Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 10 Recap - Nominations take place

September 17, 2014

Skye went to the diary room and told Big Brother that she feels as though Lisa is excluding her when it comes to the dog situation. Skye pointed out that as soon as she woke up she found that Lisa was outside training the dogs. Katie told Big Brother that she feels as though Skye is showing her age, having a tantrum when she gets frustrated. Katie said that she works with babies and is not getting paid to look after Skye. It was then time for the new matchup in the Perfect Pair task. It was Lisa and Skye vs Aisha and Lawson. The remaining housemates had to order themselves from “least to most” based on categories given by Big Brother, then the competing pairs had to correctly guess the category by choosing one of three options. The first to get three correct answers would be the winner, and Aisha and Lawson got three correct answers before Skye and Lisa could get any correct answers. They move on to face David and Sandra in the semifinals at a later date.

Gemma got upset about how the task played out and began crying afterwards. Katie checked on Gemma and told her not to take it personally. Gemma said that she feels as though she is not being heard in the house, and she wanted to stand where she wanted to stand. There were a couple of occasions during the task in which she wanted to rank herself in a certain place but the others suggested that she move elsewhere, which lead to the breakdown. Gemma told the girls that she is really missing her friends. She then went to the bedroom and began punching a pillow in order to let her frustrations out. She told the others that she is not as sad as it may look, saying that she just needs to get the emotion out. It was then time for the next quarterfinal matchup in the Perfect Pair task, Travis and Cat vs Gemma and Jake. It came down to a tiebreaker question, which Gemma and Jake won on to move on to the semifinal round.

It was then time for nominations to begin. Big Brother said that each pair has 5 points to distribute across two nominations. Nominations went as follows:

Katie and Priya

Gemma and Jake - 3 points - Katie explained that it was a due to a confrontation that they had when they chose the money. Priya supported the nomination because she has not got along well with Jake.

Cat and Travis - 2 points - Priya felt that Cat was very similar to her, which could hurt her game in the future. Katie mentioned that Priya felt suffocated by Cat and added that it would be tough to get far by biting your tongue.

Aisha and Lawson

David and Sandra - 3 points - Lawson pointed out that David makes really inappropriate comments. Aisha noted that the only time that she has teared up in the house was due to a question that David gave her, making her choose between her parents.

Gemma and Jake - 2 points - Aisha said that Gemma has been making condescending comments to people such as herself and Skye. Both agreed that the nomination has nothing to do with Jake.

Cat and Travis

Gemma and Jake - 3 points - Travis explained that he was cooking eggs the other day when Gemma came in to the kitchen and tried to take over, and he doesn’t like control freaks. Cat said that she feels bad that Jake is involved but it has to be done.

David and Sandra - 2 points - Cat said that this nomination is more one sided, towards David, because David’s jokes seem to be sexual in nature and make her uncomfortable to be around him.

Ryan and Sam

Gemma and Jake - 4 points - Ryan said that sometimes the way that Gemma comes across seems forced and it makes him uncomfortable.

Lisa and Skye - 1 point - Sam said that he doesn’t want to see Sandra go, so he wants to give Lisa and Skye a point because he feels that they will be safe anyway.

David and Sandra

Lisa and Skye - 4 points - David said that he is nominating Lisa for “passing wind” in his face the other day. He said that it’s not a characteristic that any lady should have.

Gemma and Jake - 1 point - Sandra said that Gemma has annoyed both of them, calling her ungrateful when she was having a tough time adjusting to the house. They said that unfortunately Jake is collateral damage when nominating Gemma.

Lisa and Skye

David and Sandra - 4 points - Lisa mentioned the run in that she had with David earlier in the week, saying that they enjoy other people’s company more so than David’s.

Ryan and Sam - 1 point - Skye said that Sam is very in your face and annoying. Skye added that she finds Sam to be inappropriate.

Gemma and Jake

Cat and Travis - 4 points - Gemma said that she finds Travis obnoxious, hurtful and dismissive. Jake added that it is strategic as well, as it may change where they sit on the nomination board.

David and Sandra - 1 point - Jake said that they have already noted that they are not enjoying their time there. Gemma said Sandra wanted to be home, which annoys her because she wants to be in the house.

Dion and Jason (Given 10 points due to the nomination super power)

Gemma and Jake - 4 points - Jason said that Gemma has not fit in to the group as well as the others, causing her to make snappy remarks due to the isolation.

David and Sandra - 4 points - Dion explained that David rocks the house with his inappropriate comments.

Lisa and Skye - 2 points - Dion said that Skye is ignorant and comes across strong about things that she does not know anything about.

The final nomination results were as follows:

17 points - Gemma and Jake - NOMINATED
14 points - David and Sandra - NOMINATED
7 points - Lisa and Skye - NOMINATED
6 points - Cat and Travis - NOMINATED
1 point - Ryan and Sam
0 points - Dion and Jason
0 points - Aisha and Lawson
0 points* - Katie and Priya

*Katie and Priya could not be nominated due to the immunity pass.

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