Big Brother: Over The Top - Whitney Hogg Exit Interview

November 11, 2016

On Monday, you told Justin that you should have a celebratory dinner. What were you thinking when you found out that the girls heard you and what did you really mean by that comment?

Whitney: You want to know what I was thinking? I was thinking please kill me now because I did not know that those girls were anywhere close by. What I meant by our celebratory dinner was Justin was the plan to be backdoored if everything worked out the way Shelby wanted it to. For my game sake, that was not a good plan at all because I was working with Justin. What I actually meant by the celebratory dinner was let’s celebrate you are not getting backdoored. The plan is working as it should be and come Wednesday night I’m going to be sitting up there next to Alex and Morgan who I know the voters have no relationship with. At that point I felt safe and I knew that Justin wasn’t going to get backdoored either.

You made it clear that you trusted Alex the least out of the Ball Smashers. Had you stayed over Justin, would you have went back to Morgan and Shelby or stayed on the other side?

Whitney: I kind of felt like the Ball Smashers bridge had been burned. I had no intentions of going back to work with them, although I do think that if they got power that they wouldn’t necessarily come after me. I know that they viewed other people in the house as a lot bigger threats than myself. I had no intentions of going back and working with the Ball Smashers but I don’t think that they would have come after me.

Morgan and Shelby were fighting for you to stay over Justin. Danielle and Jason were initially leaning that way as well. How come you didnt campaign or try to make any deals to stay?

Whitney: At that point, after I knew the care package that Morgan had received, there was no reason for me to try to get her to use the veto on myself. If she would have used it on me, Shelby would have went up and Shelby would have went home. When it came down to me and Justin and one of us were officially going to go home, I didn’t campaign because honestly I thought that they were ready to make a big move. In my eyes, I thought that they saw Justin as a lot bigger threat than me. In the back of my mind, I did think that Justin was probably going to go home. Also, once you have been in the house with these people for so long, you know whether their minds are made up or not. I kind of felt like it was a lost cause and no matter what I said they were going to do whatever was best for their game. If that was to remain loyal to Justin, that’s what they were going to do. Also, I’m not going to throw Justin under the bus. We were both pretty good players in the game. I think we both had good game strategies. I was going to let the house decide.

You said you were blown away when Julie told you that Alex and Morgan are sisters. Now that you have had a day to think about it, what are your thoughts on that?

Whitney: I had a lot of time to think it over. I lost a ton of sleep last night because I could not quit thinking about it. It is mind blowing. I have been friends with those girls for 40+ days. We were pretty much attached at the hip. For them to be sisters…honestly, if I would have known that they were sisters or even knew each other, I would not have got into a four person alliance with them. They were always going to choose each other over myself. That’s why the cards fell the way they did. That’s why my name got threw out there first. They viewed me as a lot bigger threat than Shelby. Now it all makes a lot of sense. I think it hurt my game tremendously that they were sisters and that I was in an alliance with them.

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