Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 28 Recap - Cat becomes HoH and gets closer with Lawson

October 5, 2014

Skye told Travis about Leo giving her a hug this morning and wanting her to sit on his back while he does pushups. Travis told Skye that if she wants Jake she cannot go and sit on his back. Skye didn’t understand why not, pointing out that Jake did it to her by trying to kiss Lisa. Priya told Big Brother that Leo is trying to fit in but there are quite a few people that are against his demeanour. She suggested that Leo would have to win over the boys in order to win over the girls. Big Brother then informed Sam that his week in power is coming to an end. Sam then informed the housemates that Cat is the new Head of House. The housemates began discussing who Cat would take to the sanctuary. The girls told Skye that it will be her, though Skye thought that it would be Lawson. The guys were also debating between the two, leaning towards Cat taking Skye.

Leo told Skye that he feels as though Lisa doesn’t like him very much. Skye told him that it just takes a while for Lisa to warm up to you. Skye explained that she chose Lisa as her partner because she wanted to force her to have to like her. Leo then asked what Lisa has said about him. Skye told Leo that Lisa only said that the things that Leo says don’t correlate. Big Brother then informed the housemates that to celebrate the new HoH they will be invited to a party of illusions. Lisa told the girls that she likes Leo a little bit better today than yesterday, seeing as he gets her sense of humour. A topic of discussion at the dinner table was whether or not a man and a woman can just be friends. Sam suggested that they can be, pointing to his and Sandra’s relationship as evidence of it. David and Priya agreed, while Leo felt that it was not the case since there will always be that spark there. Cat said that one of them will always want the other more. She added that she has definitely been in friendships where she has sacrificed her feelings in order ensure that it saves the friendship. On the other hand, Lawson felt that you could have friends of the opposite sex.

Sandra filled Leo in on the fact that Lawson has a girlfriend on the outside and yet Cat has told him about her feelings for him. Sandra said that it is awkward and blows her mind. Cat chose Travis and Lisa to go to the treehouse with her to discuss nominations, saying that she felt as though they would both be honest and that she would like to form some sort of an alliance. Travis said that he is sick of people sitting on the fence and would like to see Sandra and Jason nominated next week. Cat said that she definitely agrees with Jason. Lisa was unsure about Sandra. Cat pointed out that it could benefit Sandra to see what it’s like to be nominated. David then told Skye that he has received a lot of negative criticism over the past couple of days. She felt that people just did not get him. David thanked Skye for being one of the first people to come and talk to him tonight. Skye began tearing up and said that he makes her feel so guilty. David let Skye know that she did the right thing and it made him feel she is more mature than he has ever thought. Skye felt bad for the way that the others treated David, though David assured her that it was okay.

Leo said that he feels as though Cat will make the bold move and take Lawson with her to the sanctuary. Ryan said that he would love that. Big Brother informed Cat that the sanctuary is now open for her and the housemate of her choosing. Cat decided to take Lawson. Cat checked with Lawson to see if he was disappointed to have been chosen. He felt that it was a stupid question. Travis told the others that if he had a girlfriend on the outside he would have turned town going to the sanctuary with another girl. Other guys agreed, though David felt that it was inappropriate to be talking about it as though it was cheating like Lisa said. Lisa and David went at each other. Lisa told David that he is disrespectful to women and that they have had a problem since Day 1. David told Lisa that she gets away with what she wants because she is Lisa. David said that that does not fly with him. Lisa left and began crying. Leo told David that he can take pride in being the only one that spoke his mind and said exactly how he felt. Lisa went to the diary room and said that she feels bad because she has never been that girl to play on other people’s insecurities when they play on hers.

Meanwhile, Cat told Lawson that she picked him to go to the sanctuary as a treat and had to think of it in terms of who she would actually enjoy spending time with. Leo told Big Brother that some serious lines were crossed between David and Lisa, so it is unlikely that they will ever be able to reconnect. Lisa spoke to Leo and told him that she feels like a shitty person. Leo said that one argument and a few bad comments do not make her that. David went to Lisa and asked her if she is okay. Lisa began crying and said that she is sorry. He said that he feels just as bad and didn’t mean to be that way. David said that they are both strong headed and clash, but it is not because he hates her in any way or form. Lisa admitted to having been so mean and said that she does not want to be that way. David offered Lisa another clean slate with him, which she agreed with. The episode ended with Cat and Lawson getting in to bed together and kissing under the covers. Cat told Lawson that this was her favourite part about tonight.

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