Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 21 Recap - Sam is the new HoH

September 28, 2014

Big Brother informed Lawson that his reign as HoH will shortly be coming to an end. Lawson said that it will be good for someone else to have a crack at it and realize that it’s not as easy as it seems. Lawson then joined his fellow housemates and informed them that the new HoH, as voted on by Australia, is Sam. Big Brother told Sam that he has the privilege of spending the night in the sanctuary. Katie spoke to Ryan and told him that Sandra really likes Sam, which was supposed to be a secret. Ryan said that it’s not like he can’t see it, but Sam has a girlfriend and is really happy with her. Ryan pointed out that there is definitely an attraction but you don’t know if it’s a physical attraction or an emotional one. David, Lawson and Skye then discussed that the safe bet would be that Sam will take Sandra to the sanctuary for the night.

Big Brother then called all of the housemates to the diary room to inform them that they will be boarding Big Brother’s “super yacht” for a yacht party. Big Brother said that the boys like the parlour as much as the girls, so they will be competing for use of the parlour tonight. They then had a spelling bee to decide who would get to use it. The girls ended up winning the spelling bee, and then the housemates prepared for the evening. The guys then discussed which of the girls that they are most attracted to. Jason said that he would go with Katie and Lisa, but the guys told him that he has to pick one of them. Jason said that he feels so embarrassed but he finally admitted that it was Ryan. Elsewhere, Sandra was crying because she could not find an outfit to wear that makes her look attractive. In the diary room, Priya revealed that she feels as though something has gotten to Sandra in the house, as she very emotionally insecure. Priya feels that Sandra using Sam as a crutch is not very healthy for her. Sandra eventually found a dress. Sam told her that she looks good, though she disagreed. Sandra joked with Sam that the power has so gone to his head. Sam admitted that it has, saying that it changes you. Sandra questioned if Sam still loves her as much. He said that of course he does.

One of the topics of discussion at the yacht party was which housemates were playing things up for the audience. Priya felt that it was not possible to put on an act there because your true self will come through. Jason felt that Lawson was putting on an act with his magic at times. Travis said that they have only known each other for 20 days, so you don’t know if anyone is playing it up for the audience since they will find out more about each other as time goes on. Big Brother gave Sam the opportunity to bring two housemates up to the “Top Deck”, the treehouse, to talk tactics. He chose Lawson and Sandra. Sam said that they are so dysfunctional as a group. Lawson replied with “welcome to being the leader”. Lawson mentioned that Travis is rude, which led to Sam saying that no wonder people are nominating him. Sam then asked the two who they think is forming an alliance. Sam felt that there was a clear alliance between the three of them and Cat, pointing out that Ryan may also come to them. He then felt that there was an alliance between Katie, Skye and Lisa. Lawson thought that Skye was being pushed out of it. Sam then said that Travis is floating around and is now annoying people. Sam thought that they had to be super careful about Jason. Lawson agreed, saying that he will get info and strategically drop it to the people that he needs to.

Sandra spoke to Lawson about the chances of anything working between her and Sam outside of there, questioning if it’s silly to expect anything to come of this. Sandra felt that Sam is not attracted to her. Lawson said that she is wrong and that he knows that Sam likes her look. Sandra then revealed that she has the most massive crush on Sam. Lawson told her that she just has to hang tight. Meanwhile, Lisa was telling Skye that she is a strong woman and she wants her to be in her life, but she is not going to baby her and it is time to grow up. Lisa told Skye that she is not the enemy, but sometimes people are not going to like you and you have to look past it. The housemates then played a game, where the question was asked about which housemate is their least favourite person. David said that his is Skye due to the age gap and that he cannot stand the over acting that comes from her. Priya asked David if he felt left out when Sam came in to the house and got so close with Sandra. David said that he is not jealous but he is further apart from Sandra.

Big Brother then told Sam that it was time for him to select someone to go to the sanctuary with him. Sam chose to bring Ryan along with him. He then went to the diary room and said that he needed some more time with Ryan in order to see where he is at and to bond with him. Sam acknowledged that Sandra is upset with his decision. Sandra then went to the bathroom and was wiping away the tears. Sam asked her what was wrong. She said nothing and then told him that she is over it. Sandra told Sam that she feels as though if she was a guy then they would be able to be friends. Sam said that he knows. Sandra told Sam that she hates that he affects her so much and hates that it changes stuff. She then pointed out that Sam is always going to be someone else’s. Sam and Ryan then headed off to the sanctuary. Sandra told Lawson that she said something really silly to Sam when he walked out, bringing up that it wouldn’t matter if they lived in the same place or visited each other since Sam will always be someone else’s. Sam told Ryan that there is nothing like hanging out with a dude, which is something that Sandra struggles to see. In the diary room, Sandra said that she cannot deny that she has a massive crush on Sam.

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