Big Brother: Over The Top - Scott Dennis Exit Interview

November 4, 2016

We got the chance to take part in a conference call with Scott.

You mentioned that the divide in the house is possibly the biggest you have ever seen, similar to Big Brother 6. What do you think it was that caused such a divide to happen and remain to this day?

Scott: I think it was really just the accelerated format of the season. Obviously when you look back at Season 2, Season 3, the old school seasons, you have 12-14 houseguests and the season lasts 70 or so days. I really think it was the accelerated format. We are so accustomed to these 16-17 person casts, 90+ day seasons. I feel like everyone thought they had to play a lot harder and a lot faster. When you have this accelerated format, the game is obviously a power grab from week to week. I feel like that is what really divided the sides up as evenly as they did.

Scott then discussed why he chose the side that he did.

Scott: I felt like I was one of the only people the first couple weeks that was actually trying to play both sides of the house. As soon as I told Shane and Kryssie that I offered Alex a deal to keep myself safe and to keep me off of the block, they turned on me so quickly and literally half of the house turned on me. Six out of twelve people turned on me and wanted nothing to do with me in the game anymore. This is Day 9 or Day 10. I knew I made a lot of mistakes in the game by that point and a lot of mistakes that would probably be unrecoverable so I wanted to support my friends who had actually been there for me, who were actually supporting me and were actually trying to give me solid advice, not just use me for the Cornbread vote and then dump me like yesterday’s trash. After that hammock conversation with Kryssie and Shane, I definitely decided I needed to commit myself entirely to the other side of the house so we would have a fighting shot against the other six people.

You admitted that you were willing to put Alex’s game ahead of your own. Do you think you will look back on that and regret the decision?

Scott: Not at all. I really don’t think so. Obviously this is a game and you have to do whatever you can to get yourself one step further. I have nothing but love for all of those girls that I teamed up with: Alex, Morgan, Shelby and Whitney. I have mad respect for all of them. They are all very strong, smart, beautiful, kind women and I will never regret trying to get them as far in this game as possible. Obviously Alex was my best friend since like Day 3 or Day 4. We have a lot of common interests. We are both on these live feed streets, we both have been watching Big Brother since we were children, we are both fans of Survivor, we both love Pokemon and Game of Thrones. When it comes down to it, you know Paul’s rule. Friendship. I don’t think I’m going to regret that at all. I hope that me and all of those girls are lifelong friends for sure.

Do you know who won HoH?

Scott: No. Can you tell me?


Scott: Yes Shelby! Yes! Oh my God, Shelby won HoH! Yes!

Scott then disappears for a couple of minutes before returning.

Scott: Sorry about that. I was pounding the table because I was so excited. It jostled the phone so it disconnected.

While Shelby won HoH, this week's care package is "Co-HoH" and Jason is leading the polls. If Jason becomes the Co-HoH, what do you think Shelby's best move is?

Scott: I would say her best move is probably to put up Justin straight up. I think Justin is a great competitor. Man, that is a rough situation. I definitely think she should leave Danielle off the table to potentially be America’s nom. Since Danielle is the only surviving America’s Nominee, it definitely makes sense in my head to leave Danielle off the block so that she can potentially be America’s Nominee. I guess America really likes Kryssie, which I don’t really understand since she wanted to quit before the game even started. That was stuff she was telling us Day 3-Day 4 on the live feeds. She stayed up crying the entire first week because she was half regretting her decision to come out here, so I don’t know why America hasn’t nominated Kryssie yet but I definitely think she should leave Danielle off of the block. I guess the only play after that is to nominate Justin. Justin is a huge threat in the house, not only short term in terms of winning competitions but long term in terms of winning the game.

In preseason interviews, Shelby said her strategy is to play dumb. However, she is a law school graduate.

Scott: Ohhhh!

You are someone who always said Shelby is smart. What did you see in her that some of the other houseguests don’t?

Scott: Even before she could repeat the 40 digits of Pi, I always knew Shelby was smart. There was just something about her that made me really connect to her. I don’t know what it was. I just thought she was a really smart girl. I can’t explain it to you. Alex was obviously my best friend in the house but Shelby was definitely my number two. I thought it was weird that Shelby asked me “are you really a debt collector? What’s your real job?”. If I’m going to lie about what my job is, why would I tell people I’m a debt collector? That seems like one of the worst lies you can do if you are trying to lie about your job. But yeah, she is a law school graduate. That’s amazing. I really wanted Shelby to do as well as possible in the game because I thought she was such a smart girl. She told us one of the first two days that with the stipend or if she wins the game, she wanted to use the money to put herself through community college for musical therapy. I know she had been playing the piano for like 17 years. Something about the conversations I had with her made me think she was a very intelligent girl. I didn’t think she was lying about her job. I was really naive going into this house. I believed almost everything that was told me. That’s awesome though. I am so proud of Shelby. That’s awesome. Good for her. Good for you, Shelby!

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