Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 1 Recap - Launch Night

September 8, 2014

The show began with Sonia telling us that we will be witnessing a world first, as never before have housemates played in pairs. Sonia also said that 2014 is “The year of the power”, which will change the game completely. Priya was then introduced as the first housemate, and she was given a special power. Sonia informed Priya that she is the head of the Big Brother house. Priya was given the option of choosing between two potential partners. Based on psychological testing, one was a good match for her and one was not. Priya decided to choose Katie over Jake. Sonia told Katie that as Priya’s partner, she will also be head of house. Once they entered the house, it was revealed that they were not a good match based on the testing. After Priya and Katie spent some time wandering through the house, Big Brother summoned them to “The Power Room”.

Jake was the next housemate to be introduced. He was given the choice between Gemma and David, and he chose Gemma to be his partner. Jake and Gemma were said to be a bad match. Big Brother spoke to Priya and Katie again, telling them that in 2014, power is everything. Big Brother said that they will have some big and sometimes very tough decisions to make over the next few days. The decisions will be known as “power plays”. The two housemates were told to watch closely as the enter, as based on their first impressions one of the pairs will have a very different start to their Big Brother experience.

David was introduced next and was given the choice of Sandra or Dion for his partner. He chose Sandra, and it was revealed that this was a good match. The two entered the house, at which point Katie commented that she doesn’t trust a man with a beard and questioned what he is keeping in there. Gemma and Jake met Sandra and David. Jake informed them that he was given the choice of partners between Gemma and David. Next up, Dion chose Jason over Skye to be his partner. These two were said to be a good match. Katie asked Priya if she thought Jason was gay. Jason later confirmed that he indeed is.

Skye chose Lisa to be her partner. This was said to be a bad match. Travis was the other option. Given that there were only two housemates remaining to enter the house, Travis and Ryan were automatically paired up and were said to be a good match. Big Brother informed Priya and Katie that Big Brother is throwing a party and that all of the pairs will be invited except for one. The girls had to choose one pair to spend the entire first night of their Big Brother experience in the fishbowl. Priya said that doing so will show them that they don’t like them and are threatened by them. Priya and Katie were then released from The Power Room and were given the chance to meet their fellow housemates. Big Brother informed all of the housemates that the game will be played in pairs, meaning that each pair will sleep side by side, will be rewarded together, will be punished together, will nominate as one and can be nominated as one. It was also said that each week one pair will be given the opportunity to be the heads of house. Big Brother revealed that Priya and Katie are the first heads of house, and they told the housemates that they chose Jason and Dion to spend the night in the fishbowl.

Priya and Katie were then informed about their second power play. $20,000 in cash was placed in front of them. They were given three options: 1) Take $100 each, no questions asked 2) Take $1,000 each and there will be no food in the house for 3 days or 3) Take $10,000 each and there will be no food in the house for an entire week. Big Brother said that the house would survive solely on meal replacement shakes if they choose to deprive them of food. Priya felt that anyone that was in their shoes would take the $10,000, though Katie disagreed. Priya said that the houseguests will not starve, as they will have meal replacement shakes. She then pointed out that they could leave the game with nothing, yet they have an opportunity to have something. The girls were told that they have 24 hours to think it over, though Priya said that she has already made up her mind. Before the show wrapped up, Sonia informed us that four more housemates will enter tomorrow night during part two of the launch.

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