Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 29 Recap - Skye is saved; Jake is evicted

October 6, 2014

The housemates were still discussing Cat’s decision to take Lawson with her to the sanctuary. Aisha said that she feels for Lawson’s girlfriend and cannot get her out of her mind. Sam said that Lawson is doing wrong but there is nothing that you can pinpoint as cheating. On the other hand, Sam and Lawson agreed that Cat had done disrespectful things. Lawson told Big Brother that he made the wrong decision, as he shouldn’t have went in to the sanctuary. Cat said that she has genuine feelings that have developed for Lawson, which has caused problems for her since she has become a bit selfish and just wanted to hang out with him and chose to forget that he has a girlfriend. Cat explained that his girlfriend may be getting her feelings hurt and she does not want to be that person. Jason informed Cat that everyone in the spa agreed that she did the wrong thing by taking Lawson to the sanctuary. Cat began crying and said that she feels like a bad person and hates that she put Lawson in that position. Jason said that everyone was not just attacking her, because they felt that it was Lawson’s fault as well. Cat said that she agrees with them and wants to go home. She then told Lawson that she cannot hang out with him anymore.

Skye informed Leo that the others are saying that all that he talks about is himself and that he is a little bit rude. Skye advised Leo to watch out for Sam. Leo wondered if Sam was threatened that he is getting close to Sandra. Travis told Sam that even though Ryan is Canadian, he comes off very American-like and is “me me me me”. Travis also felt that Leo was making more of an effort with the girls as opposed to the guys. The housemates got a new task, with the house being transformed into a 5 star luxury hotel. Cat chose her six fellow nominees to enjoy the luxury life, while the remaining housemates were tasked with being the hotel staff. The two sides are not allowed to interact socially during the task. The staff has to eat a diet of staples, while they also have to cook for the guests whenever they want food. Lawson told Ryan that he broke up with girlfriend the week before he came in to the house, then they got back together a day later. Lawson was concerned about a couple of things that she will have seen in the house. Ryan said that he has no doubt that Lawson and Cat did not hook up, but going into that room is symbolic. At the end of the day, Big Brother called a hotel staff meeting. It was said that the staff member that provides the best services will receive a reward of $3,000. The reward had to remain a secret from the hotel guests. Ryan and Sam discussed splitting the reward $2,000 and $1,000 if one of them were to win it.

Sonia crossed live to the house in order to inform the housemates of who received the most votes to save and will not be going home tonight or tomorrow. That person is Skye. Shortly thereafter, it was time to reveal which housemate will be evicted. With the fewest votes to save, Jake was evicted from the Big Brother house. The voting results were as follows: Jake had 7%, while the remaining houseguests had 9%, 10%, 11%, 18%, 18% and 27%. Aside from Skye at 27%, the remaining identities were kept a secret due to there being another eviction tomorrow night. Sonia told Jake that the whole love triangle was confusing for them. Jake told her that both Skye and Lisa are so good looking. Sonia then put Jake on the spot and told him that he has to choose between the girls. Jake said that maybe he is going to go for the older woman, Lisa, this time. Sonia asked if those relationships would have happened on the outside. Jake told her that he thinks so. Jake told Sonia that he thinks that either David or Lisa will be evicted tomorrow night, while he believes that Jason will win the game.

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