Big Brother 19 Day 90

September 18, 2017

5:00-6:00 PM: Out in the yard, Paul practiced his Final 2 speech. He started it off by saying he knows that at some point, every single one of them thought of getting him out, wanted to get him out, or tried to get him out. Paul said it’s because he was the only vet, making him the obvious target. Paul said he was at an immediate disadvantage when he walked through the doors, making him have to play an extremely different game than everyone else. Paul said he gave the friendship bracelets to certain people in order for them to show their capabilities. Paul explained that he needed someone else to take the first HoH and create enemies of their own, which they did. After that, Paul said he had a seemingly perfect HoH. He said he set the example of always having a house target, plus always had everyone coming to him for advice. Due to that, Paul said he controlled every HoH. Paul said he always made sure that there was a house target bigger than him. The two HoHs that he didn’t control, Paul said he flipped the house to keep Christmas and to keep Josh. Paul said he had to change his strategy after the first double eviction. Paul talked about positioning himself between three pairs so that he didn’t have to win any competitions. Paul said he had other people win, then the pairs took shots at each other instead of at him. Once he made it to the end with the pair of Christmas and Josh, Paul said he won the most important HoH in order to secure his spot in Final 3. From there, Paul said he won the veto to decide who would go to the Final 3 with him, before going on to win Part 1 and Part 3 of the final HoH competition. Paul said he had a total of 10 competition wins, plus he had full control each time that he was HoH since he won the veto each time. Paul brought up that he made it to the end without even being nominated, because he played the hell out of the game. Paul thought his speech was pretty good. He wondered if he will win. He said he had bad luck before and will probably have it again.

11:00-12:00 AM: The houseguest were playing cards at the kitchen table when an earthquake happened. Paul told them to put their cards down and go outside to the backyard. The houseguests stood out in the middle of the yard together. Josh asked what they should do. Paul said to wait. Paul told Josh it wasn’t that bad. Josh said the whole house moved. Paul told Josh to wait for the aftershock. Josh said the earthquake was scary. Big Brother cut the feeds for a few minutes. Once feeds returned, the houseguests were back inside. Later, Paul practiced his Final 2 speech in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Christmas and Josh spoke out on the hammock. Christmas said she can’t believe they have only one more day to go. Christmas mentioned that Josh has his competition in a day or two. She let him know she wasn’t upset that he won, but rather that she didn’t do well. Josh said he knows that. Christmas told Josh that if he wins tomorrow, he should take who he thinks he can beat. Josh said he has no idea what he is going to do. Christmas assured Josh that they are always going to be good. She said she is proud of Josh and Paul, and she wants him to do what is best for him strategically in the game. Christmas asked Josh to promise. He again said he has no idea what he is going to do. Christmas said she doesn’t want to know anything. Josh said he can’t see himself beating either of them. Christmas said he has to argue his case. Josh said he will be happy no matter who wins. Christmas said she thinks they are all in the same scenario.

1:00-2:00 AM: When Christmas headed to the diary room, Josh and Paul spoke in the bedroom. Paul asked if Josh said anything to Christmas. Josh said no. Paul asked what Christmas and Josh were talking about on the hammock. Josh let Paul know that she said to do what is best for him. Paul said Christmas said something similar to him, telling him to do what is best for his game and not to feel bad. Josh said it’s kind of perfect. Paul said it is perfect. Paul told Josh that whichever one of them makes the decision can say “I love you both, but I’m going to take your advice” to Christmas. Paul said Christmas has got enough going on in her life and she is not going to try to mess things up since she didn’t win a competition. They talked about Christmas potentially getting America’s Favorite. Paul thinks she will get it, since their fans will vote for her because they know that the two of them are taking each other. They talked about Christmas having a great heart.

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