Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 19 Recap - The housemates pass the task; Lawson goes over budget

September 26, 2014

The housemates continued on with the 24 hour silent disco task. When the music was played in the house it mean that all of the housemates had 60 second to make their way in to the fishbowl and dance. At the end of the 24 hours, Big Brother told them that it was time for the last dance and that Big Brother is expecting their best performance yet. Sandra and Aisha discussed that they are worried about Cat. Aisha pointed out that Cat was so concerned about fixing things with Katie yesterday, yet if it was her she wouldn’t worry about what Katie had to say. Aisha said that if people are going to say mean things about her they will do it regardless. A short while later, Aisha and Lisa discussed that everyone is about themselves. Aisha said that she loves Skye and Travis but they are “on all the time”. Katie then joined them and said that it is so easy to tell which people in the house are genuine. She listed off David, Ryan and Lawson as being real. Lisa added that Sam and Sandra are real, but that’s about it.

It was announced that they passed the silent disco task with flying colours and will have a budget to spend on food. Big Brother told Lawson that as Head of the Big Brother House, it is his job to do the shopping with the food budget. The housemates had two minutes to tell Lawson what they wanted, then he was sent to the Power Room to spend the budget of $50 per person. In the diary room, Travis told Big Brother that the power has definitely gone to Lawson’s head. Travis said that he may go have a word with Lawson once his reign as HoH is over. Lawson returned to the lounge and told the housemates that he got donuts, ice cream, cookies and so on. Katie was happy to hear that but suggested that they ration it out so that the same person isn’t eating it all. Lawson said that the others can organize that if they want, as it is said that the power is getting to his head. The food that Lawson ordered had arrived and the housemates realized that some of the stuff is missing, including the meats and the sweets.

It was noted that Lawson had $750 to spend, yet what he spent was much more so some luxuries that people were looking forward to were missing. Big Brother informed Lawson that he was $516 over budget. Katie went to the diary room and told Big Brother that Lawson’s shopping could have been better. She questioned if Big Brother could let her know when the power would be shifted, as she is ready to be in power again and is ready for King Lawson to step down. Katie went to some of the housemates and told them that there is no meat, little coffee and there are lots of other items missing. Lawson overheard her and then went to the kitchen and told the others that Katie is not happy. Travis told Lawson that he should have walked in and asked what the issue is, though he said that he too is scared of Katie so he understands why Lawson did not. Big Brother then told the housemates that he has decided to host a move marathon.

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