 2 and she might not even want it. Paul added that it sounds like Christmas kills it in real life and has it made. Paul said this was fun for her. Josh said Christmas will win America’s Favorite for sure. Paul agreed. He thinks that people who would have voted for the two of them will now vote for Christmas since they know they are taking each other to the Final 2. Paul said he thinks the same thing happened with Victor once he made it to the Final 3. They both agreed that Christmas deserves to win America’s Favorite.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh told Paul he can’t do this again. Josh said he doesn’t know how Paul did it. Paul said he doesn’t know how he did it either. Paul told Josh that he has been in shock for the last half of the game. Josh said he knows he will be messed up after this. Paul said he would do it all again. He said he would want to play one more time against good vets such as Derrick, Frankie, Dan and Vanessa. Paul said after playing the game, he is the biggest fan of the experience. Paul said people wont understand his love of the game, since only a few people know what it’s like to be in the Final 3 twice. Paul thinks only 3 or 4 players have done that. He mentioned that Dr. Will has finished first and second. Josh said Paul will go down in history for sure. Paul said he isn’t trying to go down in history. He said he just wanted to come back, have a good time, and play the game. Paul said he hopes that he wasn’t a disappointing player, cause a lot of times fans complain that the vets didn’t do anything. Paul said people will not be able to say that about him.

12:00-1:00 AM: Paul told Josh he is pretty certain that Christmas will get America’s Favorite. He reiterated that all of their votes will go to Christmas. Josh said he hopes to God that she gets it. Josh said he will die if Kevin gets it. Paul pointed out that Kevin already won $25,000. Paul said nobody else had as much of a rough journey as Christmas did, plus the fans like the underdog story. Paul thinks people will appreciate that Christmas got so close to the end and didn’t turn on them. Later, Christmas spoke to the cameras. She said she doesn’t know what Josh and Paul are thinking about Final 2. She mentioned that one of them gets their chance to secure a spot, while she does not because she failed and sucked at the competition. Christmas said she is frustrated because her best was not nearly enough, and she is not used to falling so short. Christmas said she doesn’t know how she can be so happy and so brokenhearted about something at the same time. Christmas added that she came in with a broken heart and is leaving with a broken heart. Christmas said she is super disappointed in her performance, and she feels as though her pity party right now is deserved. She talked about the fact that her foot is still hurting. Christmas said she doesn’t know if she should talk to Josh and Paul separately, telling them both to take each other to Final 2, and she will take a knee by taking 3rd place. Christmas wondered if staying with a broken foot makes her exceptional or makes her the girl that got carried through for having a broken foot.

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