Big Brother: Over The Top - Kryssie Ridolfi Exit Interview

December 2, 2016

You mentioned that you were puppeteering and pulling the strings behind the scenes. Some of the fans thought otherwise. What would you say were the biggest moves you orchestrated?

Kryssie: I think saving Justin in the double eviction was probably the biggest game move. Part of it was absolutely emotional but I didn’t have to beg for him over Whitney. Either one of them would have been a great end game threat to knock out. Danielle was someone that trusted me. Danielle was someone that was very logical but also someone that was very easy to kind of sway one way or another cause she was so logical that all you had to do was give her one thought and she would run with it. All I had to do was say maybe Whitney will be more loyal to the girls if she stayed. Boom. All of a sudden Justin was safe. He wasn’t safe minutes ago. That was a big turning point for me in terms of behind the scenes. Nobody did take me seriously as a strategies except for Jason, cause Jason was the only one that was up with me late at night. It worked in my favour for him. I can’t control what everyone watched and didn’t watch, but it was very much my relationship with Danielle that was able to do a lot of the puppeteering. I think she had a lot of the same ideas as me. I heart to hearted with that girl a lot and we worked out a lot of things together. Nobody on the Jamboree played alone.

It seemed as though some of the fans voted for Morgan in order to vote against your side because of comments made by your alliance and due to their actions in situations such as wiping other people’s pillows on your armpits. Do you think it’s fair to cast a vote for a winner based on that?

Kryssie: It might have been. I’m not apologetic for it. I was cast on the show because everyone knew I would drive everyone nuts. I’m the least feminine, most obnoxious girl you could put on the show. I couldn’t understand why I was cast other than that. Jason and I are fifth grade boys at heart. Some people can’t swallow that. That’s okay. Morgan played a good game too. I didn’t get to see everything she was doing. If us acting like ourselves is what didn’t win it for us, I will never apologize for who I am. I know who I am and I am proud of who I am. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea but I didn’t think I was going to win Big Brother anyway. I thought I was going out in week one. For me to stay in until the Final 3, I am not upset about how any of it went and I will never be embarrassed or heartbroken about the performance.

You said you would be happier if Jason won than if you won yourself. Did you really mean that or were you trying to get his fans on your side so that they would back you if you made it to the end without him?

Kryssie: I absolutely meant that. I think it’s really interesting that everyone keeps asking me that question. I think it’s in fashion to go on Big Brother and backstab and be terrible. That is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to get on the show and prove you can make it to the end by playing the honesty game. Nobody wants to do that anymore. I picked someone to ride or die with that nobody else wanted anything to do with. The more that I spent time with him, the more I realized that yeah I did pick him as an effort to not be afraid of anyone...but the more I spent time with him and got to know him as a person, I realized that Big Brother is his life. It’s not mine. It’s something I wanted to do for fun to see if I could do it whereas Jason’s entire existence has led up to that moment. I have a really heavy conscience in real life and I would have wanted him to win over me. He wanted it more.

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