Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 32 Recap - Cat gets a power play; the hotel task comes to an end

October 9, 2014

Big Brother offered Cat another power play which could see her gain a significant advantage over her fellow housemates. Two DVDs were put in front of her. One was entitled “Big Brother’s Secret” and contained footage of all of her fellow housemates’ nominations. The other was entitled “Your Secret” and contained footage of Cat and Lawson’s recent visit to the sanctuary. The offer was that Big Brother would allow Cat to watch his secret if she allowed all of the other housemates to watch hers. Big Brother then called Lawson to the diary room so that they could make the decision together. Big Brother played the footage of the sanctuary visit in order to help Cat and Lawson decide. Cat ultimately decided against seeing Big Brother’s Secret and kept her secret safe. Lawson then went to the diary room and said that he is a bad person. He explained that he feels as though he has let everybody down. Lawson began crying and said that he let his mother down. He mentioned that his mom once said that he self destructed his relationships, but now he has self destructed his life. Lawson said that he embarrassed his girlfriend and her family. Lawson continued to cry, saying that you are meant to be a reflection of your parents but he is not a reflection of his.

The hotel task continued and was wearing on Sandra. She went to the diary room and was crying and told Big Brother that she doesn’t think that the others realize how hard the task has been on the staff. Ryan pointed out that Jason is out there making extra food for the guests while Sandra cries. Lawson figured that he was doing that for one reason, the $3,000 reward as the best staff member. Priya later went to Jason to report back to him on what was said. Skye went to Leo to ask how he is doing. Leo said that he is doing horribly and it is one of the worst things that he has been through, not being able to eat or sleep. Skye wondered if people would go back to normal once the task wrapped up. Leo said no. Skye questioned why not, asking if people were going to hold grudges. Leo told her that the guests have not made it easy on them and have not been sympathetic. Travis came up to Skye and Leo and questioned if they were talking, telling them that they cannot or else they will fail. Leo went back to his fellow staff members to fill them in on how Travis spoke to him. He said that he is done with Travis.

The hotel guests were tasked with choosing which staff member won the Legendary Service Award and the $3,000 prize that came along with it. After much deliberation, the group settled on awarding it to Jason. Big Brother then told the housemates that while the meal service ran seamlessly, the hotel seemed more like a one star than a five star at times. The housemates failed this week’s task. Afterwards, the hotel staff each brought up their concerns with how the guests acted during the task. Lawson said that it did not say in the rules that they were not allowed to go get their own drinks, yet Lisa was the only one that would get her own drinks. Ryan said that they were being greedy, telling them to get drink after drink and he would not have done that if he were them. Lawson then told Aisha that it shocked him a little bit that she wanted her meal heated up again after they worked so hard to make the meal. Jason said that the room that they had to stay in was rough and it made them emotionally weak. Leo felt that there was some blatant disrespect on the part of the hotel guests.

Travis said that he was totally appreciative of what the staff did for them but the whole thing was about giving the guests a break. He pointed out that they should trying being up for eviction for five weeks straight without an idea of why it happened. Skye apologized and said that they did not know how the staff was feeling, but she pointed out that you do not know how you would act if you were in the other person’s shoes. Travis went to the diary room and told Big Brother that the staff needs to grow up and quit acting like children. Ryan told Big Brother that he is bummed about failing the task, though he attributed it to the high maintenance guests in the house. Jason let Big Brother know that he was feeling pretty happy that his hard work was acknowledged by the other housemates. Travis told Leo that it was tough to pick who to give the award to, because they did not know who did what behind the scenes. Leo gave Sandra plenty of credit, saying that they would have crumbled if not for her.

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