Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 11 Recap - The fallout from the first nominations

September 18, 2014

Katie, Sam and Ryan discussed that Jake knows that it is not his fault that he and Gemma are nominated. Katie said that she has a strong feeling that the people that they would like to go would actually go. Meanwhile, Skye told Lisa that she feels as though they are nominated up against strong pairs. In the diary room, David told Big Brother that he thinks that he and Sandra need marriage counselling. David explained that they fight like a married couple, he thinks that she is seeing someone else, they sleep in different beds and they don’t communicate well. David felt that he always came out the bad guy and wanted to come off better by continuing to be himself. Priya felt that David was trying too hard, seeking out feedback on what he should change about himself. Katie didn’t see it as a bad thing.

Sam felt that it may be best for David to explain himself to the group, as it may help keep him from being nominated in the next round of nominations. Sandra told Big Brother that she feels some resentment towards David, especially after being put up for nomination and potentially going home because of things that David has said and done. Sandra said that it makes her feel disloyal for feeling that way, as David is her friend. At dinner, David brought up that he should try to better himself while in the house. He said that he knows that his humour is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he feels as though people are dismissive towards him when he talks. Sandra said that she feels like she is in the house with her father because of David. Travis asked if David is apologizing or what the whole point of this was. He said that he will not change his personality due to someone’s insecurities. David said that he is apologizing for being abrupt. Gemma said that she feels exactly the same way, as if she is not being listened to.

After dinner, Travis told David that it would have been best for him to bring up his issue with the individual housemates that are treating him that way. David said that it’s not that people don’t like him, it’s that he is not being heard. Travis explained that the girls feel as though he is inappropriate, so if he works on that he will naturally become heard. Sam felt that Travis was completely missing the point. Cat agreed but told David that it was great that he brought the issue up. Gemma thought that David went about it in a way that made him look as though he is the victim. Gemma told Katie that David is a hypocrite. Big Brother asked Katie if she thinks that David benefitted from his chat at dinner. Katie said if he wanted understand yes, but if he wanted reassurance then no.

Sandra and David took on Aisha and Lawson in the first semifinal matchup of the Perfect Pair task. It was a battle of endurance, as the pairs had to stand on a pillar the longest. 90 minutes in to the task, Big Brother made beer available to the housemates. However, the two pairs competing were unable to have them. After four hours, Sandra told the housemates that she is freezing and is going to give up. The others encouraged her to battle through it. Sandra said that she came in there for a good time and that money is not her motivation. She then stepped down, meaning that Aisha and Lawson have moved on to the finals of the Perfect Pari task. They are just one challenge win away from winning $30,000. David told Sandra that she did well and he is very proud of her. Sandra said that she feels bad because she knows how badly David wanted to win. David told her not to because they are a team and need to ride it out together.

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