BBCAN5 - Dre Gwenaelle and William Laprise-Desbiens Exit Interview

May 5, 2017

Now that you had a night for everything to sink in, how are you feeling about the way your game ended in a triple eviction?

William: It was a little bit shocking. If it would have been a double eviction, maybe I would have had some chance to stay. With a triple, I was like “if I don’t win the HoH or Dre is not winning HoH, we are pretty much screwed”. That’s what I felt.

Dre: I felt the same thing. It’s surprising. You don’t want to leave ever. A triple is just hard, but we are still alive and we are still surviving.

When Ika tried to explain that she was playing both sides, did you immediately lose trust in her or was it not until Neda started sharing even more information the following day during the double eviction?

Dre: It was immediately when Ika started explaining what she was doing, because she wasn’t explaining it very well. I already had doubts that she was doing it, which I spoke to William about and I spoke to Karen as well. When she tried to explain herself, that was just going downwards from there.

At what point was it that you lost trust in Ika and Demetres?

William: I think at the same time as Dre. For the first five weeks, I was like “Ika is with us”. In my head, I could have said anything to Ika and it was okay. When I heard that she was saying to Kevin that I do not trust him, I was like “I cannot trust you anymore”. It was when Neda said it to me, to be honest.

You would often say that you cannot look past the fact that Ika played you. Do you think you would have lasted as long as you did if not for Ika working the opposite side of the house?

Dre: I do believe in myself a lot and I am confident in my abilities to speak and defend myself, so I do think I would have lasted long. I said many time as well that I don’t mind being a target and being on the block. What I really care about is having people behind me that I can trust fully. I think I was more worried about trusting people than being on the block and being a target.

William, why didn’t you ever try to bridge the gap between Dre and Kevin so that all three of you could work together?

Dre: That’s a good question. Thank you for asking.

William: I was feeling that the trust between Dre and Kevin was not there. I was trying sometimes, but you (Dre) were really never liking Kevin at all. She was not trusting Bruno and not trusting Kevin. Kevin was not trusting Dre. Even me and Kevin, for the most part of the game, we couldn’t trust each other. When we cannot even trust each other, it’s hard to make him trust my #1 friend in the house. Sometimes I was trying but I was feeling that it was pretty much impossible.

Had William attempted to bridge the gap between Kevin and yourself, would you have been willing to work with Kevin?

Dre: Honestly, towards the end, yes. When Bruno was in the house still, I really wanted him out. I couldn’t trust Kevin until he had no one else to trust. I would have trusted Kevin. During this time, I would have, yes.

If you didn’t have the Secret Power of Veto, would you have used the regular Power of Veto on Kevin?

William: Pretty much, yeah. Ika was saying for sure she will keep Kevin, but at the beginning of the week they wanted to evict Kevin. I didn’t want to take the risk because he is a good part of my game. For sure I would have used the normal PoV on him.

Did you ever consider using both PoVs?

William: Never. I never trusted Bruno. Kevin knew I voted against Bruno in the backwards week. I never ever think that it would be a good idea. Maybe Bruno would have liked that though.

Dre: Yeah, no.

When William told you that Ika said to him that you are going to nominate Kevin. At the time, were you going to nominate Kevin and would you have nominated William next to him?

Dre: I did say a lot of things in the house. Depending on who I was talking to, I would agree with what they are saying but I had my own thoughts and opinions. I would not be able to put William on the block ever. I could have nominated Kevin but I would have told William at the time. I might have participated in conversations where William and Kevin were mentioned. I do think strategically it was logical for William to be on the block next to Kevin if you wanted Kevin out, but I wouldn’t have done it.

If Dre nominated Kevin and had wanted to target him, what would you have done if you won the veto and Dre said not to use it?

William: Oh that’s a good question! Honestly, I think I would use it.

Dre: I am rolling my eyes right now. Please note that I am rolling my eyes right now. Thanks!

William: It depends who is on the block. Maybe if he is next to…I don’t know, it’s a hard question. I would lose Kevin and he was not going after me at all. I don’t know, Dre. I think I would have used it. I don’t care.

Dre: Very interesting.

As William got closer to Kevin, was there ever a point that someone else became your #1 ally in front of William?

Dre: In my head, William was always my #1. Since the day that Ika told me she was playing both sides, I just didn’t trust her. It was up and down from there but I never trusted her 100. I was just waiting for a time to turn and vote her or nominate both Ika and Demetres. I was probably going to try for Demetres to leave before Ika. William was always my #1. I would have talked to William if I ever I was going to nominate Kevin. I said a lot of things to get me out of situations. I think that bought me more time to think about what I wanted to do. I don’t think anyone in the house knew what I wanted to do really.

If it came down to choosing between Dre and Kevin, who would you have chosen?

William: Without a doubt, it would be Dre. We were together since Day 1. We were saying everything that we could. Even at the end, Kevin sometimes I was like “he is hiding something from me”. Even if he was never against me, there was too much of no trusting between each other for a long time. For sure I would always keep Dre as my #1. We knew that we were each other’s #1s.

Dre: Yeah.

You swore on your family to William, Jackie and Karen that you would vote to evict Ika. You said even if you were the only vote against Ika, you would explain yourself to her later. What were you planning on saying to Ika?

Dre: I was actually going to tell the truth. I was going to tell that I cannot trust her, that she went to William and basically tried to throw me under the bus so that she can stay. I thought that was not necessary. She didn’t have to do that. She could have made the Final 4 deal to William but she did not have to throw my name out there to William to save herself, especially after saying she is honest and she doesn’t lie. Maybe I regret swearing on my family, but that was my last thing.

Who would you have nominated had you won HoH during the triple eviction?

Dre: Ika, Demetres, Dillon.

William: Yeah, exactly.

Which two would you have wanted to leave?

William: Ika and Demetres.

Dre: Yeah.

What were you thinking when Ika looked your way at the end of her speech?

Dre: I was thinking oh hell no! What you mean? She said “you tried to take the shot at the queen”. First of all, I did not try to take the shot at the queen. I tried to take a shot at Ika. I do not refer to her as the queen. Nah, nah, just no. She tried but that’s okay.

Between Ika and Demetres, whose game do you respect more and why?

Dre: I’m going to say Demetres. Although he is a little bit doing what Ika wants him to do basically, I do think that he tries to be as loyal as he can. He doesn’t lie that much. It’s more Ika doing it. He works through the competitions and he is loyal to the people that he should be loyal to. I think it’s great.

William: Honestly, I would say Ika. Yes she lied a lot, but oh my God she is still there. If she is that much of a liar, why we didn’t evict her before? I think she is so good at convincing people. She was on the block with Demetres this week and they both are still there at Final 5. I’m kind of impressed she could pull off this.

Dre: I think it’s because of the houseguests. I don’t think it’s her. The people are scared.

William: Yeah, but if she put this in our minds, she did that. That helped her. I think that was good for her.

Dre: Yeah, good for her.

You often talked about turning up. What would you say was your biggest "turn up" moment of the season?

Dre: Oh my goodness, I did not have enough turn up in the house! I think I was waiting too much to turn up. I tried a couple of things. When I was explaining my plan to backdoor Bruno, I was getting excited about that. When I was trying to get William not to use the Power of Veto, I was excited about that. When I was trying to flip on Ika, I was excited about that. As much as I was stressed and I wanted to turn up and all of that, I was happy that I was trying things. When I was talking to Demetres and trying to get him to use the veto on Ika and not himself, it’s just funny. I’m having fun. It’s stressful but I am having fun.

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