Big Brother: Over The Top - Alex Willett Exit Interview

November 11, 2016

There are obvious benefits to playing the game with your sister. However, it seemed like you lost Whitney by trying to protect Morgan. Overall, do you think that it helped your game or hurt your game to have Morgan in the house along with you?

Alex: I definitely did lose Whitney trying to protect Morgan. That is my biggest regret I think so far. It’s tough. It was so nice having Morgan in this game cause that was the one person I could say anything to. I knew she would protect it and not tell anyone. Having an outlet of someone you can trust is really an amazing thing in this game when you are paranoid 24/7. For my long term game, I do think having my sister in the house did hurt me cause I was having to play for two people instead of one. I wasn’t just looking out for myself. I was having to plant seeds in people’s minds to protect her as well. It got a little messy with that.

Yourself and Morgan often mentioned that you didn’t think you would work together. Is there a different side of Morgan that we did not see that would lead you to think that way?

Alex: Morgan in real life is sassy and has no filter and just kind of is really loud and emotional. She held it together in that house. I saw a side of my sister that I haven’t really seen before. She was sociable, she was really peppy and happy, and she kept it together nicely. I was not expecting that side of her. Had I known she was going to be like that in the house, I would have been a lot more optimistic Day 1 for sure.

On Day 24, you told Morgan that her strategy is working for BBOTT and what you are doing would work for Big Brother. Do you feel that you failed to adapt to this format?

Alex: Yeah, I think what killed me in this game or what really hurt me is that I won competitions in the beginning that made me a huge threat, then the house division was always there and then we had all the twists. Week 2 when I won an HoH competition, had I known that this season would be so pivotal with the twists and America’s noms, I think I would have done it differently had I been able to anticipate what the season was going to be like. That’s why I think people going into the second season of OTT have an advantage cause they at least know what’s to come. We were completely blind in this season, not knowing what was happening.

What do you know about what has happened in the house since you were evicted?

Alex: Julie told me yesterday that Whitney left right after me. I freaked out cause I thought my sister was going 100%. I just found out a couple of minutes ago that my sister got the care package and then Shelby won HoH. While they may have had the ultimate low of me going home, I feel like they are on a high right now. I do feel a little bit worried knowing that typical when someone is HoH their best friend gets put up or will go home. I’m nervous for Morgan, knowing that Shelby is HoH.

Assuming Morgan is able to survive this week, who do you think Morgan and Shelby should be targeting and why?

Alex: Definitely definitely definitely if they want to get to the end of this game and win this game, they need to get Jason out of there ASAP. I don’t think Justin and Kryssie have a clue what is going on in this game. They are just here for social hour and to make people laugh. I think that Morgan or Shelby could possibly beat Danielle cause no one, at least in the house, likes her. They need to get Jason out of this house. To me, he is the only other one besides Morgan or Shelby I would like to see win.

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