Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 12 Recap - A surprise visitor is on the way

September 19, 2014

The housemates are running low on food. Lawson decided to put on a magic show in order to take their minds off of the food. Afterwards, Big Brother had Lawson in the dairy room and told him that the show was very impressive. The housemates then went to work on making dinner for everyone. They had a shepherd’s pie feast. Later, Jason asked Aisha if she sees anything happening between her and Travis. Aisha said that she doesn’t know, saying that it’s interesting and that something might happen. Aisha asked if Jason felt that it was genuine. Jason said that Travis is being genuine and likely would go on stronger if he just wanted something quick. Aisha agreed that she likes how Travis is being subtle about things. Aisha felt that it was possible that she would have backed off from Travis is he had come on strong in the beginning. Aisha said that she usually goes for the tall shy guy, but now she is going for the short class clown.

Earlier in the week, David had told Dion that Gemma really has it out for him. In the diary room, Dion said that he is not having any beef with anyone at all. He pointed out that Gemma is quite insecure. He felt that almost everything that Gemma says is said with a tone that suggests that she is looking for a reaction. Gemma and Jake, who are up for eviction together, had a conversation. Gemma said that they don’t need the people in the house to like them, as it’s the voters that they need to worry about. Gemma said that it may be advantageous if she is used as the scapegoat. She suggested that she could be the spoon and Jake could be the pot stirrer. Priya then came in the room and asked if Gemma has been telling everyone that she is pissed at her, because she is hearing that from others. Gemma said that she had told people that she is a bit annoyed at her, but nothing more.

Priya questioned why Gemma would tell that to the others but not to her. Gemma said that she sort of did. Priya said that the two of them are close and she should have come to her. Big Brother then showed that Sandra and Sam had been eavesdropping on Gemma and Jake’s entire conversation. Gemma apologized to Priya for having offended her. Priya said that she is not offended but told Gemma not to go on telling others about it. Gemma explained that the others asked her so she told them. Priya told Gemma that she is happy to have mature discussions about things, and it was not even an argument, so she shouldn’t feel annoyed about a discussion that she was having with Travis.

It was revealed that the winner of Big Brother Australia 2013, Tim Dormer, will be returning to the house to shake things up. It was said that Tim will be “bringing a bomb shell that will completely change the game”. Tim’s visit will be featured during Sunday’s episode of Big Brother. Here is a promo for the visit:

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