Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 25 Recap - The housemates react to the intruder and to nominations

October 2, 2014

The show started off by recapping the entrance of the intruder, Leo. Skye and Lisa gave Leo a tour of the house. In the diary room, Travis said that Leo is a good looking guy but has a bit of a weird accent since he is Canada. Travis figured that Sandra and Lisa would be trying to woo Leo. He pointed out that he will be keeping an eye on Leo to make sure that he is not after Aisha. Aisha told Big Brother that she has definitely seen the females giving Leo attention. She felt that Lisa had the upper hand since she had met Leo first, though she felt that Leo was not Lisa’s type. Aisha believes that Leo is Skye’s type and that Skye wants Leo more than anybody else in the house. After nominations, David told Big Brother that it was a bit of a shock to be the clear leader atop the nomination board. David said that there a bunch of cowards in the house, as no one has come to him to say that they have an issue with him. Sandra was one of the people who nominated David. She told Big Brother that she feels as though she has betrayed David. Sandra thinks that the “strategy David” has taken over his body and that he has been betraying people’s trust when they go to him with information.

Leo told his new housemates to keep their minds open and give him a chance, adding that he will do the same for them. Leo asked Jake how he would get to hear him rap. Jake then did a rap for the housemates. Leo later told Lisa that back in Canada he was a rapper and was signed to a record label. Lisa told Big Brother that Leo is interesting and is well spoken and is handling himself well thus far. After nominations, Cat told Lawson that this is the hardest nomination. He questioned why it was hard and told her that she is alright. Cat said that she has been up three times in a row and asked how many times Lawson has been up. She later apologized to Lawson, saying that she did not mean to snap at him. Cat then went to Sandra and Aisha to tell them that Lawson didn’t seem to accept her apology. Cat again went to Lawson to apologize. He told her that it is not a problem. Lawson went to Sam and Sandra to discuss what had happened with Cat. Lawson was still upset about the reaction that he got from Cat after nominations.

Big Brother asked Leo what his first impressions are. He said that these people are crazy but he is digging it and is loving it. He explained that they are all so full on, but he has gotten a warm welcome. Leo felt that Travis is really nice and friendly. As for Jake, he found that he was a little edgy until he was asked to rap. Leo believed that Lawson was trying to assert his dominance in the house. Jake told Lisa that you want to get some time with Leo to get to know him, but so many people are trying to talk to him. Jake said that Leo seems like a nice guy, but the Canadian thing will always make it weird since this is his second culture and he may not dig some things about them. Lisa let Jake know that Leo told her that he was signed to a record label back in Canada. Jake suggested that a label doesn’t mean anything unless it’s a huge one, as anyone could start a label. Jake then went to the diary room and said that he feels as though there will be some competition in the house for the alpha role, noting that Lawson is the person that he is speaking of. Big Brother asked Jake if he has spotted any female attention going Leo’s way. Jake said that he definitely has, mentioning that Skye is liking what she is seeing and likes the idea of having new people in the house.

The phone rang and Travis answered it. As part of the task, Big Brother asked Travis if he could put him on hold. Travis said yes. Big Brother informed Travis that the phone must remain up to his ear at all times. Meanwhile, Lawson and Cat continued to speak. Cat told Lawson that she realizes that she reacted badly after nominations, and she feels really bad about it. Lawson assured Cat that it is okay. Cat said that she is up for the third time and felt that she was allowed to wonder what she is doing wrong, though she only felt that way for about 10 minutes. Lawson said that she is allowed to feel that way. Lawson suggested that Cat get her actual feelings out now that nobody is around. Cat then began crying and said that what is genuinely upsetting her is not even related to nominations at all. Cat told Lawson that she genuinely has feelings for him and that it’s hard for him due to the situation that he is in. Cat explained that she feels as though she has to pull away and not be around Lawson as much as she wants to be, because she doesn’t want to put him in an uncomfortable position. Lawson told Cat that if she thinks that she is alone in what she is feeling, she is wrong. Lawson explained that he feels the exact same way and feels that he should be spending less time with Cat too.

He said that Cat having feelings for him is uncontrollable but it is not a possibility. Cat said that it’s hard to have feelings for someone that can’t have feelings for you back. She told Lawson that she thinks about it every day and that it is wearing her down. Lawson asked Cat what she would like from him. Cat said that she does not want anything different. Lawson told Cat that he really appreciates her as a friend and values her opinion, so he will come and talk to her when he needs to talk to someone. Lawson asked Cat to not push her away. They agreed that they will likely feel more at ease over the situation now. Jason and Priya discussed that Leo seems intelligent and deep. Both housemates felt that they would get along well with Leo. Priya and Jason discussed that Leo was likely talking about the two of them when he said that there are certain people that you can tell are playing the game. Skye mentioned that Jake keeps going back and forth between her and Lisa. Travis asked her if she is flirting with Leo to get back at Jake. Skye said that she would never do that to get back at someone, so Travis advised her to figure out what it is that she wants and to go for that one thing. Aisha told her not to worry about anyone else’s opinions. Skye questioned why nobody sits Jake down like this. Aisha said that Jake is a weasel. After over 2.5 hours of being on hold, Travis was finally allowed to hang up the phone.

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