Big Brother: Over The Top - Neeley Jackson Exit Interview

October 28, 2016

America voted with your side of the house for the first two weeks before voting against your side the past two weeks. Why do you think this is and what do you think it will take for America to flip back to your side?

Neeley: I think America likes to keep it exciting and likes to show the Head of Household or the side that they have power and they have a say. Ultimately they are in control. I think they are probably going to pick the opposing side to the HoH. I think it keeps it fun, it keeps it exciting, and no one knows how it’s going to go. I don’t necessarily think it’s this side versus that side. Obviously I haven’t watched the show but I think America just likes that power and it’s exciting since it’s the first time they have ever had that. It’s fun for keeping people from knowing exactly how things are going to play out.

You called the divide in the house disgusting and gross at times. What bothered you most about it?

Neeley: I didn’t like the divide because initially it felt like it was maybe racial or maybe homophobia. It seemed like it might be a discriminatory thing at first. Some people left the show and it felt less that way. That’s why it was disgusting to me, cause I don’t want anyone watching the show or anyone out there to think that people in the house are discriminatory against one another for any reason. I didn’t like it and I don’t like that feeling. I hope America sees that that’s not what it is anymore.

You seemed shocked when Julie told you about Alex and Morgan being sisters. Does that news change the way you look at them or their gameplay?

Neeley: Absolutely. When I first left the house, of course you are upset cause you got voted out and no one feels good about that. I honestly thought I had some kind of rapport or relationship with Morgan. Morgan was the one person on the other side of the house that I really wanted to work with. She looked me in my face and told me I was going to stay. Now that I know that they are sisters, I understand exactly why she played the way she played and voted the way that she voted. As long as Scott is in the house, it keeps some of the heat off of Alex. Alex is public enemy number one for my side of the house. With Scott being there, it kind of helps take the attention off of Alex. She wanted to keep her sister safe. She is her biggest ally so she had to play it that way.

Now that Danielle is HoH, what move do you think she should make this week?

Neeley: Danielle needs to repair her relationship with those girls on the other side of the house. I’m not saying she should vote out her alliance, cause that’s not going to work. The game has gotten too deep, but she definitely needs to spend time with those girls. Those girls, as soon as the chance comes, are going to vote her out. She needs to try to repair her image or repair her relationship with those girls to maybe help her stay in the game a little bit longer. You have to go for Alex and Scott. You just have to.

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