Big Brother: Over The Top - Justin Duncan Exit Interview

November 30, 2016

Your trust in Jason wavered at times. Had you won the Power of Veto over Jason the week that Shelby was evicted, is there any chance that you could have been convinced to target Jason over her?

Justin: You know, at that point in the game, I clearly was on the fence about Jason. My loyalty was with the OTT Jamboree. I just wanted to keep my loyalty with the crew, man, and just ride this thing out and see where it took me. With that being said, I definitely would have used the veto to take him off of the block if I would have won.

You distanced yourself from Jason and Kryssie during your last week in the house. Was any part of that due to it becoming clear that those two had each other’s back over yours?

Justin: Yes. It was very apparent to me especially after he (Jason) won the HoH and he told me that him and Kryssie had an alliance since Day 2. That kind of hurt me a little bit. I actually started distancing myself because I was more in my own personal emotions and I couldn’t smile in their faces anymore. I started to distance myself because I knew that they were coasting through this scot free and I was still extremely stressed out about the final competition that I had.

Did you ever consider campaigning to Jason in hope of getting him to take you to the Final 3 over Kryssie?

Justin: No, not at all. I figured in the Final 4 that none of them would take me to the Final 3 with them. I knew that I had to fight until the Final 3 no matter what cause I was such a huge end game threat. I knew in order for me to make it to the end I had to win my way there. It is what it is. Everything gravy though.

You seemed confident that you would win the game if you were able to make it to the end. What do you think would have made you the most deserving winner had you made it?

Justin: I would just say because of my gameplay and my social game. I was the only player that was able to play both sides of the house the whole season and basically just form multiple alliances to benefit myself and protect myself through the game. I was basically just forming these alliances just to get through the week. I had a whole lot of things going, man. What would have made me a deserving winner though? That would have been up to America to decide. I really didn’t know what to expect. If I won, I won. If I didn’t, it’s all love, it’s all positive vibes.

Out of the three remaining houseguests, who would you like to see win the game?

Justin: It will really be out of Kryssie or Jason. I have equal respect for both of them. They are both really good people. I will wish the best for both of them. Either Jason or Kryssie. I would be more than happy for one of them to win it.

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