BBCAN5 - Bruno Ielo Exit Interview

April 28, 2017

How were yourself and Kevin able to put so much trust into each other after not having worked closely together your first time around?

Bruno: The first time around, Kevin and I didn’t connect. We didn’t get that bond going. We watched the show and I always said to myself “if Kevin and I could have connected and just done the job right the first time, our season would have ended differently”. When we saw each other in the house, we literally looked each other in the eyes and were like “yes, let’s do this. Let’s right our wrongs, let’s get together and let’s show these guys how we can do this together”. I put all my trust in him. He knew how loyal I was to Bobby. He wanted that trust. I gave it to him.

Would you have been willing to go all the way to the Final 2 with Kevin?

Bruno: 100%. Just like on Season 3 when Bobby was my #2, on Season 5 Kevin was my #2. I didn’t care who was in the Final 3 with us. If it was myself, Karen and Kevin, I would have taken Kevin to the end for sure.

You were close to Sindy as well. How deep in the game would you have wanted to get with her?

Bruno: I was very close with Sindy, absolutely. She wasn’t my Final 2 but I would have taken her Final 3. I really would have. Kevin was always one step ahead of her for me. I knew Sindy wouldn’t have made it all that way. I knew eventually her game would have come to an end. So basically as far as I could take her. I did trust her and she did have my loyalty.

Do you feel that entering the game with those two Season 3 allies led to you not working to develop your other relationships as much as you otherwise would have?

Bruno: Not at all. It is a social game and a game of relationships. I definitely felt like I still had to talk to other people. The tricky thing is the eight vets said “let’s work together. Let’s go eight strong and take out the newbies”. It was tricky because when other vets would see you talking to newbies, they would get a little paranoid that you are making side deals. The first couple weeks is how very tricky on how you talk to people. I tried to keep that to a minimum just to show the vets that I was with them.

During the double eviction, you tried to convince Sindy not to nominate Neda. If you had your way, who would you have wanted to leave instead?

Bruno: Dre or Ika would have been my targets for sure. I knew the house wasn’t big enough for Ika and Neda, and I was on Neda’s side more than I was on Ika’s. Best case scenario, if Dre would have left, I felt like The Six could have worked really strong together. Dre was the glue between Ika, Dre, William and Demetres. I felt if Dre could go, we could reel Ika and Demetres back in and they would be with us 100%.

Had Neda stayed, where did you see her fitting into your long term game plan?

Bruno: I actually liked working with Neda and I did trust her. I wasn’t ready to cut her any time soon. I knew she wasn’t coming after me and there was other targets ahead of me. I would have tried to cut her maybe 7 or 6, around there. If she would have gone too far, it would have been dangerous. I knew that she was such a big player and a big target that there would always be someone hungry to take her out. As long as she was in the game, there was someone in front of me.

Do you regret throwing the HoH competition to Dillon the week that Sindy left?

Bruno: I wouldn’t say regret, but it would have been nice to win. I didn’t know how it was going to play out. The deal was he was going to put up Ika and Demetres. He kind of went back on it and it backfired. If he would have honoured his deal, it would have been a good week, but I don’t regret it.

You more or less proposed a Final 4 to Ika and Demetres. If you had won HoH last week and Ika and Demetres came to you with the same Final 4 offer, would you have accepted it?

Bruno: Here’s the thing...I knew that Kevin and myself were in danger. We had nobody but each other. We needed the people and big players too. We knew that Ika and Demetres were a big pair and big target. We would have needed them in the game just as much as they would need us. We definitely could have sat down, figured out a plan, seen what kind of information they were willing to give us, and go from there. Like I told them “if you save my life in this game, I owe you my life in this game. I wont turn my back”. I was planning on honouring that, at least for the most part.

Would you have preferred being on the block next to Kevin over Karen, since he is a bigger target than she is?

Bruno: I think I would have had a better chance of staying beside Kevin but I still think they would have taken me out over Kevin. He had a little bit more connections with William and stuff which stretched out to Dre. The fact that he was connected with Will and Jackie liked Kevin more than me, I think he would have had the numbers to stay. I think I was in a rough spot either way. As soon as Karen went on the block, I knew my days were done. I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve but it wasn’t enough to keep me safe.

With your eviction, vets have now left in 6 of the last 7 evictions. Who or what is to blame for this?

Bruno: You know who to blame is the vets. We are the only ones to blame. We have done it to ourselves. The vets are taking out the vets and the newbies are taking out the vets. Nobody is going for the newbies. That’s the problem is we have done it to ourselves. Egos get in the way and personalities get in the way. We have literally done it to ourselves.

You discussed with Kevin that Ika may be playing Dre’s game. What are your thoughts on that now after hearing Dre’s goodbye message?

Bruno: It’s not surprise to me. I knew she was playing Dre’s game. She would go see Dre for confirmation on things. The problem is she trusts Dre so much that she is blinding herself on her own game. It sucks. I tried to spell it out for her but man she did just not want to hear it. She trusts Dre way too much. In the end, it’s going to bite her.

You talked to Kevin about going after Ika and Demetres next. If that were to happen, how do you see Kevin surviving when he would likely become the next big target?

Bruno: He is a good social player and he knows what he is doing. I’m just hoping he can set himself up for next week somehow and maybe make some deals. If he does get himself in danger, he is just going to need to win a veto and then he can strike more deals for the next week. I really hope to see him go forward and take it. Once Ika goes, Kevin is the only vet left and they (the newbies) are going to have to start going after each other. Maybe Kevin can use that to his advantage.

Who do you think is playing the best game, and why?

Bruno: There is a lot of people playing. It’s pretty on par right now. I wouldn’t say anybody is playing better than the other, but I’ll tell you something. It might sound crazy, but Karen is playing one of the better games simply because everybody is going after everybody and Karen is just sitting in the back. If you are not a target, you are doing a good job.

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