Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 26 Recap - The housemates share their thoughts on Leo

October 3, 2014

Lawson filled Sam in on his talk with Cat, saying that he feels the same way but nothing is going to come of it and they are good friends. Meanwhile, Cat was telling Leo that she and Lawson are good friends but he has a girlfriend on the outside. Cat added that Skye would be her go to girl in the house. Leo pointed out that Skye is a cutie. In the diary room, Lisa said that she is not sure if she is buying what Leo is selling. Lisa explained that she is unsure about the clean living side of him, saying that she doesn’t know if it’s the American accent that throws her off but it feels as though Leo is selling something every time he speaks. Sam and David discussed that the novelty of Leo will wear off eventually. David said that he met his type before and he tries to dominate every conversation. Leo went to the diary room and told Big Brother that Jason is the most legendary human ever. As for Lisa, Leo felt that she does not like him and is super intimidating.

This week’s task continued. Skye was tasked with making a dessert to Big Brother’s specifications. Skye completed it with just a second to spare. It was then Leo’s turn. Big Brother asked him if he would like to make a BB shake, consisting of bananas and brains. Leo proceeded to make the shake and was then told to join his fellow housemates in the lounge. Big Brother then called Sam and Jake to the diary room. The two guys drank their BB shakes. Big Brother then informed that they have successfully passed this week’s task. Sam and Sandra discussed Leo. Sam said that Leo is a nice guy but he needs to drop his motivational talks, as every answer he gives consists of them. Sandra said that she feels for Leo because he does have to be a salesperson since he has to win them over. Sam felt that Leo would be one of them within a week. Priya told Big Brother that Leo is very observant and a strong player but he has come in and laid all of his cards down. Priya felt that she knew more about Leo in 24 hours than she does about many of the other housemates during the entire time that they have been in the house. Priya said that she doesn’t think that Leo has found his place in the group as of yet. Priya pointed out that the housemates are rightfully threatened by Leo. Elsewhere, Leo told Jason that the novelty seems to be wearing off and he is no longer new and interesting.

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