Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 14 Recap - Tim returns and stirs the pot

September 21, 2014

Big Brother brought all of the housemates to the diary room and told them that tonight is all about the lights, camera, action. He added that Big Brother is bringing a little Hollywood glamour to the party. Last year’s winner, Tim, was in the sanctuary with a mission to help Big Brother. Big Brother then welcomed Tim back and informed him that he will be the new Head of House. It was explained that Tim’s mission is to live amongst the housemates, get to know them, and decide who will be the first individual Head of House. Tim said that he likes David but he just keeps getting himself in trouble and the beard needs to go. He also said that Gemma needs a reminder in people skills, though he admitted that he is probably not the best person to give her that. Tim felt that every single thing seems to be a big problem with Lisa. He felt that she needs to smile more.

Big Brother told Tim that it was time to meet the housemates. He was then let in to the outside area, where a dinner table was awaiting him. The housemates were then told that there is a new head of the Big Brother house and that it is none of them. They were told that the new Head of House is waiting for them outside. They then ran outside and met Tim. Tim told them that there is a point to him being there, but for right now they should just have fun. Shortly thereafter, Tim revealed that after the eviction there will no longer be pairs. He also said that there will only be one housemate evicted, and it will be the housemates choosing which member of the pair will be evicted. Gemma went inside crying. Jake followed her and learned that the tears were not real, as Gemma said that it was for the drama and that she doesn’t think that they will be the ones to be evicted. Outside, one of the housemates mentioned that Gemma knows that she will be a goner now that she can’t be saved by Jake. Katie said that Gemma acts one way in front of her and another behind her back.

Lisa and Skye went inside to speak to Gemma. She said that she thinks that she will be going home. The girls questioned if she thought that she was going home and thought that Jake was going to be her saviour. Gemma confirmed that that’s how she was feeling, adding that she doesn’t feel a part of any of the groups and that she will be gone if it comes down to her and Jake. Lisa pointed out that Jason’s story is way sadder than Gemma’s story, as his family wont accept him being gay, but he isn’t acting like her. Lisa told Gemma that they aren’t going to baby her through this, so she has to toughen up. Gemma eventually stormed off and said that if Lisa doesn’t like it then she shouldn’t hang out with her. Gemma spoke to Tim and told her that it started off as fake but then Lisa came in there and went over everything that happened. Gemma told Tim that she can see that the group does not like her. She felt that she was not negative all the time. Gemma felt that no one in the house was playing a strategic game, so she and Jake decided to make something happen to make people hate her more.

Outside, David told Sam and Lisa that if they are the pair that the public evicts then he would offer to be the one to go. Skye then began crying and told Lisa that she wanted to be partners with her so that they could be close together, but now she feels that with the end of the twist they will drift apart. Lisa told Skye, Katie, Aisha and eventually Priya that they will stick together. The housemates then began discussing who they like. Sandra likes Sam, while Cat likes Lawson, though it was mentioned that they both have girlfriends on the outside. Tim asked Lisa if there were any boys that she would like. Lisa said that all the good ones are taken, listing off Travis, Jake and Ryan. Lisa said that she is about the girl code and would not go after any of them, though she pointed out that Jake and Skye are no longer a thing. Skye then joined them and Tim asked when she will let Lisa make a move on Jake. Skye told Lisa that if she is interested she can go for it, but Lisa said that she is not interested.

A short while later, Jake told Lisa that he obviously likes her. Lisa said that nobody had told her. Lisa let Jake know that she told Skye last night that it was not like that, so now she doesn’t know what to say. Jake said that Skye is too young and that he is getting to know Lisa but not Skye. Jake told Lisa to kiss her but she refused. Lisa let him know that even if she wanted to she couldn’t do it. Lisa eventually told Jake that she feels bad for Skye. In the diary room, Tim said that the housemates are nuts. He then pointed out that there is some kind of love triangle going on between Jake, Lisa and Skye. Tim had the opportunity to choose a housemate to spend the night in the sanctuary with him. He chose David. David told Tim that he felt that his bed was made in the first week, as people would shoot him down no matter what. Tim advised David to be aware of how he talks to the girls in the house, because it is so easy for them to take offense to what he says and play the victim. Tim suggested that David needs something to signify that it is a new chapter for David in the house. He said that there is no bigger statement that can be made than to shave the beard. David said that he will have to say no because he got there with the beard. Tim questioned if the beard would win him Big Brother. David said that it took him 9 months to grow.

Travis confronted Gemma about saying that the crushes in the house are not real. He told her that digs like that are why people do not like her. Skye chimed in and asked what is fake about it. Gemma replied by saying that they are showmances. Travis said that Gemma is entitled to her opinion but he will not like her if that is her opinion. Gemma said that it’s fine since she doesn’t like him either. Meanwhile, Tim continued to work on David and told him that Big Brother is all about making big moves, and shaving the beard would be huge. David felt that shaving the beard would be everything that he is not and would mean that he is conforming with everyone else in the house. Tim continued to push for it to happen, comparing it to him putting himself up for eviction last year. Tim told David that he was all about making sure that a cool group doesn’t run the game and that the misfits have a chance. David then said that he would be willing to shave the beard for the right reasons, suggesting that the shock value would be epic. David asked Tim if he would do it for him. Tim said that he would be honoured to shave the beard for him. The episode ended with Tim beginning to shave the beard.

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