Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 31 Recap - The task creates drama; nominations take place

October 8, 2014

Priya and Aisha were upset following Lisa’s eviction. They discussed that there are only five girls left in the house and that they need to stick together. Priya said that the two of them definitely have to and that they can likely get Sandra on board as well. Aisha agreed that they can look after Sandra. Priya told Aisha that they have to be sure to talk regularly with each other. The housemates watched Lisa’s parting message. Lisa told Aisha that she has been her rock in the house and that everything just clicked with her. Lisa then told Ryan that he is a gem and is one of the kindest, sweetest people that she has ever met. As for Leo, Lisa suggested that he ask people about their stories as well and listen to them. Skye told Leo that she thinks that he is the boy version of her. Skye mentioned that they both care about their appearance a lot. Leo brought up that if he acts like her they hate him, yet people pass off Skye’s actions as her being Skye.

Big Brother called a staff meeting for the hotel staff. Leo asked who the hardest guest to serve is. They all agreed that it is Skye. Lawson added that Aisha is someone that has surprised him because she has demanded a lot of them. The staff came up with a plan to bombard Skye with chocolate in her meals, given that she has requested plenty of chocolate bars. It started off by putting an entire melted chocolate bar in to Skye’s coffee. In the diary room, Skye told Big Brother that chocolate is one of her favourite things, while not being able to fit into her clothes is one of her least favourite things. The staff then served a couple of the guys with pancakes loaded with chocolate. They asked Skye if she wanted some but she resisted.

The staff then offered a spa to their guests. Priya and Sam worked on Aisha, going well overboard with the amount of oil that they used on her and the amount of products that they used in her hair. Aisha’s makeup was also done poorly, leading her to sarcastically say that she cannot wait to show her fellow housemates because they will be stoked to come in there. Aisha left the spa and told the others that it is the worst thing that she has ever experienced. Aisha was crying, saying that she didn’t want to rain on their parade because they were trying to be funny. Travis said that he is fuming and asked if she wants to talk to Sam or if she wants him to. Aisha said that she doesn’t think that she can get it out right now and that Sam probably feels bad. Priya told Big Brother that she did feel that Sam went a bit overboard but she went with it. Priya said that she felt bad and she will apologize to Aisha because she is equally responsible for what happened. Priya then went to Aisha to apologize, saying that she should have stopped it and that she feels terrible for it.

Travis pulled Sam aside and told him that it would likely be a good idea for him to apologize to Aisha. Travis pointed out that you have to realize that she is a girl. Sam said that there was no harm meant by it but he will apologize if she is upset. Travis agreed but said an apology would be good. Sam went to Sandra and filled her in on what Travis had said to him. Sam was not happy that Travis came charging at him like he did. Sam told Big Brother that it was just a joke, but if Aisha is taking it seriously she needs to relax. Sam suggested that Aisha needs to grow up since there was no permanent damage done. Leo told Sam that it’s disrespectful to him to go and speak for Aisha, because Aisha is a grown girl and can speak for herself. Aisha pulled Sam aside and told him that she feels bad for overreacting and she knows that it is his sense of humour. Aisha explained that part of her is more upset for herself and not standing up for herself while it was happening. Sam understood and told her not to send Travis out. Aisha let him know that she did not ask Travis to do that.

Hours later, Sam told Aisha that he does feel bad and hopes that it did not damage their friendship. Aisha said that she appreciates it and that there is no way that she would let it impact their friendship. Aisha told the girls that she felt a lot better after Sam gave her a sincere apology. Aisha expected things to blow up between Travis and Sam. She admitted that Travis says a lot of things that she does not agree with and it will be nice for him to hear about it from another guy. Sam then told Travis that things have been bothering him, such as the negative comments that he has been making throughout the task. Travis apologized, saying that he didn’t realize what he was saying before he said it. Sam also let Travis know that he didn’t appreciate how he spoke to him about the Aisha incident, though Travis thought that he handled it well. Sam suggested that he listen to Aisha when she says not to say anything about the situation. Travis went to Aisha and said that he did not rat her out, even though he knows that she did not tell him not to speak to Sam. Aisha disagreed, telling Travis that she had said no and she doesn’t want him to feel that he has to fight her battles. They went back and forth on it and Aisha felt that Sam was trying to get between them, adding that she did not tell Sam that she had told Travis not to go talk to him.

It was then time for nominations. Leo could not nominate and could not be nominated. The nominations went as follows:


Lawson - 4 points - Skye said that Lawson needs to be saved from his head exploding, as he is too confident and speaks in a disgusting manner.
Sam - 1 point - Skye told Big Brother that Sam manhandles the girls a little bit.


Jason - 3 points - David explained that he has been held accountable for talking behind people’s backs, so Jason should be too.
Lawson - 2 points - David said that he hasn’t seen genuine qualities in Lawson.


Lawson - 3 points - Jason finds Lawson to be condescending in talks with others.
Sandra - 2 points - Jason said that Sandra has been making snappy remarks.


Lawson - 3 points - Priya said that they do not get along and that Lawson has been snappy all throughout the task.
Sandra - 2 points - Priya felt that Sandra is oversensitive and only laughs when Sam cracks a joke.


Cat - 3 points - Ryan said that he is not connecting with her.
Jason - 2 points - Ryan called Jason a nightmare to clean up after in the kitchen.


Travis - 3 points - Sam found it hypocritical of Travis to come up to him and call him disrespectful based on how he acts towards Aisha and others.
Priya - 2 points - Sam felt that Priya was not acting quickly enough during the task and almost cost them a breakfast.


Travis - 3 points - Sandra was irritated with Travis’ comment about the burger that they cooked for him being soggy.
Skye - 2 points - Sandra said that Skye has been disrespectful and rude during the task this week.


Skye - 3 points - Lawson said that Skye is immature and jumped in on an argument that did not involve her.
Jason - 2 points - Lawson explained that he is always around during private conversations and ran to others with what he had heard in one instance.


Sandra - 3 points - Aisha said that Sandra has a negative attitude towards being there and does not deserve to be there.
Sam - 2 points - Aisha felt that Sam takes his jokes too far, such as in the spa.


Sandra - 3 points - Travis thought that Sandra was taking the task too hard and needs to be a team player.
Jason - 2 points - Travis did not like that Jason covered his pancakes in chocolate, knowing that he wants to keep lean.


Cat had 12 nominations points and was given the opportunity to reveal names on the nomination board at the cost of one point per name. Cat chose to reveal her own name, follow by Travis’. She said that she wanted to give Travis a week off if possible. Finally, Cat asked to see where Sam sits. She saw that he was on the outside for nominations, yet she wants him to be in.

Sam - 3 points - Cat said that she wants to see Sam really appreciate being in this house.
Priya - 5 points - Cat wanted to do what she could to try to save Travis from being nominated.

The final nomination tally was as follows:

Lawson - 12 points - NOMINATED
Sandra - 10 points - NOMINATED
Jason - 9 points - NOMINATED
Priya - 7 points - NOMINATED
Travis - 6 points - NOMINATED
Sam - 6 points - NOMINATED
Skye - 5 points
Cat - 3 points

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