Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 18 Recap - Drama between the girls

September 25, 2014

Priya spoke to Jake about her decision to choose to save Gemma over him. She said that if she were in Jake’s place she would have felt a bit weirded out about it. Jake said that it was fine. Priya explained that her decision was based purely on the fact that Gemma is one of those girls that has never been chosen, had low self-esteem and had no one to stand behind her. Cat went to the diary room and said that having seen someone physically leave the house makes it hit home that this is all real. Cat then went to Katie in order to clear the air. She explained that it easily could have been fixed but she did not want to throw someone’s name out there. Cat told Katie that Skye is the person that she didn’t want to throw under the bus. The show then flashed back to when Skye told Cat that the others said that Cat didn’t want to catch up with anyone on the outside, so bonding with her is a waste of time. Cat wanted to know who said it, though Skye immediately told Cat that she should not have said it because people are going to hate her. Cat clarified to Katie that Skye did not say who said it at all. Katie told Cat that the only thing that she said was that Cat mentioned that they would not all be friends outside of the house. Katie wondered if they should bring it up, eventually deciding to drop it and keep an eye on Skye. Katie then went to Lisa to fill her in on the situation.

Cat, on the other hand, pulled Skye aside along with Katie. Cat told Skye that she wants to put this past them. Katie told Skye that she is pretty pissed off that she betrayed her. Katie questioned why Skye would go to Cat and tell her that without giving her a chance to defend herself. Skye said that it slipped out. Katie let Skye know that she does not trust her anymore. Cat stepped in and told Katie that this is getting blown out of proportion and that Skye was not bad talking her behind her back at all. Skye told Katie that she could take it back if she would. Katie told Skye that she needs to lower her voice and take a bit of responsibility. Skye was crying and told Katie that she is taking responsibility but she is upset because she did not want to lose Katie’s trust. Katie said that she hopes that they can move forward from it and offered a clean slate. Skye felt that Katie was not the type of person to forgive someone that easily. Cat admitted that she broke a promise to Skye, which led to Skye saying that she feels betrayed as well. The girls all apologized to each other after all was said and done. Skye went to the diary room and said that she doesn’t understand how Katie could say she was going to drop it and then immediately went to Lisa to tell her about it.

The housemates were then given a task, a 24 hour silent disco in the fishbowl. At least two housemates must be dancing in the fishbowl at any time for the duration of the task. In the diary room, Katie said that she prides herself on being upfront and honest, wearing her heart on her sleeve. She began crying and said that she hopes that her family will be proud of her. Lawson was called to The Power Room and was given the ability to select two fellow housemates to take part in an online web chat which they will be told is with real fans. Big Brother clarified that the questions that they will have to answer will come from Lawson. Lawson chose Sam as his accomplice for the Power Play. The two housemates that Lawson chose to ask questions to were Jason and David. Big Brother called them to the diary room and told them that the online audience chose them to take part in an online chat. The first question they asked is who David and Jason’s four biggest threats in the house are. David listed off Jason, Ryan, Skye and Lawson as his four biggest threats. Jason listed off David, Skye and Lawson as his big threats.

The next question was for David, asking him one thing that was discussed during his night stay in the sanctuary with Tim that he has not told his fellow housemates. David revealed that he has not discussed that Jade from last season is crushing on Travis. David and Jason then rejoined the housemates and told them that the public voted for them to take part in an online chat, though they were not allowed to reveal the questions. David told the others that the girls offered him compliments on his appearance. In the diary room, David said that it’s nice to know that there are people out there that are cheering you on. Sandra spoke to Lawson and Sam, saying that she cannot believe that there are girls talking with their uni friends about how hot David is. She pointed out that David may have been the one that saved her. Cat told Sandra that she had a revelation last night that the reason for her being in the house is to get over her fear of people hating her. Priya asked Cat if everything is okay between her and Skye. Cat said that she really hopes so, because Skye is one of those people that makes her feel comfortable. Jake told Skye that he would not want to be on Katie’s bad side. Skye agreed and said that she is still trying to figure Katie out. Jake said that he has her figured out. Jake thinks that Katie will always stick with the guys and will cut a girl down if she crosses her.

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