BBCAN3 Day 15 - The feeds go down for the instant eviction

April 2, 2015

Late last night, Naeha campaigned in attempt to stay off of the block. Zach and Jordan decided that the time was right to join her and make a strike against the Chop Shop. Full details on the plan here.

10:00-11:00 AM: Bruno spoke to Zach and discussed that the best case scenario would be to have Sarah nominated next to Naeha. Bruno figured that Kevin was on board with it and knows that the house wants Naeha out. He felt that either way they would be in control of the game, though Zach noted that they do not have the power to put people up this week. They discussed that Naeha is so good and needs to go. Bruno mentioned that Kevin would just be making himself the next target if he goes against the wishes of the house. Zach then protected Kevin, as he said he would do last night, by saying that he would still go after Naeha even if Kevin strikes against them. He explained that Kevin striking would be Naeha striking through Kevin.

Zach then talked to Ashleigh and told her that it’s great that Naeha and Graig are squaring off right now. He said that they can sit back and watch them get bloody. Ashleigh said that they still will always have the numbers, though Zach said that is assuming that some of the big fish don’t get fried along the way. Zach said that they can let 2-3 weeks go by and let the others battle it out. He pointed out that Kevin would be smart to question why he would want to do the dirty work for their side, so it would make sense if he made a deal with the other side. Zach said that he is not convinced that Kevin is going after Naeha. Both Zach and Ashleigh said that they would likely get rid of Bobby over Graig if they ended up nominated together, with the reasoning being that Graig would still be a big target and Bobby is a big comp threat. Zach told Ashleigh to prepare for the most awkward nomination ceremony of all time, as fireworks will be going off.

Zach spoke to Jordan and told him that the two of them are the ones making this play happen. He said that nobody will even know that they were behind it. Jordan told him that it’s a done deal. Zach wanted to let Naeha think that she is the one making the play, though it is really him and Jordan that are making the decisions. Jordan then talked to Bruno and Graig who felt that it was safe to assume that Kevin was with them and would be targeting Naeha. Jordan suggested that Sarah would make sense as the pawn. He said that they can relax and have a good week. Jordan asked what will happen once Naeha and Johnny go. Graig said that the floaters will go and that Jordan has nothing to worry about since there are plenty of people to go after. Graig listed off Brittnee, Pilar, Ashleigh and Willow as the next people to go.

11:00-12:00 PM: Naeha and Sarah discussed that they could feel it on Day 1 that the two of them would work well together. Sarah said that Brittnee will be a good third person for them. Sarah said that Brittnee has no idea what’s going on in the game. She mentioned that Brittnee said that they have to watch out for Naeha, as she is only now realizing that everyone is out for Naeha. Sarah talked to Kevin and thanked him for trusting them last night. Kevin told Sarah that he took in a lot of information last night and things are now going to get crazy. Sarah assured Kevin that they will have his back. Sarah said that they will get through this and they need to have fun with it. She pointed out that people will get upset, but that’s what they are there for. Kevin let Sarah know that she is in a good place. Sarah said that they all are because it is such a solid group. Kevin agreed. They both agreed that if they had to pick people to work with based on raw emotion, those are the people that they would want to work with.

12:00-1:00 PM: Ashleigh touched base with fellow Chop Shop member Bobby, asking him if he is nervous. Bobby said not really, seeing as the worst case scenario is two Chop Shop end up on the block together but it’s unlikely that Kevin is ready to declare war. Both agreed that Kevin will for sure nominate Naeha. Kevin was then called to the diary room. Everyone celebrated, think that Kevin was about to get his HoH room. There was a brief audio leak from the diary room that the live feeders could hear. Kevin could be heard saying “Oh shit you guys, we are going to break some souls. You guys, they are going to lose it out there. They are going to lose it. Oh my God. Get the cameras ready. Some shit is going to go down!”

2:00-3:00 PM: While Kevin was in the diary room, the houseguests were put on lockdown in the bedroom and took naps. Arisa told the houseguests that they need to come down to the living room. She said that they cannot take bathroom breaks. Naeha said that it’s an instant eviction. Everyone gathered in the living room on the couches. Kevin then made his way out of the vault and joined them at the front of the room. It was then that Arisa said that she has announcement to make and informed them that tonight will be an instant eviction. The feeds then went down and will not return until following the airing of Sunday night’s episode.

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