Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 16 Recap - Gemma is the first to be evicted

September 23, 2014

The voting results to open the episode showed that the votes to stay are 38%, 36% and 26%, though it was not revealed which pair was which. David and Sandra, Gemma and Jake and Travis and Cat are the remaining pairs that are nominated. The episode then picked back up with Aisha and Lawson having to decide how to divide the $30,000 that they won from The Perfect Pair Task. Lawson told Aisha that she should take the $20,000 and that they should give the $5,000 to Jake. Aisha agreed. Lawson felt that it would help Jake the most because Jake struggles with money. Aisha agreed that it may change Jake’s life. Lawson said that Aisha deserves and needs the $20,000 more than he does, as he still lives at home while she is on her own. Lawon and Aisha then joined the housemates to share the news. Jake teared up when he heard the news.Jake went to the diary room and told Big Brother that he will always have a deeper found respect for Aisha and Lawson after their decision to reward him the money, as they could have chosen to give the money to anyone.

Skye and Lisa went to the diary room together. Both agreed that it was the best feeling to be safe but they were concerned that they could not get too excited in front of the others because six others were still nominated. Gemma was on her own crying. Aisha told her that she shouldn’t want to spend what may be her last night alone. Gemma felt that people didn’t want to hang out with her, so she shouldn’t want to hang out with them. She also said that the opportunity means so much to her. Priya and Katie discussed that Gemma isn’t even that bad. Gemma then went to the diary room and told Big Brother that she is petrified that it will be her going home, feeling that it would be a waste for her to go home so early. She believed that it would be smarter for the housemates to evict Jake over her if they felt that he had the better chance at winning the game.

Lawson told Big Brother that he wonders if he and Aisha have now become a target after he became HoH and they won the task. Katie told Ryan that Lawson is a threat and is a game player, even though he played up that he was quiet and such. Ryan told her that he believes that Lawson was the awkward dude at the start and that his move tonight was genuine. Katie agreed but again stated that Lawson is a threat, which Ryan agreed with. Travis then apologized to Katie over his comments last night. Katie told Travis that she accepts his apology but let him know that she deserves to be treated with respect. Travis then told a couple of the guys that he apologized to keep the peace, but if Katie continues to walk around like the queen bee then things are not going to go over well. In the diary room, Katie said that it surprised her how genuine the apology from Travis seemed to be. She explained that Travis does seem to respect her and her opinions, though he can get carried away in a group setting. Katie figured that they would still have issues in the future but believed that there was a respect there.

Sonia crossed live to the house, announcing that the first pair to be saved tonight is David and Sandra. Sonia then announced that the pair that received the fewest votes to save was Jake and Gemma. The housemates were then called to the garden to vote to evict face to face. Big Brother instructed Lawson to have the housemates picked numbered balls in order to determine the voting order. Lawson was told that he would evict last if required. Eight votes to save were required to have the majority. Voting went as follows:

Katie saved Jake
Dion saved Jake
Jason saved Jake
Cat saved Jake
Sam saved Jake
Priya saved Gemma
Sandra saved Jake
Aisha saved Jake
Lisa saved Jake

By that point, Jake had the 8 votes required to save him. Big Brother informed Gemma that she has been evicted and that she has 30 seconds to leave the house. Jake told Gemma to remember the day that he picked her when he came in to this house, telling her that that is all that matters. Sonia then welcomed Gemma on stage. Gemma told Sonia that Jake is so amazing, genuine and beautiful that they all need to vote for him now. Sonia then revealed the voting percentages. Jake and Gemma received 25% of the votes to save. Travis and Cat received 39% of the votes, while David and Sandra received 36% of the votes. Gemma told Sonia that her strategy was to have Australia see her all of the time by putting the attention on her at all times, be it positive or negative attention. When asked who will win the whole thing, Gemma said that she thinks that Skye has a good chance.

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