Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 2 Recap - Katie and Priya Take The $10,000

September 9, 2014

Dion and Jason were left to sleep in the fishbowl overnight and had to deal with some rain. In the diary room, Katie asked Big Brother if there was anything that they could do to get the guys out, but Big Brother said no. She then revealed that she is freaked out about the decision that she is faced with, having to decide whether or not to take the $10,000 in exchange for the house losing food for a week. Katie said that she does not want to be hated yet. She felt that it was hard to make the decision along with Priya, seeing as she does not know Priya’s motives. Priya had a chat with Katie and questioned why they wouldn’t take the money when there are going to be people that will not like them and will nominate them regardless. She suggested that they go for the $10,000. Katie was concerned about the seven days on meal replacement shakes. Priya assured her that it is not the end of the world and that the others will make ruthless decisions when in power.

Skye and Lisa brought Dion and Jason some food in the fishbowl, which led to Big Brother telling them that their clear violation of the rules will be noted. Big Brother had them remove the food immediately. After 10 hours, Big Brother announced that Jason and Dion were allowed to leave the fishbowl. In the diary room, Priya informed Big Brother that she wants to take the $10,000 and mentioned that Katie seemed to be a bit more willing to do so this morning, which was a good sign. Big Brother asked Priya how far she is willing to go in order to convince Katie to take the money. Priya said that she is willing to have a logical conversation with Katie and do whatever it takes.

Skye and Gemma had a chat in the treehouse. Gemma told Skye that she is not someone that she would be friends with on the outside world based on first impressions, saying that Skye is a bit Barbie-like. Gemma told Skye that she is so naive and idealistic, adding that she had told someone last night that Skye is as deep as a paddling pool. Skye questioned what that meant and didn’t understand why Gemma would feel that way. Gemma said that it was a really mean thing to have said. In the diary room with Lisa, Skye admitted that she was really upset about what Gemma had said about her.

Lisa told Skye not to worry about Gemma’s comment, saying that Gemma made a similar comment to her when she said that she would not hang out with girls like her. Skye began crying and said that it is making her question if she is not deep and if there is nothing to her. Skye later told Gemma that her comment about her has really gotten to her. Gemma apologized and said that it was a silly thing to say. Skye said that there is no need for an apology, because she is likely letting it get to her too much.

Katie revealed that she is still a little bit unsure about whether or not to take the money. Priya said that she feels the same way. Katie pointed out that everything is about food and that the first thing that she does in the morning is go to the kitchen. They agreed that people will be so cranky without food. Priya later went to Katie and said that she hates being in this position, however she said that it would be very stupid of them to walk away from $10,000. Katie questioned how they will explain their decision to the housemates. Priya told her that they should tell the truth. Katie asked Priya to speak on her behalf, telling the others that it will clear her debts. Priya then admitted in the diary room that she tried a little bit of reverse psychology with Katie, hoping to get her on board with taking the money without feeling forced to do so.

Big Brother called all of the housemates to the lounge, informing them that someone had broken a rule by smuggling a watch in to the Big Brother house. Big Brother gave them one chance to own up to it. Dion stood up even though it was his partner Jason’s watch. Jason told him that he does not have to stand up. Jason explained that he didn’t smuggle the watch in, as it was in his luggage and he thought that it would be confiscated but it was there and tempting him like chocolate. He apologized and offered to bring Big Brother some dinner. Big Brother instructed to bring the watch and Dion to the diary room. Jason pleaded with Big Brother not to punish Dion, but Big Brother sent the two to the fishbowl. Jason had to go to the fishbowl and count to 5000 aloud before being released.

It was then time for the next four housemates to enter the Big Brother house. Big Brother had selected the final two pairs, making them both a “good match”. The first pair was Cat and Sam, while the second pair was Aisha and Lawson. Once the housemates had entered the house, Big Brother called all of the housemates to the lounge and instructed Katie and Priya to go to The Power Room. At that point Katie and Priya decided that they would takes the $10,000 and leave the housemates with nothing but meal replacement shakes to eat for an entire week. Big Brother asked why they made that decision. Katie explained that it will clear her debts, so it will be a huge deal to her. Priya said that it took she and her husband years to save $10,000, so she would like to use the money towards paying off their mortgage. Big Brother then told the girls to go and inform their fellow housemates of the news. The episode ended prior to them doing so.

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