BBCAN5 - Jackie McCurrach Exit Interview

May 5, 2017

On night one when you saw all of the vets enter the house, which ones were you excited to see and potentially work with?

Jackie: I was very excited to see Neda and Cassandra, both girls I very much thought of as role models in the house. I enjoyed watching their gameplay. Neda was someone that I always loved to watch. She was very strategic. With Cassandra, I knew how good of a campaigner she was. I knew that she was someone that I would rather have on my side than against me.

You worked with many different people but never seemed to find a true #1 in the game. Why was it so difficult for you to find someone to work closely with?

Jackie: I think it was more so that people I was getting close with ended up leaving that week or the week after. I built good relationships, I felt that things were going well, then they would go home. I had to start from scratch again and figure out what’s my next best option.

As you mentioned, people you got close to often when home. Do you think this was coincidental or was there a Jackie curse?

Jackie: I hope there is no curse. If there was, then Ika would have been here instead of myself. I think it was just the way things ended up working out. I wish it didn’t. If it hadn’t, I definitely had people that were on my side throughout the game.

You said yesterday on the feeds that you betray people by accident because you are naive and believe what people tell you. Is that what you really believe or were you just saying that?

Jackie: Looking back, my #1 regret in the game is how early I believed people. It was one of the first few times that I talked to Neda and I just believed what she had to tell me. I can’t believe that I did so fast, being like “wow, I can’t believe Cassandra did that”. I never fully got her (Cassandra’s) side of the story. That’s exactly where I went wrong. I expected the best out of people. I ended up getting the worst.

Which of your alliances or relationships did you feel most confident in at any point in the game?

Jackie: Oh goodness, there are a few. At one point, I felt like I was going to be great with Dre and William. I loved the two of them. Starting off the game with two newbies that I felt like I was going to have a great connection with, I felt very confident with. It didn’t work out. Next one I felt very confident with was Cassandra. I found out information that I thought was true but ended up not being 100% true. That’s what screwed me over. I got along well with Neda. The final one was Kevin and Bruno with The Peasants. I was really looking forward to that. I honestly thought that that was going to be the best bet for my game at the time. I was very open with them and told them everything that they needed to know about me, so if they heard anything from other houseguests, they knew if they were either telling the truth or lying. They didn’t do the same with me. I ended up finding out information that definitely put some distrust in that alliance.

When you made your Peasants alliance, were you willing to go to the end with Bruno and Kevin?

Jackie: Yes I was. If I had won, I would have put up Ika and Demetres. That was my original plan. When I was getting basically cornered by Ika, she is very convincing. I saw in her eyes that if I hadn’t have said “I’m going to go against Bruno and Kevin”, that I would have been going out that door. I know that they would have kept Sindy over me. I did what I had to do to stay longer in that game. That’s what made me get to the next week over Sindy.

So you didn’t ever plan on sticking to the truce that you made with Ika?

Jackie: No, there wasn’t. Part of me was like “that would be pretty cool for people watching”. At the end of the day, all of my closest allies have been out of the game because of Ika. I wasn’t going to fall for it. People that were in the same position as me would fall for her truce and deals and manipulation. I didn’t want that to happen.

Heading into the vote, did you think that the numbers were in your favour?

Jackie: I honestly was shocked that I ended up leaving. I have never gone into the vote 100% expecting to stay in the game, just because I don’t want to go into it like that. I’d rather not be 100% shocked. When Arisa said “Jackie, you are evicted from the Big Brother Canada house”, I was like “wow, these people lied to my face”. They all basically told me I was staying. It was a big disappointment for everyone except for Dre. She was honest about who she was voting for.

Why do you think the houseguests decided to leave a powerful duo in the game as opposed to you who was playing on your own?

Jackie: I think it’s intimidation. They are just scared of Ika and Demetres. Dillon thought he was going to take this opportunity to work with them instead of against them. At the end of the day, the way that Ika has been playing this game, she has been able to get people in and make them believe what she is saying. It’s a bunch of truths mixed with lies. She does have someone there to back her up, which makes it believable, but a lot of it is not the truth.

Had you stayed in the house, who would you have nominated if you had won HoH?

Jackie: I would have put up Demetres and Kevin. If I needed to put a replacement, it would have been Dillon.

Had you stayed in the house, who would you have wanted to get to the end of the game with?

Jackie: I would really have wanted to rebuild the relationship with Dre and William. I feel like the last week that I have been in the house, I was building a better relationship with them and they thought that they could trust me more than other people in the house. William seemed like he was just too scared to vote against Ika. I know that he didn’t want her in that house. He just couldn’t come out and say it as strong as Dre did.

While you didn’t get along with Ika, do you respect the game that she is playing?

Jackie: That really all depends on a conversation that I am going to have to have with her in jury house, after jury house, or on finale night. If the way she treated me was part of her strategy, then I will have to consider her gameplay against me as like the way she went about playing her game. If it was on a personal level, it’s going to be a little different from my perspective. I was on the other end of the stick and it was not a fun game for me at those low points in the game. I do think that she is a great player in a sense that she has gotten this far and she has gotten so many people out of the game that are in jury right now. Any Big Brother fan would be like “wow, she is doing a great job”. I do think that she is doing a great job in there.

What will you be basing your jury vote on?

Jackie: I would like to kind of see the relationships built. For instance, I like the way that Kevin may kind of get himself into a sticky situation but he always at least wants to try and make things a little clearer. He wants to make sure, like, “hey, I know this happened but let’s talk it out. Maybe we can move on from here. Let’s kind of see where our relationship lies next week”. That’s a strong player to be able to do that and succeed with it with some people. At this point, I want to kind of see the way people’s strategies play out and I want to see the surprises that I was unaware of the entire game. I am really excited to see what people have to say.

Who do you think is the most deserving winner at this point?

Jackie: I would love to see Dre win. She is playing a phenomenal game. She is very strategic and very great with talking to people. I do feel bad in a sense that she left feeling alone in this game. I don’t like the way that the house was targeting her before I left. I really hope that she shows how strong she is and she pulls through.

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